The New Teen Titans ongoing 1989 (issues 52-61, annual 5)

The New Titans #52

Cover Date: January 1989
Subtitle: Who is Wonder Girl chapter three: Trackdown
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
Artists(s): George Perez, Bob McLeod
Storyline: With the Titans out, Danny took it upon himself to enlist a "B" team. He found it odd that Robin's (Jason) status was listed as "unknown" when he'd spoken to him the previous week. Speedy contacted the Tower looking for help with the Invasion.
Nightwing's team was taken before the leader of the unknown (to them) planet they'd landed on - Athyns. He ordered them to be executed, but the aliens who'd attacked the Tower arrived and began blasting. Jericho got into the leader and the Titans got back into their orb safely before the planet exploded.
Donna's team neared New Chronus, but they encountered hostile ships en route. Some sort of force field opened and let the Titans in, but closed and destroyed one of their pursers. The Titans of Myth welcomed two of their own. Their children were given their entire set of memories from the first time they were on New Chronus. Raven remarked to Coeus that she felt at home - their planet was much like Azarath.
As the second Titans orb neared New Chronus, it was caught in the tractor beam of one of Sparta's ships. At the same time, Athyns awakened and began using the orb against his captors.
Raven teleported into the orb and attempted to help her team. The orb was damaged and hurtled planetward.

The New Titans #53

Cover Date: February 1989
Subtitle: Who is Wonder Girl chapter four: Battle Plan
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
Artists(s): George Perez, Bob McLeod
Storyline: Raven used her soul-self to get Starfire out of the orb and safely to New Chronus. The others appeared to have been lost.
On a nearby planet called Synriannaq, Nightwing, Cyborg, and Jericho (in Athyns' body) waited. They'd been able to escape the orb in time. Victor was able to take the wing off one of the search ships looking for them.
Gar took form of a green beast native to the nearby planet and was teleported there. Dick and Joey found Victor - he was strung up and en route to being executed in a nearby city. Nightwing and Jericho-as-Athyns attempted to free him; Starfire, Raven, and Changeling joined the fight. Sparta mistook Raven for the third "seed;" Starfire was blasted by one of the ships. She absorbed it and shot it back. Athyns' memories were returned to him and he began fighting alongside the Titans.
Xanthi was killed saving Athyns from Sparta.

The New Titans #54

Cover Date: March 1989
Subtitle: Who is Wonder Girl chapter five: Answers and Questions
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Terry, Donna's husband, showed up at the Tower to find out what was going on. Danny told them the Titans had left the planet with some god.
The people of Synriannaq began to believe Sparta had gone mad. On New Chronus, the Gods told the Titans that they needed three to destroy Zeus' curse. Dick realized that the three were Troy, Athyns, and Sparta.
Starfire attacked Sparta with full intensity. With her weakened, Raven absorbed the would-be god into her soul self along with Troy and Athyns. The two were able to grasp the madwoman and the Gods returned to their glory.
Sparta's mind was completely lost. Athyns, since he had no world in which to return, was invited to stay with the Titans of Myth. Donna was given another gift...

The New Titans #55

Cover Date: June 1989
Subtitle: Transition
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: With the Titans back on Earth, Donna spent time with her husband attempting to tell him what had happened to her. His ex-wife was visiting with their child. She attempted to make Donna believe that there was still a chance for her and her ex-husband to rekindle their relationship.
Cyborg was being rebuilt by STAR Labs. The people working on him also pulled memories from his databanks. Athyns took Xanthi's body to his own homeworld for burial. He would stay there and attempt to take his fallen brother's place.
Dick learned of Jason's death and visited his grave with Kori. After Danny nonchalantly talked about it, Dick took it out on him.
In the cave, Batman questioned why Dick wasn't at the funeral. Thinking he was being blamed for Jason's death, Bruce punched his former ward in rage. He told Dick to leave and give his key to Alfred on the way out.
Vic headed to San Francisco to visit Sarah. Dayton told Gar he was going to enroll in public school and he could not be a Titan until his grades were acceptable.
Donna debuted her new look and name: Troia. She'd created a new outfit from the gifts the gods gave her. Dick kicked Danny out of the Tower and off the team.

The New Titans #56

Cover Date: July 1989
Subtitle: More than Human
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
Artists(s): Mark Bright, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Sarah, Mal, and Karen talked about a Titans case from before they reformed:
Lilith had discovered a being trying to contact her. The Titans followed her lead to a secret government facility. They dug and found an ancient man with a gem attached to his chest who'd been encased in ice. He was still alive. They convinced STAR Labs to not experiement on him - Lilith had entered his mind and fallen in love with him. He finally awakened and went berserk. STAR shot and killed him.

The New Titans annual #5

Cover Date: 1989
Subtitle: When the Sun Goes Black
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Chris Wozniak, Carlos Garzan
Storyline: The Children of the Sun's goons attacked the Titans while Victor was visiting his father's grave. The Titans easily defeated their attackers.
Raymond Dark, the CotS's leader, discussed his past and connections with the Titans - he'd been a collegue and rival of Silas Stone (Victor's father) at Westchester Science. The two argued over the use and testing of nuclear power. Dark's proposal was accepted; Silas moved on to STAR Labs. Not long after, Dark was fired and his plan canned. He blamed Stone and formed the Children of the Sun.
A nuclear plant was attacked by CotS. The Titans arrived in time and Raven got the terrorists away, but they self-destructed within her soul self. Knowing other facilities were in danger, Nightwing contacted Superman and sent him to Israel (where he could also cover South Africa). The JLE covered Europe.
CotS set loose another set of their empowered kidnapped victims; the Titans headed to Siberia. They averted another disaster and learned the victims were running on remote control only - their brains were dead. The Titans learned of Dark and headed for him. The CotS turned on their leader and left his corpse for the Titans to find.
After the Children of the Sun were defeated, Victor visited his father's grave again.

  • "It's been three years now since his father died." (Sarah Sims on Silas Stone's death)

    The New Titans #57

    Cover Date: August 1989
    Subtitle: Study in Steel
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
    Artists(s): George Perez, Bob McLeod
    Storyline: The Wildebeest attacked Joe and his girlfriend. He left Wilson unconscious and left.
    Dick met with Dr. Parker, his shrink, before heading to Gotham City to confront Batman.
    Raven felt a distrubance with Vic and teleported to his apartment. He wasn't there, but the place was trashed. Wildebeest attacked her, and like Jericho, left her unconscious. Donna and Kory were attacked next. Back at the tower, the Titans met on the situation. The group was attacked there. Raven snatched him up in her soul self and removed his helmet - it was Cyborg.

    The New Titans #58

    Cover Date: September 1989
    Subtitle: Controls
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
    Artists(s): George Perez, Tom Grummett, Bob McLeod
    Storyline: Cyborg awakened confused and in the Wildebeest outfit. After they got him out, he had another spell and was finally subdued by Raven. They took him to Sarah at STAR. Vic was to be operated on by Dr. Brewster. Karen Beecher-Duncan, former Titan known as Bumblebee, assisted him. She found that a radio signal was going both in and out of Vic. She took Starfire and Troia to the source - an empty Wildebeest suit. It exploded.
    Danny Chase broke into the CBI headquarters looking for information on his parents. King Faraday watched him.
    Nightwing visited Wayne Manor, but Bruce was not home. Alfred told him he was concerned, too.

    The New Titans #59

    Cover Date: October 1989
    Subtitle: Beest of Burden
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
    Artists(s): George Perez, Tom Grummett, Bob McLeod
    Storyline: Nightwing and Gar Logan arrived at STAR. Dr. Brewster operated on Victor. His grandparents gave the OK when both Raven and Jericho vouched for him. The operation was a success - an override switch had been placed in the computer part of his brain, but Nightwing saw something that didn't fit. He got the Titans out and checked the tapes while Gar stayed with his bedridden friend.
    The Titans, using Donna's new memory projection power, set Dr. Brewster up. He admitted that there were things in the project he could not discuss - like the fact that they could see everything Vic saw. Nightwing had another plan. Vic agreed and the real Wildebeest was captured. Jericho got into Cyborg, then leapt into the un-costumed Wildebeest. The rest of the Titans captured him and got him into custody, where his "mind turned off."
    Nightwing announced he was taking a temporary leave of the team while he worked out the issues with Batman about Robin's death. Vic was left in charge.

    The New Titans #60

    Cover Date: November 1989
    Subtitle: Chapter Two: Roots
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
    Artists(s): George Perez, Bob McLeod
    Storyline: [continued from Batman 440]
    Starfire told Cyborg about the kid who'd come to her apartment looking for Nightwing. After exhausting their search efforts, he called Wayne Manor. Alfred had not seen him since he left after the Zucco incident (Year 3). Speedy contacted the Titans - Dick asked him to fill in for him while he was away. They found a scrapbook in Dick's old apartment with some items removed; Starfire realized the outsider knew Dick was Nightwing.
    Dick visited the circus and found it in ruin. He stuck around as a clown in that night's performance. One of the lions went crazy and killed a performer; Dick was able to get it in a net before it killed anyone else. Harrison Haly realized it was their last show - things were going too badly, and their insurance was canceled.
    The outsider, a kid, was watching and realized who the clown was. Later, he told Dick he believed one of the clowns (a drunk) sabotaged things. Dick was impressed by the kid's detective skills (he had a solid case against the clown) and agility. He went to the clown and believed his innocence. Later, when the people behind it confronted the clown, it was Dick in the makeup. He took one of them down (the strongman), and the kid took the other down as he attempted to escape.
    Dick exited the main trailer after agreeing to become part owner of the circus. The kid confronted him again. He knew who he was and who he'd been (Nightwing / Robin) and about Jason's death. He showed Dick the pictures he'd taken of Batman and urged him to go patch things up with Bruce.
    [continued in Batman 441]

    The New Titans #61

    Cover Date: December 1989
    Subtitle: Chapter Four: Going Home
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman, George Perez
    Artists(s): George Perez, Tom Grummett, Bob McLeod
    Storyline: [continued from Batman 441]
    The Titans received a call at the Tower for Nightwing. They didn't believe it was the same kid who showed up at Kory's apartment. Raven appeared to Nightwing as he spoke with Gordon atop police HQ in Gotham City. She gave him a computer disk Jericho found in the Tower.
    He decoded the clues and realized it was Batman asking for help Nightwing showed up at a rooftop where Batman was waiting for Two-Face to make a move. Batman took the front door, while Nightwing went in through the back. Batman found the ground floor inverted - everything was bolted to the ceiling. Two-Face locked down the basement, trapping Nightwing inside. When he realized Batman was there, too, he detonated the building.
    Alfred and Tim saw Nightwing's signal get disrupted.
    [continued in Batman 442]

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