The New Teen Titans ongoing 1986 (issues 16-26, annual 2)

Issue #16

Cover Date: January 1986
Subtitle: (1) The Night Before; (2) Tales of Tamaran: Blackfire
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman (all)
Artists(s): (1) Chuck Patton, Romeo Tanghal; (2) Dick Giordano
Storyline: (1) The Tamaranians were led to believe that the Omega Men were their enemies. Blackfire watched on as her sister and brother fought one another. She was using some sort of device to make everyone believe they were fighting someone else. Jericho was able to possess one of them and uncover the truth. The Omega Men told Koriand'r and the others that X'hal, their goddess, had gone mad and tried to destroy their star.
Dick and Kory fought over her father and her upcoming marriage. He told her it would be over between them if she were to marry the other man. She ran crying to Joey in hopes that he could make her understand what was happening. She later found out the man she was to marry was also in love with someone else.
Joe and Dick went on a sight-seeing tour with Ryand'r, Kory's brother. Joe feared the Titans would split up soon. The trio happened upon Komand'r and her troops. She attacked and destroyed their ship. As Kory prepared for her wedding, Blackfire's forces hunted and captured their prey.
(2) After Komand'r's fight with her sister, she was thought dead. In actuality, she survived (though blinded). A Tamaranian named Dor'ion had rescued her and protected her from hunters. She'd lost the will to fight, but he nursed her back to health and re-lit her fire. By pretending to be captured, he forced her to kill - him.
Komand'r buried the man she loved and rededicated herself.

Issue #17

Cover Date: February 1986
Subtitle: For Better...for Worse
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Ryand'r freed himself, grabbed his sister, and flew her into the sky. Joey was able to get into the body of one of his guards and free Dick. They jumped into Komand'r's aircraft; Ryan dropped his sister and joined them. Both groups headed toward Tamaran's capital.
Dick, Joey, and Ryand'r got back in time to witness Koriand'r's marriage. She wanted her lover to speak up and stop the ceremony, but he refused to and left. Komand'r's forces attacked as soon as the marriage was finalized. When she saw her new husband shot, Kory realized she truly did care for him.
Komand'r threatened her family and the entire city with a bomb if control of the planet was not handed over to her. Myand'r left it up to the people, who chose his rebel daughter to lead them. He handed the throne over to Komand'r, who promptly had her family banished to Okaara. As Tamaran watched the ship, Komand'r detonated it.

Issue #18

Cover Date: March 1986
Subtitle: Homecoming
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: A rogue guard freed Dick, Joey, and Karras (Kory's husband). He got them to a ship and told them that the King and his family were alive - it was another ship that had been destroyed. On Okaara, the two groups met. When Kory greeted her husband, Dick realized it was truly over between them. He celebrated his birthday on the alien planet as his lover and her new husband grew closer together. Kory was heartbroken and screamed out when Dick left and returned to Earth.
Donna, Terry, Vic, and Gar prepared to enter their new tower for the first time. Donna and Terry went home to work on a paper; Gar and Vic set out to find Steve Dayton. Gar feared the team would split up.
Nightwing and Jericho arrived back on Earth two weeks after leaving Okaara. Joe told Donna about Starfire. Donna told him about the crisis on Earth while they were gone - Supergirl, Flash, and Kole had been killed.
Though Dick didn't want her prying, Donna forced him to talk about what had happened. Dick then went looking for Bruce - Batman and Robin were too busy on a case to talk to him.
Vic and Gar found Dayton.

  • Editor's note: Kole died in CoIE #12.
  • "Donna, I'm gone two months, everything falls apart..." (Dick Grayson to Donna Troy)

    Issue #19

    Cover Date: April 1986
    Subtitle: Breaking up is Hard to Do
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Cyborg and Changeling did battle against Dayton as Mento. Mento disappeared; Gar got a badly beat-up Vic to STAR Labs. Dick refused to talk about himself, and instead asked Donna why they'd not followed up on the lead that Brother Blood had captured Raven. He punched holes through her leadership of the Titans while he was away, and she took it out on him physically. After a brief fight, he headed off to find Raven.
    Wonder Girl went to STAR to see Cyborg after calling her husband. She mouthed off to Gar about not calling for backup. The doctors told them they were going to try and replace some of his parts with promethium. After leaving, Gar and Donna bumped into Sarah Simms and her students. When she heard about Vic she raced off to see him.
    Nightwing got into the datacenter of Brother Blood's church and was discovered.
    On Okaara, Koriand'r thought of Dick while going to bed with Karras.
    After getting good news on Cyborg, Wonder Girl headed back to the tower. She received a phone call from King Faraday saying the FBI needed the Titans. Without a real team, she called in former (and never before) members: Hawk, Speedy, Robin (Jason Todd), Aqualad, and Flash (Wally West).

  • "I'm no longer a kid, I'm twenty, not even a teenager anymore. It's time I grew up." (Nightwing, internal)

    Issue #20

    Cover Date: May 1986
    Subtitle: Past Imperfect
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Cheshire snuck into a small black-controlled nation within South Africa and assassinated the leader. She planted evidence linking him to Russians. After being paid, she tipped off that her employer had done the deed. She then met up with Wen Ch'ang and planned to look for the father of her child.
    Donna told her new Titans what was going on and who their target was: Cheshire. They were all in for the ride. They soon arrived in Switzerland at the site of an upcoming summit. Donna continued to doubt her leadership and her team. Cheshire attacked. Flash took a bullet in the shoulder and their lodge was bombed. As they fought, Hawk flipped out. He no longer had his brother to keep him calm. Wonder Girl stopped him from killing one of Cheshire's men, but then took her aggression out on him. Robin had to pull her away from Hawk. She left and told Robin he was in charge of the group. He reminded her he wasn't Dick.
    Cheshire escaped, leaving them all alive.
    The next morning, they headed to the top of the ski slopes to keep an eye out for Cheshire. Robin told Speedy he realized something was up with him. Before anything more could be said, the assassin struck at them again. Cheshire revealed that Roy Harper was the father of her child.

    Issue #21

    Cover Date: June 1986
    Subtitle: On Top of the World
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal, Pablo Marcos
    Storyline: Roy, at gunpoint, told Cheshire that he loved her and only left to save their lives. She left him alive and told him not to rejoin his team. Wonder Girl dove off a cliff to save a man that Hawk had thrown. Speedy went after Cheshire despite her orders. She poisoned him after tossing a grenade into a building. Aqualad and Robin went in after it; Hawk was forced to treat Speedy instead of going after their target. The grenade never blew, and the poison wasn't fatal. Cheshire's only goal was to discredit the US government, who'd promised to only send their delegates to the summit.
    Flash, who was out of combat due to his injury, stumbled upon Cheshire, who was busy pulling an arrow out of her chest. Members of the Church of Brother Blood, who'd hired the assassin, surprised Flash and gave him a new injury. They flew off with Cheshire.
    Wonder Girl, who'd saved the goon, found Flash unconscious in the snowy street. When they got back to Titans' Tower, the found picketers protesting their unsanctioned involvement with the summit. It's failure had been blamed on them. Donna thanked everyone for joining her on the mission. Aqualad went to check on Flash at the hospital.
    Dick prepared to infiltrate the Church of Blood alone, but was quickly detected. They watched as he located Raven and her mother. Orders were given to alert Bethany Snow, the reporter.
    Donna went to see her husband, but learned he'd been fired due to failing to complete a writing assignment. Roy tracked Cheshire down in Hong Kong and finally met his daughter, Lian.
    Terry finally came home to Donna.

    Issue #22

    Cover Date: July 1986
    Subtitle: (1) Dick's Story; (2) Sisters; (3) Friends & Foes
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman (all)
    Artists(s): (1) Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal; (2) Rick Leonardi; (3) Tom Mandrake
    Storyline: Joe, believing the Teen Titans were really over, joined his mother for some target practice.
    Dick was taken aback by Raven's new look and outlook - her robes were white, and she looked and acted much more alive and outgoing. Arella warned him that she'd been brainwashed by Brother Blood. Soon after, Mother Mayhem burst into their cell. Though he put up a fight, he was outnumbered and overwhelmed. He was drug off to the "conversion chamber." Mother Mayhem vowed that he would soon be completely under their control - he would no longer be able to fight the conditioning they'd instilled in him previously. Soon, he was in the congregation cheering on Brother Blood.
    Komand'r got word that her family was alive and planned to attack her regime. She sent a message to them - return to Tamaran or she would begin destroying cities. Kory led forces to Tamaran and began attacking. Her father stayed behind on Okaara. Vic and Gar went for a stroll and pondered Dayton and the future of the Titans. Somehow, Dayton took control of Cyborg and began attacking Gar. Vic pleaded for Gar to kill him before Dayton could make him kill anyone else. Dayton finally left them alone when John Constantine met with him.

  • "Twice before, Richard Grayson was in our power, and we had made him ours. We sent him forth into the outside world as an unsuspecting mole. But, for the past year, he has fought his conditioning." (Mother Mayhem)
  • "Perhaps he (Joe Wilson) had only known them (the Titans) for a year, but they are still his friends ... and he will not let go of them so easily." (narration)

    Issue #23

    Cover Date: August 1986
    Subtitle: Loser Take All
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Koriand'r's troops neared Tamarus. She later learned from Karras that the people preferred Komand'r's rule to their father's. The king and queen were teleported back to Tamaran. Kory blew up a weapons depot. Komand'r took the battle to her sister - the two fought, both wanting what they believed was best for their planet. Troops tried to intervene, but Kory blocked off their paths. Their fight was finally stopped by their father and the Council of Elders - Komand'r would remain the queen, with her family as her advisors.
    Kory announced she was returning to Earth - she was leaving her husband.

    Annual #2

    Cover Date: August 1986
    Subtitle: (1) Revenge of teh Rusting Reptiles from Outer Space; (2) The Book of Blood
    Writer(s): (1) Marv Wolfman, John Byrne; (2) Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): (1) John Byrne, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez; (2) Jim Baikie
    Storyline: (1) Donna's stepdaughter, Jenny, asked for a bedtime story. The new Dr. Light was called to California to work with geologists on the major fault line She called the Titans - radiation inside one of the tunnels was negating her powers. During the transmission, an explosion rang out. The Titans headed to California.
    When they arrived, they found a light erupting from the caverns. They were attacked by large robot dinosaurs. Starfire and Cyborg battled back. Wonder Girl helped Starfire (who'd been drained of energy by the robot) free Dr. Light and the archaeologists. The team split up - Cyborg and Starfire stayed behind to battle the robot dinosaurs, while the rest headed to Easter Island to follow another lead. Inside a volcano there, they found what appeared to be an alien laboratory. Wonder Girl bashed the controls, which stopped the robots. As it turned out, aliens had landed during prehistoric times and sent back images of Earth to their home planet. They placed themselves in stasis as their home world sent back robotic emissaries of Earth's dominant species. Sadly, both ships crashed and stayed dormant until drilling awakened the dinosaurs. Donna put Jenny to bed and welcome her husband home.

  • "Starfire's gotten better in the past two years, but her emotions still control her." (Narration, probably Donna).
    (2) In 1202, the Crusades reached Zandia. The people went to their priest, who'd previously foretold of the invasion. After praying, he rallied the troops to fight back. He captured Brother Sebastian, who gave his colleague a prayer shawl worn by Christ on his last supper in return for his own life. The priest killed the man after taking the shawl and feeling it's power. Soon after, he escaped death and survived a snake bite.
    The priest single-handedly drove the invaders from Zandia. The blood of the dead was drained and poured into a pit beneath the church. A year later, he submerged himself in the blood for several days before emerging reborn. He had the prayer shawl fashioned into a garment that he could wear. Brother Blood was born.
    Time moved on, but Brother Blood never aged. He was stabbed in the back after reigning for 70 years. His son / murderer took over. This became the norm, no Brother Blood had lasted more than a century, always with his son taking over. Hitler ordered his troops around Zandia, knowing their leader was more powerful than the Nazi army.
    A few years later, Brother Blood's son was of age to understand his father's doings. After witnessing a ceremony ending with his father promising to slay his wife and child, the son of Blood and his mother fled.
    Young Blood was shipped to England to be educated, though he knew his mother would be killed in his absence by her new abusive husband. He returned in time to see his mother die in his own arms. He vowed to kill both her husbands. He killed her current husband and spent the next four months en route to his own father. They fought in the pit of Blood. Young Blood slew his father and took his name. He then christened Mother Mayhem.
    Mother Mayhem, pregnant, called the Titans to leave her husband alone - he was different from his father and he would lead them to greater glory.

    Issue #24

    Cover Date: October 1986
    Subtitle: Hell is Hybrid
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Three archaeologists were killed after uncovering the Temple of Medusa in Greece. Steve Dayton, maddened by the power of his Mento helmet, planned to resurrect them and form his own Doom Patrol-like group.
    Robin, Speedy, and Hawk bid farewell to the Titans; Flash and Aqualad continued on with the group. Jericho also returned. Gar and Vic were in line at a bank when two men tried to rob it, Changeling and Cyborg made quick work of them. Later, one of Vic's friends told him she had a surprise for him. She took the pair to STAR Labs where they were met by the rest of the Titans. The team was now back together except for Raven and Nightwing, who were still captives of Brother Blood. Dayton got another freshly dead person from his group - an Israeli army captain.
    The Titans' T-Jet was attacked by a large winged creature. Changeling was able to stop it, but the jet crashed into the harbor with everyone else aboard. Dayton's first attempt at killing his stepson was thwarted, but he sent the rest of his new team, the Hybrid, for the Titans.

  • The Hybrid: Mento (Steve Dayton), Gorgon the Terrible (Andonis Bal), the Horrible Harpi (Angelika Bal), and Pteradon (an unnamed Israeli army captain).

    Issue #25

    Cover Date: November 1986
    Subtitle: Hell is the Hybrid part two
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Aqualad called upon two whales to bring the T-Jet back to the surface. The Titans were saved. Back at the tower, Pteradon told Changeling that his father had turned him into a beast and sent him to destroy the Titans.
    Mento began working on his next Hybrid member - a former sumo wrestler.
    The Hybrid attacked Titans Tower. Flash was thrown into the air; Changeling saved him. Cyborg was thrown into the Hudson; Aqualad saved him. Flash was turned to stone by Gorgon while saving Jericho. After the Hybrid were all captured, Gorgon told them that Flash should return to normal shortly. They didn't want to cause anyone harm - they were being controlled by Mento. Pteradon attempted to tell them where Mento was, but he was overloaded by his master's mental power. The Hybrid escaped, but Aqualad attached himself to Harpi. Changeling was hit with a stone blast during the battle.
    When the Hybrid returned to Mento, he introduced them to his new willing participant - Behemoth.
    Jericho's mother helped the team track down Mento. They got confirmation and worked on a plan.

    Issue #26

    Cover Date: December 1986
    Subtitle: Twister Shout chapter one
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal, Kerry Gambill
    Storyline: Bethany Snow reported on the Church of Brother Blood. When the camera's panned the believers, Nightwing and Raven were clearly shown. Mother Mayhem said that Brother Blood would rise in three days - exactly one year after he was killed. The Titans were torn as to which to go after - Mento or Brother Blood.
    Wonder Girl called Robin in to help; Starfire returned to Earth and rejoined her friends.
    Seven hours later, they were in Zandia. The church sent troops after them. Changeling and Starfire were wounded, but they made it back to their camp.
    A council sent Twister, a genetic mutation done by Brother Blood, to search out the Brotherhood. The Titans intercepted Twister and experienced her reality-altering powers firsthand. Twister escaped as the Titans fought to regain reality. She later found the Brotherhood of Evil in Japan.
    The Titans moved in on the Church. Robin stayed behind as a lookout.
    As they got into position, the Brotherhood of Evil appeared.

  • "The world witnessed the death of Brother Blood one year ago three nights hence." (Mother Mayhem)
  • "We haven't seen Raven in almost a year." (Cyborg, internal)
  • "I can't wait until I'm sixteen." (Robin / Jason Todd)
  • This issue references Teen Titans Spotlight 1-2.

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