The New Teen Titans ongoing 1994 (issues 106-116, 0)

The New Titans #106

Cover Date: early January 1994
Subtitle: Terminus chapter three: Rebirth
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Mark Tenney, Charles Barnett III
Storyline: Cyborg awakened. After some tweaking from Sarah, he was fully functional (Technis brought her in to help Vic). Arsenal got too close to finding information, and Technis took him out of the equation. He was encased and shot into space.
Pantha's only intact memory was the face of a woman. She did not know if it was herself or not.
Technis' rogue application prepared to conquer Earth.

The New Titans #107

Cover Date: late January 1994
Subtitle: Terminus chapter four: Hard Drive
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Mark Tenney, Charles Barnett III
Storyline: Prestor Jon was given a human body as Technis began to attack Earth. Cyborg, no longer wanting to feel the constant pain he'd been in, gave himself to the Technis in order to save Earth. The Titans found themselves back in New York; Technis left the sky.

The New Titans #108

Cover Date: February 1994
Subtitle: Rebirth
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Bill Jaaska
Storyline: Kory visited Alderman again. She saw a vision of a creature calling out to her about Kynasf'rr, a Tamaranian ritual. She followed it to South America.
Sarge Steel of Checkmate made sure the NYC mayoral election went according to plan. The papers showed Arsenal as a hero who was helping the Titans get back in line.
Arsenal contacted Wally about Vic, then met with Lex Luthor about some weapons. Gar and Sarah dealt with the loss of Victor.

The New Titans #109

Cover Date: March 1994
Subtitle: Ritual
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Bill Jaaska
Storyline: Koriand'r faced herself, her sister, and her lover as a trial of Kynasf'rr. She emerged from a cave as a stronger woman, a shaman of Tamaran.

The New Titans #110

Cover Date: May 1994
Subtitle: The Rebirth of Princess Koriand'r
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Bill Jaaska, Dave Simons, Will Blyberg
Storyline: Dick found Kory in the Amazon. She was leading a tribe and acted as though she didn't know him. They were attacked from above.
Arsenal, Red Star, Changeling, and the Flash met with Sarge Steel. A man calling himself the Tarraist threatened the Earth (he was responsible for the rain forest attack) and warned he'd go to the media if all pollution was not stopped. The Titans went to Dayton for help taking down the Terraist's satellite, but he had nothing for them. Luthor, however, did.

The New Titans #111

Cover Date: June 1994
Subtitle: The Extra Mile
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Matt Thompson, Rus Sever
Storyline: Starfire headed into space to stop the laser from destroying her people. The Titans, in Luthor's rocket, did the same. Starfire was hit by one of the blasts; Red Star saved her and brought her aboard their ship. They made it aboard the satellite and stopped the terrorists.

The New Titans #112

Cover Date: July 1994
Subtitle: A New Home
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Rick Mays, Will Blyberg
Storyline: Starfire remembered nothing of the Titans and saw them as her captors. The group had to subdue her. Red Star, remembering what Dick said about her first appearance on earth, kissed her. Her memory returned
Back on Earth, Sarge Steel made an offer to the Titans (rather Flash and Arsenal). After some thinking, they made a counter offer - they wanted control of their assignments and the terrorists' satellite as a base.

The New Titans #113

Cover Date: August 1994
Subtitle: Coming of Age
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Bill Jaaska, Rus Sever
Storyline: After helping Kory's village rebuild, Dick headed home. On the way, he thought about his life and the loved ones he'd lost.
Back in New York City, he found himself an apartment and started his new life.

  • This takes place before KnightsEnd.
  • "Most of the people I knew in high school just graduated from college." "You don't receive 'The Rule Book' when you reach twenty-one." Dick , internal.

    The New Titans #114

    Cover Date: September 1994
    Subtitle: 24 Hours
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Rik Mays, Karl Story, Jason Martin, Keith Champagne
    Storyline: Raven captured Changeling and took him to Deathwing. He escaped after awakening - Raven didn't want to put the seed in him while he was awake.
    Nightwing took down some car choppers. After, he got to know one of the new local policemen, Captain Bennet. He pondered leaving the Titans and returning to Gotham City.
    The Darkstars battled an extraterrestrial force annihilating planets.
    Arsenal signed the contract with Sarge Steel. He then called all the Titans to tell them and to ask them to join his team. Only Changeling joined him.
    Kory and Dick both decided to end their relationship, but neither had the guts to confront the other.

    The New Titans #0

    Cover Date: October 1994
    Subtitle: The Changing Order
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Stephen JB Jones, Collazo, Candelario, Champagne
    Storyline: Nightwing met with Sarge Steel about the new Titans team.
    Changeling broke up an attack by Coven and Slagg. He fought back urges to kill them. Terra and Mirage arrived after Changeling was knocked out. The bad guys escaped, but all the hostages were saved.
    Arsenal and Damage went after some men in robot suits. Impulse joined them and helped take them down.
    The Titans regrouped and met with Sarge Steel. He gave them a tour of their new headquarters. The Crimelord's group attacked a rally in New York. A space entity traveled through the area that once was Oa.

    The New Titans #115

    Cover Date: November 1994
    Subtitle: The Final Change
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): JB Jones, Keith Champagne
    Storyline: One by one, Changeling (now calling himself Gar-goyle) took down the Titans. His plans to deliver them to Raven went awry when Impulse, his last target, freed the rest. They battled the green monster until he transformed back into his human self. It was a ruse and he captured them all again.
    Note: Mirage is pregnant with Deathwing's child.

    The New Titans #116

    Cover Date: December 1994
    Subtitle: Psimon Says ... Die
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, Frank Pittarese
    Artists(s): JB Jones, Keith Champagne, Rich Rankin
    Storyline: Dark Star Donna Troy saved Mirage from burning up in Earth's atmosphere (she'd been ejected in an escape pod in her fight against Gar). The Titans escape their goo pods when Gar leaves them alone. Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) appeared and attacked the Titans. Donna and Mirage make it in time to join the fight. Psimon, who'd killed Mammoth and Shimmer (formerly associated with the Fearsome Five) at the monastery in which they'd been living, made his presence known as the man who'd been controlling Green Lantern.

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