The New Teen Titans ongoing 1996 (issues 129-130)

The New Titans #129

Cover Date: January 1996
Subtitle: Desperate Measures
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): William Rosado, Jordi Ensign, Will Blyberg
Storyline: The Tamaranian fleet and evacuation ships landed on a nearby moon. They regrouped and rejoined the battle. Raven, who was leading the Citadel forces, captured Koriand'r and Gar Logan, who were still carrying Trigon's seeds. She also destroyed Technis, leaving Cyberion with no home. He turned their weapons against their own ships, causing the Citadel to retreat.
Ph'yzzon, the Tamaranian general, confided to Donna that he and Kory had fallen in love and married.

The New Titans #130

Cover Date: February 1996
Subtitle: Where Nightmares End
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): William Rosado, Will Blyberg
Storyline: As Raven prepared to awaken the seeds in Kory and Gar, the Titans attacked. Kory knew Raven had put her own soul within her and it was Trigon himself who was attempting to use her body to regenerate his own.
Gar awakened - his madness was gone. He joined the Titans in battle and Trigon was defeated. Raven was restored in soul, but not body. Gar joined Vic on his Technis-instilled mission. Raven told Kory she was pregnant with Ph'yzzon's child.
On Earth, Mirage gave birth.

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