Teen Titans: Titans East

Issue #42

Cover Date: February 2007
Subtitle: Devil May Care
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Peter Snejbjerg
Storyline: Kid Devil followed Witchfire into the Oblivion Bar. He was looking for Blue Devil, but they threw him out.
He thought back on the summer he'd spent as a production assistant to his aunt Marla on the Blue Devil movie. A mystical creature was awakened while filming and the man who was playing the part was transformed into a real blue devil. He created his own costume and called himself Kid Devil. Blue Devil didn't want a sidekick. His parents didn't want him, so he stayed with his aunt. Her career went downhill after a movie did poorly. Blue Devil joined the Justice League; Aunt Marla died in a helicopter crash.
Kid Devil was told by the people in the Oblivion Bar to find Sebastian Faust - the man who'd brought Blue Devil back from the dead. Sebastian told him Blue Devil had just left; KD split after seeing some notes and believing he knew where he was.
After Superboy died, Eddie headed to Titans Island, where they were looking for new members. He spent the last of his inheritance on a ticket to Metropolis in hopes of joining the Everyman project. After getting rejected, a man gave him a mystical device and disappeared. He took it to Zatara, a magician he'd met at Titans tryouts, who told him it was a demon stick. By lighting it, the two were transported to the location of its creator - Neron. Neron made him a deal: he would grant him powers. If his trust in Blue Devil was ever broken, Eddie would have to be come Neron's protege upon turning 21 years old. After the transformation, Neron told him that Blue Devil had caused the helicopter crash which killed his aunt.
Back in the real world, Kid Devil finally found Blue Devil. He confirmed that he'd caused the crash. Kid Devil's trust was broken.

Issue #43

Cover Date: March 2007
Subtitle: Titans East part 1
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Jonathan Glapion
Storyline: Rose took Joey to see Nightwing for the first time since he'd returned.
Robin and Wonder Girl pressured Raven to bring Conner back like she did Jericho. She told them it was impossible - his soul had "moved on." Inertia (posing as Kid Flash, then Impulse) and Match attacked them.
Cyborg and Miss Martian visited Bombshell, who was locked up in Belle Reve. Miss Martian went into her head to find out who'd hired her and learned there was a second Titans team. Risk and Batgirl burst in, Batgirl killed Bombshell. Several others began appearing - Joker's Daughter, Riddler's Daughter, Sungirl.
Kid Devil attended a mass and was attacked by Kid Crusader.
Robin awakened - he was the captive of Batgirl and Deathstroke. He wanted his kids back and threatened to take more of Robin's "family." He demonstrated by giving Cassandra a shot.
Joey and Rose found that someone had built a huge tower in New York where the original Titans Tower was located.

Issue #44

Cover Date: April 2007
Subtitle: Titans East part 2
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Jonathan Glapion, Edwin Rosell
Storyline: Rose and Joey wandered into the new tower to find their father, Deathstroke.
Wonder Girl woke up in what she believed to be the Fortess. She momentarily thought Match was Conner.
Kid Devil found himself crucified. Kid Crusader cast a spell and turned him back into a human.
Ravager and Jericho battled their father into the room where Batgirl prepared to dose Robin with the same serum she'd been given. Jericho ran Deathstroke through with a sword. Batgirl and Ravager fought.
Joker's Daughters tortured Raven; Risk took Cyborg apart; Sungirl tortured Miss Martian. Inertia attacked everyone. Robin got free and dosed Batgirl with a counterserum he had prepared for Ravager in case she ever turned on them. Cassandra, now with her head clear, moved to kill Deathstroke.

Issue #45

Cover Date: May 2007
Subtitle: Titans East part 3
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Jericho made contact with Inertia. Using his body, he got Batgirl free from Deathstroke. He then let go of Inertia. Raven got Joker's Daughter to change teams. She knocked the other out, and left with Raven to "play a joke on Deathstroke." She and Raven gathered Cyborg and left to find the others. Miss Martian freed Kid Devil from Kid Crusader.
Robin and Batgirl went after Match, who was attacking Wonder Girl. They got her free and she rammed into him and through the outer wall of the tower. Miss Martian and Kid Devil arrived. An all out brawl erupted between the two Titans teams. Deathstroke's Titans emerged victorious - the others lay unconscious on the beach.
Raven arrived with Joker's Daughter and the original team: Nightwing, Flash (Bart), Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Donna Troy.

Issue #46

Cover Date: June 2007
Subtitle: Titans East part 4
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Al Barrionuevo, Bit
Storyline: Another huge melee ensued. Deathstroke continued trying to play everyone's emotions. Beast Boy and Duela (Joker's Daughter) took down Enigma (Riddler's Daughter). Raven removed the demon from Kid Crusader and returned it to Kid Devil. Flash broke Inertia's legs and threw him at Match.
Nightwing stopped Batgirl from killing Deathstroke. Jericho made contact with Match; Deathstroke ran into the Tower and caused it to self-destruct.
After sifting through the rubble, no sign of Deathstroke, Inertia, or Batgirl was found.
Elsewhere, Deathstroke thanked Inertia for helping him escape, and told him Flash's rogues would take him in. He was happy that his children had found a real family.

Issue #47

Cover Date: July 2007
Subtitle: Of Clowns and Clones
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Chris Batista, Jonathan Glapion
Storyline: The Titans buried Duela. After the funeral, they split up - Ravager, Nightwing, Robin, Donna, and Wonder Girl to find the killer, the rest to stay with Joe, who was still in Match's body.
Nightwing and Robin questioned an actress who'd been recently kidnapped by Duela. Donna comforted Cassie and urged her to move on. The actress told them some guy in a "red hood" showed up. They went after Jason Todd. Donna didn't believe he had anything to do with the murder; he told them a powerful alien killed her.
Match broke free and took on the Titans who were guarding him.
At the murder scene, a voice came down from above telling them to forget about it. Nightwing and Donna were threatened; Wonder Girl's powers disappeared. They were all teleported back to the tower in San Francisco were Match was trashing the rest of the team. They restrained him and Raven was able to calm him enough to get Joe back in control.
Wonder Girl visited with Supergirl. While watching tv, they learned Amazons were attacking Washington, DC.


  • Kid Devil thought about meeting the second Robin and them writing back and forth (issue 42).
  • Kid Devil is 17 per issue 42.
  • Issue 47 ties in with Countdown for both Duela's murder (#51) and her funeral (#48).