The New Teen Titans ongoing 1988 (issues 39-51, annual 3)

The New Teen Titans #39

Cover Date: January 1988
Subtitle: Loving You
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Dick woke up with Kory, but he was screaming Raven's name. They talked about what had happened and Kory was OK with it. She was going to talk to Raven about her newly found ability to feel emotions.
The duo went to Tahiti to talk about their feelings for Dick. They bonded for the first time and returned a week later.
When Kory got home, Dick had moved in to her apartment (they'd been talking about it for months). Raven stopped by Victor's home, but he was having a party. She felt left out since she didn't have a date, so she went home. After checking her messages, she found she'd been invited, so she went back.
Joey's mother invited him to work for her PI firm full time.

The New Teen Titans #40

Cover Date: February 1988
Subtitle: Round Holes & Square Pegs
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Three robberies with the same MO went off at the same time. The Titans were baffled. The split up and went after future targets. Danny and Nightwing went up against the Silver Fog. The villain got away from them, but was unable to get any loot. They checked out the previous person who'd gone by that name and learned the new one was probably his former assistant.
Meanwhile, Wonder Girl, Changeling, and Cyborg encountered the Gentleman Ghost. Jericho and Starfire ran into I.Q. The villains all escaped, but were unable to score their targets.
After getting all their heads into it, they set up a new target for their villain team-up. It turned out to be a coincidence - all three were unaware of the others (and hadn't even met them). The Titans watched as the criminals took each other out.

The New Teen Titans #41

Cover Date: March 1988
Subtitle: Hidden Agenda
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Kim DeMulder
Storyline: Cyborg's girlfriend, Dr. Sarah Charles, told him she was taking a promotion. She offered to take him to San Fransisco with her, but he declined - New York was his home.
Wildebeest broke in to STAR Labs and kidnapped the pregnant (with Brother Blood's child) Mother Mayhem. En route, he took out Thunder and Lightning, who were hired security at STAR. The Titans got word and headed into action.
Wildebeest began gathering criminals for a new group. He and Puppeteer broke into Ryker's Island Prison and sprung Gizmo, Trident, and Disruptor. He revealed himself to Mother Mayhem as her physician, Dr. Vincent Ellis.

The New Teen Titans #42

Cover Date: April 1988
Subtitle: Child of Blood
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Wildebeest's team (minus Puppeteer) went on a jewelry heist. Gizmo was captured by Changeling while the other two escaped. Gar took him to the Tower and left him. He escaped and went to STAR Labs to turn himself in (hoping they'd hire him).
The rest of the team later picked up the two who'd gotten away. The Titans contacted STAR, where they saw Gizmo finger Dr. Ellis as the Wildebeest. Ellis shot him as Raven teleported them to the scene. Ellis got away and went to Mother Mayhem. He showed her that "Ellis" was simply another disguise as he fled. The Titans found her (using Gizmo's confession) and got her to a hospital.
The curse of Brother Blood was broken - she gave birth to a healthy girl.

The New Teen Titans #43

Cover Date: May 1988
Subtitle: Fear Itself
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Curt Swant (incorrectly noted as Eduardo Barreto in issue), Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans visited Mother Mayhem and her daughter, Jessica, in the hospital. After, they paired up and went for some weekend down time.
Raven, the only one who'd stayed in the city, sought out the fear she'd sensed - Phobia was on the loose. Upon instruction from the Brain, she killed two men who were up for ambassador seats. She and Raven faced off, but the villain was able to escape.
Her next target was her own father. She was unable to kill him and was captured by Raven.

The New Teen Titans #44

Cover Date: June 1988
Subtitle: The Cuckoo Conspiracy
Writer(s): RJM L'Officier
Artists(s): Michael Collins, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans visited Danny's grandfather in a CBI retirement facility in North Dakota. After gaining clearance, they were informed that a target, codename "Cuckoo," was under protection there. The residents were evacuated in anticipation of Godiva's attack.
Cuckoo was killed, but his data tapes were saved by Danny.

The New Teen Titans #45

Cover Date: July 1988
Subtitle: Dail "D" for Danger
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Chris King was attacked in the subway by a woman who he'd once known. She seemed to have the ability to form into elements. The Titans rescued him and took him back to the Tower. He explained to them that he and Victoria had once weilded the HERO dials in Fairfax. He'd moved on from the hero business and Victoria had stolen his dial.
Victor helped Sarah pack and move her stuff. He refused (again) to go with her.
Victoria, this time in diamond form, attacked. The Titans were defeated and Chris was captured.

The New Teen Titans #46

Cover Date: August 1988
Subtitle: Mindquake
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal, Pablo Marcos
Storyline: With everyone injured (including Danny - for the first time), Nightwing gathered the troops and headed to STAR Labs for help. Raven helped, too, but they were informed their bodies also needed time to heal.
Chris woke up in Vicki's place in San Fransisco. She'd been taken in by "The Children of the Sun" who'd given her powers beyond what the dials did.
The Titans learned where they'd gone and headed out in the T-Jet. Starfire took her down. The Titans got her to STAR, but she quickly escaped. She morphed from a being of energy to one of metal. Once again, she escaped. Chris was safe and had her dial, though she still had his.

  • "I know what it's like, Danny. I remember the first time I was badly hurt. I was maybe ten years old. Batman showed no mercy. But I pulled through." (Nightwing to Danny Chase)

    The New Teen Titans #47

    Cover Date: September 1988
    Subtitle: Past Tense
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Kelley Jones, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: After getting their computers worked on, the Titans went out for the night. Danny stayed behind to catch up on some homework. After a while, he couldn't sleep and headed down to the computer to check out some files. Jericho was back and showed him the progress he'd made on his book. The two revisited each of the Titans' bios: Jericho, Raven, Cyborg, Nightwing, Starfire, and Changeling (all but Wonder Girl).
    The Titans returned to find they were under attack. After securing the Tower, they found a note from Wildebeest - he'd been the man who'd worked on their computers.

  • "Danny, I've never even met Wonder Woman. I was raised in an orphanage. It burned down years ago, along with all my records. I was told some fireman saved me from the fire, but never found out who. As for my powers, I've had them for as long as I can remember. I guess I was born with them. I don't know, sometimes those early years seem like a blur, as if my life didn't even start until I became a Titan."

    The New Teen Titans #48

    Cover Date: October 1988
    Subtitle: Crimes and Punishment
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Russian assassins Hammer and Sickle made way to the United States.
    Vic and Gar had a fight, then talked about Cyborg's feelings for Sarah and the possiblity of him relocating to San Fransisco.
    The Titans came face - to - face with their ally, Red Star, another Russian. He was visiting STAR Labs as a goodwill measure between the two countries. His powers would be evaluated to see if they could be duplicated. Hammer and Sickle attacked - they'd been given orders to not let him be tested. His orders had come from his country's leader, while their's had come from an opposing faction (Red Star did not know this). Nightwing called off the battle so that no innocents would be harmed. The Russians left with Starfire.
    Cyborg, returning to STAR Labs, saw them load his friend into their truck. He followed.

    The New Teen Titans #49

    Cover Date: November 1988
    Subtitle: You Can't Go Home
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Cyborg attacked the Russians' truck; Starfire was freed. After a fight, Hammer and Sickle withdrew with Red Star. Once at their headquarters, they attempted to assassinate him, but he escaped and headed back to the Titans. He was labeled a traitor in his country and could not return.
    The Titans set a trap for the assassins and captured them.
    Vic told Sarah he loved her, but he was going back to New York. He did not want their relationship to end.

    The New Teen Titans annual 4

    Cover Date: 1988
    Subtitle: Whom the Gods would Destroy
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Barreto, Purcell, Doran, Jones, Templeton, Collins, Cullins, Tanghal, Chen, Giordano, Kesel, Magyar, Janke
    Storyline: Nightwing woke up from a nightmare and headed to he conference table. Everyone else was there. They'd all gone without sleep and had similar nightmares. Raven noticed some similarities - a pale man, death connected with their beginnigs, and dissection.
    She gathered them all together and had them focus their thoughts and feelings on their dreams. They were transported to the man who'd been attacking their sleep. He attacked them again, but they defeated him.
    The Children of the Sun failed again and knew the Titans must be destroyed.

    The New Titans #50

    Cover Date: December 1988
    Subtitle: Who is Wonder Girl chapter one: Home Again
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
    Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: A strange old woman in a hooded cloak searched for Donna Troy. She had a picture of her as a child. She tracked Donna to her office, then home. Inside her apartment, she found other pictures, including one with the Titans.
    The Titans returned to the Tower after being gone for three weeks. As soon as they got in, a silver orb which Danny was playing with exploded into several alien creatures. Donna was injured, but the rest of the team was able to defeat the creatures, which disappeared. As Raven began to help heal Donna, the cloaked woman appeared saying she was a friend.
    The woman gave Donna her memories - the apartment fire she'd experience as an infant, the orphanage, growing up. Her memories then began to wash away. The woman told her everything after the fire had been planted inside her. Her first real memory after the fire was creating a costume and joining Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. The woman told her she'd not existed on Earth until joining with the original Teen Titans.
    The old woman passed out. As soon as she hit the floor, the Tower was back in the shape it was before the alien attack. They told Donna she'd been staring at the woman, but they'd not been talking. The woman, now dying of old age, told them she was Phoebe, goddess of the moon. The Titans of Myth were dying.

    The New Titans #51

    Cover Date: winter
    Subtitle: Who is Wonder Girl chapter two: Secrets behind the Cosmos
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
    Artists(s): George Perez, Bob McLeod
    Storyline: Jericho possessed Phoebe and allowed her to continue her story. When the Titans of Myth were cast out by their children, the Olympian Gods, they founded a New Chronus. Thousands of years passed, and the Titans realized they were losing power and could no longer reproduce. Rhea, who's husband was slain by their son Zeus, left New Chronus to find others to empower. She was the one who'd saved Donna from the fire.
    Each child was given powers and taught by the Titans. When they turned 13, they were all returned to their home worlds and given false memories - they were not to remember their lives on New Chronus so they would not think themselves superior to their peers. After they reached adulthood, they would return.
    One of the children, Sparta, retained her memories and was driven mad by them. She conquered her home planet and made herself queen. She sent spheres carrying assassins to the homeworlds of each of the empowered children. She also forced the Titans to stay on New Chronus. Phoebe alone was able to escape. She found Diana, but realized she was empowered by the Olympians.
    Phoebe gave Donna two travel spheres before she faded away. Joey got out before the Titan died. The New Titans decided to split up and take the travel spheres out to find the other remaining children of the Titans. Nightwing, Starfire, Jericho, and Cyborg took one; Wonder Girl, Gar, and Raven took the other. Donna's orb arrived at it's destination and they picked up Xanthi, who lived on a deadly acidic planet. The assassins out to kill him were immediately killed by its atmosphere. They headed to New Chronus.

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