The New Teen Titans ongoing 1985 (issues 4-15, annual 1)

Issue #4

Cover Date: January 1985
Subtitle: Torment
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans continued to fight the shadows of themselves. Wally was the first to kill his, therefore his soul belonged to Trigon. Shortly, all the Titans turned dark. Lilith, not Trigon or Raven, controlled them. She put them up against Raven. They killed her, awakening Trigon.

Issue #5

Cover Date: February 1985
Subtitle: The Terror of Trigon
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans realized they were quite possibly the last living beings on the planet. They attacked Trigon knowing he would kill them anyway. Trigon defeated them all - only Lilith and Arella stood between Trigon and complete victory. Kory somehow saved the Titans. Lilith, possessed by Azar, placed the rings on Raven's fingers. She lived. The Titans attacked Trigon.
Azar's power, along with the souls of all Azarath, used Raven's body to destroy Trigon. Earth was renewed, but Raven was gone for good.

Issue #6

Cover Date: March 1985
Subtitle: Titansmania
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Dan Jurgens, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: A parade was held in New York City for the Titans after the defeat of Trigon. Only Gar and Kory felt comfortable with the fame they were receiving. Afterwards, the mayor pledged that the city would help them rebuild their tower. After getting a $3 million estimate, the city backed out.
Wonder Girl headed home, hoping that her secret identity wouldn't get her husband killed like the dopplegangar she'd faced. Arella went to look for her daughter.
Elsewhere, Wally tried to convince Fran that he wasn't in love with Raven.
Donna and Terry thought the team should talk about what happened. They met at the Grand Canyon where they'd vacationed before. They talked - some thought about dropping out of the hero business, some wanted it more. When it was all over, they all agreed that they loved being a team.

  • Cyborg: "I've only been this cyborg for a little over a year."
  • Vic is 19; Gar is 16.

    Issue #7

    Cover Date: April 1985
    Subtitle: The Origin of Lilith
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Azrael returned to New York for Lilith. As he approached, she was out with Kory at an art show. He swooped down for his lover, and though she did not resist, Starfire rocketed after him. She believed Azrael was harming her friend, so Starfire blasted him. Safely back on the ground, they all agreed to go talk things over.
    Elsewhere, a business woman killed an associate and proclaimed herself Thia, Goddess of the Sun. She attacked Lilith's apartment. She claimed to be the girl's mother. Though Azrael and Starfire put up resistance, the woman got away with Lilith. Kory headed back to gather the Titans.
    At STAR Labs, the Titans temporary HQ, Starfire used a computer to make an image of the woman. Wonder Girl recognized her as Thia, wife of Hyperion. They hopped in the jet and headed for Paradise Island. As they neared, they found several buildings had taken damage. No one was on the island.

    Issue #8

    Cover Date: May 1985
    Subtitle: There Might be Giants
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Thia defeated the Gods of Myth and claimed Olympus for herself. She told her daughter of her escape from Tartarus and return to Earth. She adapted to the current way of life and mothered several children. Lilith was kidnapped by the nurse who'd been hired to care for her.
    Using a statue of Athena, Donna transported herself and Kory to Oraculum. They saw images of the Titans of Myth and of Thia sitting on Zeus' throne. Starfire went back to the jet for the others. Dick wanted to go get backup from the Justice League, but Kory persuaded him to help. They joined the Titans of Myth in battle against their brothers, the giants. Tethys, Eurybia, Crius, and Iapetus were killed.
    Destiny appeared overhead warning them that their world would die should they fight Thia.

  • Thia met Lilith's father 20 years previous to this issue

    Issue #9

    Cover Date: June 1985
    Subtitle: Crystal Nightmare
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: The Teen Titans and Titans of Myth attacked Kole's Crystal Fortress. Donna was encased in crystal. Nightwing tried to stop Starfire from killing Kole, but she wouldn't listen. She was encased, but was able to blast her way out. Kole told them she was only following Thia's orders - she didn't want to kill them. Cyborg used his sonic blaster to free Wonder Girl. She headed to the prison and freed the Amazons. Hipployta told her daughter that Eros had destroyed Paradise Island, not Thia.
    Thia watched it all happen and called upon Typhon, a many headed dragon. Hyperion did battle with his wife - both he and Thia were destroyed. The Titans and Amazons defeated the dragon; Azrael and Lilith were reunited; the Olympians were freed. For the first time in eons, the Titans of Myth and their children, the Olympians, stood together. Their war was over. Lilith stayed behind with her true destiny.
    Back on Earth, the children of Thia plotted.

    Issue #10

    Cover Date: July 1985
    Subtitle: Love Story
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Romeo Tanghal, Carlos Garzon
    Storyline: A Tamaranian ship neared Earth.
    The Teen Titans attended the ceremony in which Lilith was granted her immortality. Zeus then returned them home. Kole returned with the Titans. Azrael left the team to mourn the loss of his love.
    Over dinner, Kole told the group that her parents had worked with Steve Dayton, Gar's stepfather, on the promethium project. After they ate, they all went their separate ways.
    Joe took Kole to his mother so she could help them find her mother. When they found them, her father wanted nothing to do with her. Joe possessed him and let her in the house. He was creating monsters - turning humans into creatures as "forced evolution." Questor told Gar that Dayton was dying.

  • Cyborg on promethium: "We know. We fought one of its creations a coupl'a months ago."
  • Kole: "I was sixteen when Thia kidnapped me. I'm at least eighteen now.

    Issue #11

    Cover Date: August 1985
    Subtitle: Love Story part 2
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Joe and Kole talked about what they'd seen in her father's home. Gar confronted Dayton, who ordered him to leave. Vic took Sarah flowers, but she was out with her boyfriend. Kole's father talked to her mother (who'd been turned into an insectoid) about their fears of nuclear war.
    The group met at the tower, which was under construction and should be finished in a couple of months. When they heard about the experiments Kole's father was working on, they headed there to investigate. Weathers saw their approach and sent creatures to attack them. Starfire was hit by one's emissions and could no longer fly or shoot her starbolts. Other creatures nullified the rest of the Titans. They were defeated and captured.
    Weathers placed the Titans in a tank for conversion. From the tank, Jericho possessed Kole's mother. The Titans were freed; Weathers dropped a promethium shield to separate them from him and his creations. Kole and Joe were stuck on his side. Her mother finally convinced the madman to let Kole and her friends go - they didn't want the changes.
    As the Titans fled the house, it exploded. All the creatures were turned into their natural forms - insects, etc.

    Annual #1

    Cover Date: September 1985
    Subtitle: The Vanguard
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Ed Hannigan, Mike DeCarlo
    Storyline: Jericho sat down at the computer in Titans Tower to check case files from Titan adventures previous to him joining. He chose one noted as Superman / Vanguard.
    The Vanguard arrived on Earth chasing an intergalactic criminal - Superman. Changeling informed the Titans (Starfire, Wonder Girl, Terra, and Cyborg) that there was something outside they needed to investigate. When they got out, they found aliens had captured Superman. Superman instructed them to kill his attackers; Cyborg realized something was up - Superman would never want to kill. Raven confirmed that it wasn't Superman, and that the Vanguard had no evil intentions.
    Scanner touched Raven and Starfire (who could both understand her language) and told the Titans why they'd come to Earth: a ship had all but destroyed a world. Superman arrived to help fend off the attackers. Nothing he did could stop the attackers. The Vanguard arrived. They were able to stop the attackers, but the civilization on the planet was returned to a stone age after the battle. As they attempted to heal Superman, his robot duplicates attacked them. They destroyed all but one, which is what they were chasing on Earth. The real Superman was still in their care. Raven suspected the worst and asked to see him. When they got there, Black Nebula was dead.
    Elsewhere, Brainiac had Superman and was holding him under the light of a red sun. He had altered his ship to look like Superman and was draining Kal-el's power to destroy worlds.
    Before the final Superman robot self-destructed, the Vanguard fingered Brainiac as their target. Though he escaped during the battle, Brainiac's ship was destroyed and Superman was rescued.
    Cyborg found Jericho reading up on past cases and offered him some more.

  • The Vanguard: Anti-matterman, Scanner, White Dwarf, Solaar, Black Nebula, and Drone.
  • The flashback / casefile takes place while Terra and Raven were on the team (and Dick was Robin, but away from the team).

    Issue #12

    Cover Date: September 1985
    Subtitle: Sins of the Past
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Stan Woch, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Dick came out of the shower and saw a little girl in his living room. She knew who he was and who Bruce was. He tried to talk to her, but she ran out of his apartment. He gave chase, but the girl was gone. Then he realized he'd locked himself out of his apartment wearing only a towel.
    Cyborg heard gunshots and burst in on a scene. Three of the bad guys were caught, one got away. The cops were quick to the scene. While there, he saw the same girl Dick had earlier, and she sang the song to him including his real name and his father's name. The victim was going to testify in a mob case. After reading the police notes, Vic realized the man used to live in Dick's apartment.
    The next morning, the Titans visited Dick's neighbor across the hall. She'd lived there since the murders had taken place 50 years before. She showed them a photo of the victims, which included the girl Nightwing and Cyborg had seen.
    Once their visit was over, they all saw the girl in the hallway. She simply vanished. They talked to a janitor who'd worked there when the crimes occurred. He backed up everything the neighbor told them. He told them tenants had complained about the little girl's ghost pretty often since then.
    They tracked down the recently murdered man's address and found a clue which led them to a congressman. His first wife had been mixed up in organized crime. She'd killed the family after the husband (her accountant) vowed to go to the police. The congressman gave them the name of his ex-wife and agreed to testify.
    The bodies were found behind a second wall in Dick's apartment.
    Mother Mayhem brought Azrael into the Church of Brother Blood. She claimed he was an angel and his coming had been foretold.

    Issue #13

    Cover Date: October 1985
    Subtitle: Crisis
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: The Tamaranian ship neared Earth, but encountered a strange electrical storm and a force of anti-matter. On Earth, red skies replaced the normal blue.
    Victor went to see Sarah and found her with another man. He overheard her say she was in love with him. After playing with the kids, they made peace with each other.
    Dick met Donna and Terry. He discussed his relationship with Kory and his concerns that she was reverting back to the savagery she'd shown when she first arrived on Earth. Before they could get too far into the conversation, they were called into action. A woman calling herself Harbinger approached Cyborg after he took care of some gangbangers attempting to loot an electronics store. She said the Monitor had need of him in the upcoming crisis. He took her as a villain and blasted away. He began to believe she was a "good guy" when she saved some kids from a car wreck.
    A Week later, antimatter neared the Earth. The Teen Titans worked with Batman and the Outsiders and Superman - panic among civilians was running rampant. Natural and unnatural disasters struck across the planet. Time and space anomalies became the norm.
    Three weeks after the red skies first appeared, the Tamaranians arrived for Koriand'r.

  • issue references CoIE 1-9.

    Issue #14

    Cover Date: November 1985
    Subtitle: The Light Within...the Dark Without
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
    Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal
    Storyline: Arella got a tip that Raven had been found. A dark haired young woman was found falling from a rural sky. After a week in the hospital, she awakened and began healing other patients.
    Starfire knew she must return home. Nightwing and Jericho would join her. The ship blasted off and headed home.
    Vic got a call from Questor - he said Dayton was trying to kill him. When he told Gar, he changed into a bird and flew off. Cyborg chased him down wanting to help, but Gar refused to let him. He finally gave in. When the Titans arrived at Dayton's mansion, they found Questor on the floor. He was alive, but a little shaken up. Gar knew right away that Dayton was using his Mento helmet. The helmet had cured him, but was driving him mad.
    The Titans caught up with Dayton, who was terrorizing some of his rich rivals. Mento escaped; Gar realized he was using promethium to power his helmet.
    Blackfire prepared for the return of her sister.

  • Gar Logan to Vic Stone: "You're 19, I'm turning 17 in three months."

    Issue #15

    Cover Date: December 1985
    Subtitle: (1) The Road to War; (2) Tales of Tamaran: Myand'r
    Writer(s): Marv Wolfman (all)
    Artists(s): (1) Eduardo Barreto, Romeo Tanghal; (2) Chuck Patton, Murphy Anderson
    Storyline: (1) The Tamaranian ship neared it's planet, which was engulfed in a civil war.
    Starfire told Nightwing she would be returning to Earth after the visit. Nightwing believed something other than a visit was happening. Jericho overheard something two of the Tamaranians said, but didn't want to inform the others until he was sure what was going on.
    The ship landed and Kory was reunited with her parents. Dick confronted the captain of the ship, but he was pushed aside and told not to interfere.
    Mento (no longer acknowledging himself as Steve Dayton) bullied one of his employees to work with promethium.
    Arella got closer to Raven, who appeared to have walked into a diseased tribe. They were holding her hostage for her healing powers. The Church of Brother Blood beat her there. Raven and Arella were taken, all of the villagers were killed.
    Kory got a message from her brother in space (he was with the Omega Men). He'd heard rumors and agreed with Dick's assessment. Later, Dick joined Kory and her family on a hunt. That night, her father told her she could never return to Earth. He spoke of his sacrifices and the civil war which had erupted. He'd promised to have her marry the prince of the separatist Kalapatt - the pilot who'd brought her back to Tamaran.
    (2) Myand'r thought back on his mother, who'd given herself over to the Citadel to bring peace to Tamaran. He'd lived his entire life for peace and his people.

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