The New Titans: The Crimelord / Syndicate War

Deathstroke #48

Cover Date: June 1995
Subtitle: Third Strike chapter ten: Rose (The Crimelord / Syndicate War part 1)
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Sergio & Octavio Cariello, Will Blyberg
Storyline: Slade came to grips with the fact that Rose was his daughter. He had Sarge Steel hand her over to the Titans.
Checkmate dealt with the Crimelord situation as the Syndicate continued battling the unknown villain.
Mammoth was captured by Crimelord operatives.
Vigilante (Adeline) got back into action taking on the Syndicate.
Steel send Deathstroke and the Titans to Texas to take on a Syndicate situation. Everyone but Donna Troy and Deathstroke were taken down.

The New Titans #122

Cover Date: June 1995
Subtitle: Syndicate Rites (The Crimelord / Syndicate War part 2)
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Finn Harris
Storyline: The Crimelord continued to play Earth's heroes against his enemies, the alien Syndicate. They seemed to kill Deathstroke and Donna Troy surrendered as they threatened her incapacitated teammates. Green Lantern and Minion were sent in as reinforcements.
Damage was able to fight through the restraints and free his team from their cell. The team took the upper hand until Crimelord's Force Troops arrived.

The Darkstars #32

Cover Date: July 1995
Subtitle: The Night they Burned ol' Dixie Down (The Crimelord / Syndicate War part 3)
Writer(s): Michael Jan Friedman
Artists(s): Mike Collins, Ken Branch
Storyline: Donna Troy, Supergirl, and Green Lantern went after the Force Troops. The battle got more interesting between the three parties as the other Titans regained composure.
More Darkstars arrived to join the battle.

Deathstroke #49

Cover Date: July 1995
Subtitle: All the King's Men chapter nineteen: Steve Dayton (The Crimelord / Syndicate War part 4)
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Sergio Cariello, William Rosado, Will Blyberg
Storyline: Steve Dayton met with Sarge Steel. Green Lantern met Darkstar John Stewart, who was a former GL.
The Syndicate began a Earth-wide retreat. Deathstroke was able to get the location of 8 bombs from one of them before he disappeared. Wilson relayed the info to Steel.
Extreme Justice, the Outsiders, Blood Pack, and several free agents were called in to help. They immediately took down several of the bombs. The Crimelord was not pleased and headed into what he called Zarina. Sarge Steel called for Steve Dayton and he, the Crimelord, answered.