Titans $ell-Out!

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1992
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Steve Erwin, Adam Hughes, John Statema, John Costanza, Al Vey, Ken Branch, Dave Hunt, Charles Barnett
Storyline: The Titans were returned to New York City from New Chronus. They were immediately flanked by reporters and Elizabeth Alderman, the mayoral candidate who wanted them banned from the city. Changeling found Deathstroke's body. He was taken by government agents.
Steve Dayton convinced the team to take some down time in Hollywood, where he had connections to a marketing / publicity firm. They were pitched ideas on movies, action figures, etc. until they decided on a cartoon.
The product was horrible - only four of the team were featured, and they were portrayed as cute toddlers. They declined the offer and headed back home.


  • This takes place directly after Total Chaos.

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