The New Teen Titans ongoing 1993 (issues 94-105)

New Titans #94

Cover Date: February 1993
Subtitle: Double Jeopardy
Writer(s): Louise Simonson
Artists(s): Phil Jimenez, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: Red Star and Sarah Charles returned Cyborg to Russia, as they were told a breakthrough had been made - it was possible they could get him back online. They were greeted with a hero's welcome, but it soon turned sour. Russia's meta-men, under the command of Red Star's father (thought to be dead) attacked them. Red Star was to become the lead meta-man.
After hearing gossip that Starfire was cheating on him (actually, it was Dick in another disguise), Nightwing decided to be seen in public with someone else - Mirage.
Red Star escaped with the help of one of the people who was in charge of getting him into the country.
The Titans learned of the death of Superman.

New Titans #95

Cover Date: March 1993
Subtitle: Into the Fire
Writer(s): Louise Simonson
Artists(s): Phil Jimenez, Peter Gross
Storyline: Dick got home from his "date" with Mirage and took Kory out. He began to gain a new playboy image as he'd hoped (so that he didn't have to be in disguise when he went out with her). Later, he got into costume and was injured by some bank robbers. He took it to heart (especially with the news of Superman) and planned new things for his costume.
Anna (the Russian spy) and Red Star almost escaped, but his father detonated the facility remotely as he left with Cyborg. Red Star was caught in the explosion, but survived.

New Titans #96

Cover Date: April 1993
Subtitle: Patriot Games
Writer(s): Louise Simonson
Artists(s): Phil Jimenez, Ray McCarthy, Mike Sellers, Peter Gross
Storyline: Kovar's plan went into full swing - the Russian President would be killed by Cyborg during a conference. Red Star and Anna arrived as planned, too. The assassination attempt was thwarted and Kovar was killed by Anna after he'd taken down his son. During the explosion, Red Star gained the ability to take on fire form.
Mirage posed as Nightwing and confronted Kory and Dick while they were out. The plan worked - the press got a good look at the situation and no one doubted Dick and Nightwing were different men. Mirage, who was double-crossed by the couple, was not happy.
Tara and Gar took baby Wildebeest to a nursery school. Tara confronted Gar's girlfriend and threatened her. Pantha secretly continued to prey on small animals on Dayton's estate.

New Titans #97

Cover Date: May 1993
Subtitle: The Darkening part one: An Unholy Pact
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Al Vey
Storyline: Changeling broke into Dayton's lab and stole a Mento helmet. He handed it over to Plasmus of the Brotherhood of Evil in return for them helping Cyborg. Needless to say, he was double-crossed.
Kory blew up on Dick about him sleeping with Mirage while she was masquerading as Starfire. He tried going back to his old apartment, but he'd been evicted. Nightwing later met up with Checkmate Agent Roy Harper (no longer "Speedy"). He tried to get Nightwing to cooperate on the superhero team investigation, but Dick was in no mood to help.
Elizabeth Alderman, the mayoral candidate running on the anti-Titans platform, was attacked in her office by a red-skinned woman. The same woman destroyed the remains of Raven and Phantasm on Azarath.
Note: "Dick, after four years together, I know how you breathe. I know your every rhythm." (Starfire)

New Titans #98

Cover Date: June 1993
Subtitle: The Darkening chapter two: Reign of Blood
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Al Vey
Storyline: A woman in white robes was handed a child by a group pretending to be the Titans. They were attacked by Pantha, who'd been out hunting. She rescued the baby and returned it to its mother. The red-skinned woman confronted the white-robed woman (Alderman). Pantha saw one of their weapons and was reminded of the Dayton "D" logo from her past.
Dayton called the Titans and showed them that Changeling had stolen a Mento helmet. Nightwing immediately knew he'd done it for Cyborg somehow.
Kory went dancing with someone (not Dick).
Changeling awakened as a captive of the Brotherhood, including Rita, his foster mother (who'd been dead for ages. )

New Titans #99

Cover Date: July 1993
Subtitle: The Darkening chapter three: The Brotherhood
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Al Vey, Robert Campanella, Steve George
Storyline: Phobia and Warp realized Rita Farr and Mallah weren't really who they said they were. After Rita tossed Gar overboard, Warp panicked and warped. He ended up in Dayton's lab with the Titans (and Arsenal - Roy Harper's new alias). He told them what was going on and warped them with him.
While aboard, the boat exploded and the Titans were thrown into the sea.
Nightwing proposed to Starfire.

New Titans #100

Cover Date: August 1993
Subtitle: The Darkening chapter four: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Dead
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Bill Jaaska, Al Vey, Rob Leigh, Steve George, John Statema
Storyline: Dick and Kory rushed to Dayton's place to tell everyone they were getting married. There, they found the team (Dayton, Baby Wildebeest, Pantha, Arsenal, Red Star) had returned from their battle with the Brotherhood. After they were updated, Aqualad arrived with Changeling.
Dick and Kory made their announcement and began planning. Dick spoke with Alfred and learned that Bruce had been injured and would not be attending the wedding.
During the ceremony, Raven (the red-skinned woman) killed the priest. She, Deathwing, and some goons then attacked everyone. The Titans (with Robin and Flash) fought back, but Raven put Starfire under some sort of spell. She and Deathwing escaped.
Kory was taken to STAR; Roy was informed that his next assignment would be to become the Titans' leader.

New Titans #101

Cover Date: September 1993
Subtitle: Aftermath
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Al Vey, Steve George
Storyline: At STAR Labs, the Titans tried to calm Kory, but it was no use - Raven's souls (including the 100 others Trigon created) were getting to her. She eventually regained control.
While Dick stayed with Kory, Arsenal (Roy) told the Titans what Checkmate was up to - he had to be the leader of the team or they would be investigated and prosecuted. Roy and Dick fought; Dick left the team.
Changeling took down a group of z-list villains. Since being put in the Mento helmet, he felt excruciating pain when changing into normal animals, but he was fine becoming monsters and creatures he'd never experienced.
Note: "You know Dick's been on the go since he was nine." (Donna to the group)

New Titans #102

Cover Date: October 1993
Subtitle: Original Sinn
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Bill Jaaska, Steve George
Storyline: A monster claiming to be a Titan and calling itself "Sinn" attacked and killed some muggers on the subway. Arsenal was quick to the scene, but didn't fare well in his TV interview with Quirk, Liz Alderman's partner (now running for mayor in her place).
Dick and Kory crashed with Wally. She had another episode, but Dick hit her with some gas that knocked her out.
Dr. Charles downloaded Jon from the Team Titans into Victor in hopes that he could see what was going on inside.
Changeling was attacked by Sinn. Later, he and Raven greeted Quirk.

New Titans #103

Cover Date: November 1993
Subtitle: Interface
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Bill Jaaska, Dave Simons, Steve George
Storyline: Prestor Jon got into Cyborg and could tell he was alive inside. He could see virtually every memory Vic had ever made. He was not alone - he was attacked by what appeared to be Titans' villains. Outside, the Technis group attacked the Titans. They wanted to take the "robot" back to their planet, and they succeeded. One of the light creatures remained and agreed to take the others to Technis in fear that if his brothers revived him, their planet would be doomed.

New Titans #104

Cover Date: early December 1993
Subtitle: Terminus: The Fate of Cyborg chapter one: Subroutine
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Nick Napolitano, Steve George
Storyline: The Titans found themselves on planet Technis. It was comprised of energy beings who sought to gather all information. This was their only function. At some point, a rouge appeared and found Cyborg on Earth. It wanted more - to interact, not just to witness. It had chosen forms from Vic's memories (the Brotherhood, Rita Farr) to get close and to get Cyborg's body.
The Titans saw the truth - Technis was dying. Changeling took them through a door that was forbidden when he heard Cyborg tell him to. Vic and Prestor Jon were both inhabiting Cyborg's body now.

New Titans #105

Cover Date: late December 1993
Subtitle: Terminus part two
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Nick Napolitano, Steve George
Storyline: Starfire and Nightwing watched as Alderman was transferred into an asylum. Starfire felt a kinship toward her - they were both victim's of Raven's soulself.
On Technis, Changeling continued to deny the creatures Cyborg. They recreated his memories of his birth parents and Terra. He refused them. Pantha was tempted with recovering her memories and she granted them access to her. Arsenal went exploring and was attacked by lasers in their central processing unit. He got through and began to cause feedback into their systems. Prestor Jon returned to human form. Vic came back online.

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