The New Teen Titans ongoing 1987 (issues 27-38, annual 3)

The New Teen Titans #27

Cover Date: January 1987
Subtitle: The Brotherhood of Evil
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Kerry Gammill, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Brotherhood attacked the Titans. Starfire and Cyborg escaped, but Jericho was captured and tortured. Donna found Starfire and took her to a cave where they discussed the situation with Robin and Changeling. The Titans went in for Jericho, who'd been tied to a spire in a lightning storm. Donna saved him. Cyborg caught up with the rest of the group as they went on the offensive versus the Brotherhood (minus the Brain and Mallah, who were below Brother Blood's church - the Brain wanted to be dipped in his blood pool).
Cyborg sounded an alarm and set a charge. Everyone was out when the church exploded escept the Brain and Mallah who were in the depths below.

The New Teen Titans #28

Cover Date: February 1987
Subtitle: Resurrection
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, Paul Levitz
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans watched a live broadcast as the church prepared to resurrect Brother Blood. The brainwashed Azrael (now believing he was a real angel) was used in a light show and Blood was reborn. The Titans (Wonder Girl, Starfire, Changeling, Cyborg, Robin, Jericho, Robotman, and (kid) Flash - Fran refused) infiltrated the church. They saw Arella murdered before them.

The New Teen Titans #29

Cover Date: March 1987
Subtitle: Revelation
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, Paul Levitz
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: As the Titans continued their battle toward Brother Blood, Robin found that Arella had survived. He got her to medical attention while the others continued. Once they got to Blood, two of their own - Raven and Nightwing - fought against them.
The Titans were defeated; the Justice League prepared to go in for them.

The New Teen Titans #30

Cover Date: April 1987
Subtitle: Revolution
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, Paul Levitz
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Nightwing turned on Blood and he was doped again. Raven stopped Cyborg's last attempt at her leader. Across the globe, armies were mobilizing for him. Fran (in costume) was en route with the team she'd gathered (Superman, Batman, two Green Lanterns, Booster Gold, Dr. Midnight, and Skyman) when Superman saw tanks moving in on the White House. The group split up to stop the threats.
Fran made it to the church and freed the Titans. Robin showed Raven her mother - she didn't believe that Blood was behind her injuries.
The Titans (again) moved in on Blood, who commanded one of their own - Raven - to destroy them.

The New Teen Titans #31

Cover Date: May 1987
Subtitle: Resolution
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, Paul Levitz
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Raven blasted out at the Titans using Blood's power. Mother Mayhem, after hearing Brother Blood refer to Raven as his new queen, sabotaged the cult leader.
Superman and the Green Lanterns worked crowd control outside the chruches.
Partly through the sabotage and partly through an overload of power thrown into her, Raven regained her true self and defeated Brother Blood. Azrael flew off with him.
Wally and Fran headed home, as did Robin. Dick thanked Jason for the roll he played in the situation. Starfire flew off with Nightwing; Donna went home to her husband.
Elsewhere, an angel delivered a man to a remote monastery.

The New Teen Titans #32

Cover Date: June 1987
Subtitle: Trivial Pursuits
Writer(s): Paul Levitz
Artists(s): Eduardo, Barreto, Pablo Marcos
Storyline: The Titans (minus Gar) headed to an inn in the woods with Terry, Donna's husband, for a small vacation. Along the way, they had to help some children who'd wandered out and gotten lost.
Once they arrived at the inn, Terry set them up on a murder mystery game. The presenters found a real body. The Titans got involved and it turned out the inn keeper's son had stolen the body from a medical school to get some publicity.

The New Teen Titans #33

Cover Date: July 1987
Subtitle: Th e City Came Tumblin' Down
Writer(s): Paul Levitz
Artists(s): Erik Larsen, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans got word from Gar - he was still looking for Dayton.
Raven saw a bridge explode from the Tower window. After the situation was settled, the group headed out to find who was behind it. It turned out to be Zandian nationalist who were trying to drum up media coverage in hopes of getting their country freed from Brother Blood's rule (or the church's rule).
The Titans stopped other attempts made by them: blowing up Shea Stadium, collapsing a dam, and detonating a nuclear power plant.
Nightwing returned to the team full-time.

The New Teen Titans #34

Cover Date: August 1987
Subtitle: Non Compos Mento: Epilogue
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Dick awakened from a dream - the same dream Raven had given him two years previous that caused him to reform the Titans. Raven spoke to him about his feelings for Kory. He went out on patrol and encountered a man who was at odds with his wife and had a gun to her. Nightwing talked the man down and realized he needed to follow his own advice.
The Titans returned to he Tower - it was being attacked by Dayton's Hybrid. After a short battle, Raven (using the projection powers she'd been given by Brother Blood) was able to get them out from under Mento's spell. She was also able to heal Dayton.
Starfire and Nightwing flew around together.

  • "Why that same nightmare you gave me two years ago?" (Dick to Raven about the dream that caused the Titans to reunite.

    The New Teen Titans #35

    Cover Date: September 1987
    Subtitle: Chrystal Chaos
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Pat Broderick, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: A man developed mind altering abilities where he could let people live their dreams. His girlfriend pressured him into doing it for money.
    The Titans had a business meeting, discussing their finances and public approval. Raven felt a disturbance and they went into action. The man's powers had gone crazy and she had to shut him down.

    The New Teen Titans #36

    Cover Date: October 1987
    Subtitle: Beauty and the Wildebeest
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: The Titans stopped a flying man calling himself Sunburst, and he turned out to be wearing a mechanical suit. This gave an idea to an onlooker who'd dealt with a man who'd done similar things.
    They worked out a system where a man would be hooked to a robotic duplicate and the robot would make all the moves the man made.
    The Titans' dinner plans were ruined when a new villain appeared on the scene calling himself Wildebeest. After a long fight, their foe turned out to be a robot - unknown to them, a duplicate put into play so the real Wildebeest could escape. No long after, the Wildebeest attacked again. This time, when the duplicate exploded, Nightwing was injured. Starfire got him to the hospital and Raven helped heal him (she was secretly in love with Dick).
    Starfire stopped the third Wildebeest attack, but his one turned out to be a man in a suit. The Titans (save for Nightwing and Raven, who were still at the hospital) were arrested.

    The New Teen Titans #37

    Cover Date: November 1987
    Subtitle: Two on the Town
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Pablo Marcos
    Storyline: Raven and Nightwing left the hospital to find information to clear Starfire. Everyone but her was released from jail. Dick got readings from power tests and followed some leads on the man in the Wildebeest suit. While tracking clues, he and Raven kissed. While checking out some other information, they were attacked by Wildebeest. Raven saved Nightwing from a fall and Starfire was cleared.

    The New Teen Titans annual 3

    Cover Date: 1987
    Subtitle: The Lady's Name is Godiva
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman
    Artists(s): Mike Collins, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: The Titans faced off against Godiva, a woman who had mind control abilities. She escaped leaving Changeling injured and Cyborg mesmorized.
    A young CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) agent reported his parents (also agents) had been abducted by Godiva. King Faraday gave his sympathy, but no resources. The kid, Daniel Chase, called the Titans (posing as Faraday) and convinced them to help. The Titans were reluctant to interfere (especially to work with a child), but went ahead.
    In Paris, they rescued the Chase couple, but Godiva again escaped. She hijacked a rocket to be used as a space defense system. The Titans moved in on her. After Godiva escaped again, the Titans questioned Deathstroke, the Terminator. He revealed nothing as their relationship had fallen out.
    Danny Chase stopped the rocket using his powers (his grandfather had been in a radiation accident).
    Godiva again escaped.
    The Titans welcomed Danny into he group.

    The New Teen Titans #38

    Cover Date: December 1987
    Subtitle: Clusters part one
    Writer(s): Marv Woflman, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Members of Infinity, Inc. visited Titans' Tower. Obsidian and Raven left to investigate a disturbance she'd felt. It was the Ultrahumanite - he'd been placed on a rocket and fired at the sun, but had recently gained control and returned to Earth. His ship had crashed into the ocean nearby. Using some of the radiation he'd traveled through, the Ultrahumanite created a superstructure around himself and began attacking New York City. The energy that came from the creature destroyed everything it touched.
    The two groups banded together to stop the creature.
    [continued in Infinity, Inc. #45]

    Infinity, Inc. #45

    Cover Date: December 1987
    Subtitle: Clusters part two
    Writer(s): Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas
    Artists(s): Mike Gustovich
    Storyline: [continued from The New Teen Titans #38]
    Cyborg found a piece of the creature which had solidified and broken off. He tossed it to Obsidian, who was taking Raven back to the tower to recover. En route, the piece fell into the river, but it was recovered. As the others fought the creature, Raven discovered traces of iron. She got Jade and Wondergirl to create a huge electromagnet.
    That worked until it was shorted out by water. They then discovered the micro-organisms from the river seemed to be causing some damage. Everyone began throwing water and mud on the creature. It caught fire.
    Raven and Obsidian went inside it using their incorporeal forms and got the Ultrahumanite free - it was using him as a host, not vice-versa. With its intelligence gone, Starfire and Jade were able to get it into space and fling it away from the Earth.
    The two groups spent the rest of the day getting to know each other atop Titans' Tower.

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