Teen Titans ongoing 2006 (issues 30-40)

Issue #34

Cover Date: May 2006
Subtitle: The New Teen Titans part 1: One Year Later
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Kevin Conrad, Art Thibert
Storyline: Cyborg came online for the first time in over six months. He attacked Ravager and Kid Devil, who were in Titans Tower. Robin calmed him down and introduced him to Wendy and Marvin - twins who were now the caretakers of the Tower. Ravager and Kid Devil were now Titans. They took a walk so Robin could explain things - Starfire was still lost in space, Speedy was off with Connor Hawke, Kid Flash was "kind of retired," Raven quit the team, Changeling had rejoined the Doom Patrol, and Superboy died saving the universe.
Elsewhere, Wonder Girl met up with Gemini, who was stealing from STAR Labs for the Brotherhood. The Titans arrived as Gemini was defeated. Robin tried to get her back on the team, but she resisted saying he'd run away after Conner died. While they argued, Gemini escaped.
The team headed back to the Tower; Cyborg attempted to contact Gar. Robin went into what appeared to be a cave below and checked on his project - he was re-cloning Superboy. Attempt 96 failed, he initiated 97.

Issue #35

Cover Date: June 2006
Subtitle: The New Teen Titans part 2
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Kevin Conrad
Storyline: Gar got Vic's message at the Doom Patrol headquarters.
Robin initiated attempt 98 and headed to bed. Rose (Ravager) was waiting for him there - naked. He put her in cuffs and told her he wasn't interested in her in any way other than a teammate. Kid Devil entered to tell them there was an intruder. Downstairs, they found Wonder Girl; Ravager attacked her anyway. Cyborg broke them up.
Wonder Girl, Robin, and Cyborg talked about the Brotherhood and their thefts of cloning material. An alarm rang that they were in New York, so the Titans headed to their jet. They battled the Brotherhood, who were stealing things in hopes of cloning a body for the Brain. Kid Devil was gravely injured by Plasmus; Warp got his people away.
The paramedics couldn't do anything for Kid Devil, but the Doom Patrol appeared and offered their help.

Issue #36

Cover Date: July 2006
Subtitle: The New Teen Titans part 3
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Kevin Conrad, Andy Lanning, Norm Rapmund
Storyline: Mallah and the Brain prepared for the next day, when he'd finally receive a cloned body.
The Titans put Kid Devil in the Chief's care in Prague and the Doom Patrol headed back to face off against the Brotherhood. Gar stayed with the Titans and told Cyborg about Mal and Bumblebee - Mal's sub-sonic weapons had blown up on him in space, his wife had been shrunk down to 6 inches.
Robin called Blue Devil to update him in KD; the Chief announced that his patient was recovering quite well. Robin visited him and told him he'd spoken to Blue Devil. The whole time, Eddie had been lying about being his sidekick - Blue Devil hadn't spoken to him in two years and was unaware he was still active in the hero business.
The Chief told everyone he was inviting Kid Devil to join the Doom Patrol. Robin refused and called his care "questionable" due to overhearing him speak to Elastigirl.
Negative Man returned: the Brotherhood had captured the Doom Patrol. The Titans headed to Paris. They found the captive Doom Patrol and the Brain - who was now a whole person.

Issue #37

Cover Date: August 2006
Subtitle: The New Teen Titans part 4
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Kevin Conrad, Norm Rapmund
Storyline: The Doom Patrol arrived and the Brotherhood of Evil left to regroup. Robin and Gar argued over strategy; the Brotherhood returned. The Brain spoke of the Chief and how most of his team had been his failed experiments. The Brain's new body began to deteriorate; Mallah grabbed him and climbed the Eiffel Tower. After seeing the sun rise together, Mallah pulled the head off, tossed the body, and escaped. While the DT and TT check everything out, Mallah put the Brain back in his canister.
In Prague, the Chief fed Kid Devil full of lies about the Titans hoping to sway him over to the Doom Patrol. The TT and DT returned in time to hear most of it and confronted him. Mento, without his helmet, took control of the Doom Patrol and told the Chief to stop his lies or he could find something else.
Everyone regrouped; Kid Devil received a call from Blue Devil. Back at the Tower, Cyborg (by Gar's request) reviewed tapes from his room while he was "out." Raven, Zatara, Miss Martian, Wonder Girl, and others all came to him while his systems were down.
Wonder Girl told Vic she'd stay if he would; they went looking for Tim. Cassie found him in his secret cloning laboratory. After a heated discussion and some breakdown, they kissed. Cassie flew away crying.

Issue #38

Cover Date: September 2006
Subtitle: Titans Around the World part 1
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Carlos Ferreira, Art Thibert, Drew Geraci
Storyline: The Titans met - the older members (Robin, Cyborg, Wonder Girl) wanted to bring in more members. The others (Ravager, Kid Devil) feared they were getting replaced. Cyborg played some of the tapes from members speaking to him while he was offline. Raven's was very cryptic.
The Titans arrived in Russia to meet with Red Star about Raven. The headed up to his space ship. A paranoid Ravager blew up when she heard Robin and Wonder Girl whispering (about their kiss). Red Star (a one-time member) told them they would never last as a team because they weren't a team. He gave them an address Raven was using in Beijing and asked them to leave.
At her apartment, they found a journal - she was trying to get something back that had been taken from the Tower. She'd gathered pictures of the temporary members noting that one was a traitor.
Cody Driscoll (formerly Risk) had a strange visitor who demanded he join the "Titans East" or die.

Issue #39

Cover Date: November 2006
Subtitle: Titans Around the World part II
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Kevin Conrad
Storyline: Zatara (Zatanna's cousin), world's greatest teen magician returned to his dressing room to find the Titans waiting for him. He was not pleased. When asked about Raven, he explained her soul was in a new body created by the Church of Brother Blood. The Titans left and headed for Australia.
There, they found M'gann M'orzz - Miss Martian. Kid Devil explained that she was a green Martian sent to the Vega system by her parents when the white Martains attacked. She greeted her former team. She told them Raven left for the China Sea to meet the next person on her list.
There, they found Bombshell. She said she and Raven had found the traitor: Ravager.
Miss Martian - actually a white Martian - believed she'd found the traitor using her telepathy.

Issue #40

Cover Date: December 2006
Subtitle: Titans Around the World part III
Writer(s): Geoff Johns
Artists(s): Tony Daniel, Jonathan Glapion, Kevin Conrad
Storyline: Ravager attacked Bombshell when she outted her as the traitor. Both of her swords were broken when they struck her (Bombshell and Captain Atom were made of the same material). Bombshell continued that she and Raven had intercepted a call from Titans Tower to Deathstroke. Rose was sent back to the Tower. Robin believed Raven was in Phoenix.
At the Tower, Wendy and Marvin found Rose packing her things. They showed her something that had been cut from an old encyclopedia - the size of a computer disk.
Miss Martian, another of Bombshell's possibilities, appeared inside her jet to speak with the Titans. Bombshell outted her as a white Martian. They crashed the jet into Phoenix; Kid Devil and Wonder Girl found Raven in a church. She was in the midst of some incantation where she'd been resurrected in her current body. Half-dazed, she attacked Kid Devil, but Wonder Girl got her under control. She told WG that Bombshell was the true traitor. She'd already taken down Miss Martian, Robin, and Cyborg. Wonder Girl went down, leaving only Raven standing. Ravager appeared before Bombshell could do anything to Raven. As they fought, the disc Raven had recovered from Bombshell fell into the pit. Jericho was reborn into a new body.

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