The New Titans: The Siege of the Zi Charam

The New Titans #124

Cover Date: August 1995
Subtitle: Prometheus Gathering (The Siege of the Zi Charam part 1)
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, Michael Jan Friedman
Artists(s): William Rosado, Keith Champagne, Jason Martin
Storyline: The Titans were given a mission by Sarge Steel - a gravity well had destroyed a satellite near Jupiter and they were to investigate. The team (minus Impulse, who missed take-off) headed out in Darkstar's ship.
The gravity anomaly appeared to be somewhat sentient, as it grabbed onto Minion and tried to pull him in. Terra was able to collapse it on itself.
The Titans found themselves face to face with an enormous space ship. It fired on them and they boarded. One of the aliens opened a port and flushed some out, then it disappeared. Minion, Darkstar, Supergirl, and Green Lantern were in space while the rest of the team were on the alien ship.

Green Lantern #65

Cover Date: August 1995
Subtitle: Rescue (The Siege of the Zi Charam part 2)
Writer(s): Ron Marz
Artists(s): Ron Lim, Romeo Tanghal, Terry Austin
Storyline: The group was able to follow the ship to the Zi Charam system. GL and Supergirl got onboard while Darkstar and Minion stayed aboard their own ship. Posing as a captor / captive (using Supergirl's ability to shape-shift), they got to the prisoners and let them loose. Two alien prisoners gave them the lowdown: the Progenitors were going system to system conquering and devouring.
Minion (who'd disobeyed Darkstar) returned to their ship - the entire Progenitor fleet was after him.

The Darkstars #34

Cover Date: September 1995
Subtitle: Strangers in a Strange Land (The Siege of the Zi Charam part 3)
Writer(s): Michael Jan Friedman
Artists(s): Mike Collins, Ken Branch
Storyline: The Titans were no match for the Progenitors and headed back to their ship. They were able to get through Gon'aa's planetary shield. They met with leaders, but they were unwilling to accept outside help. One of the Gons, Ondos, realized they needed all the help they could get. He took them to the system's leadership council. They were told they could help by rounding up several resources from throughout the system that could be combined to make a weapon.
Darkstar and Terra captured an etrakas (a fast and ferocious beast native to Pyrva).

Damage #16

Cover Date: September 1995
Subtitle: The Elements of Power (The Siege of the Zi Charam part 4)
Writer(s): Tom Joyner
Artists(s): Jason Armstrong, Jordi Ensign, Phyllis Novin
Storyline: Each of the Titan pairs returned successfully with their component. Only then were they told what would be made - a plague that would affect the reproductive systems of the Progenitors. They would all become sterile, thus ending their race at the end of the current generation.

The New Titans #125

Cover Date: September 1995
Subtitle: Xenocide (The Siege of the Zi Charam part 5)
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): William Rosado, Keith Champagne
Storyline: Rose Wilson saved Darkstar's secretary from her ex-husband, who was attempting to kidnap their children at gunpoint.
The Zi Charam council prepared and fired their missiles at the dismay of the Titans. They found another way - the Titans began destroying the weapons except for one, which they turned around at its planet of origin. It exploded in the atmosphere, infecting all the creatures on the planet. Since it did not affect any race but the Progenitors, each being would carry the virus to their homeworld, leaving it off-limits to invasion. The Progenitors retreated.
The Titans stayed in the system a while longer and helped in the rebuilding process. Later, the "gravity well" which propelled them into the system returned and they headed home.