The New Teen Titans ongoing 1984 (issues 1-3)

Issue #1

Cover Date: August 1984
Subtitle: Shadows in the Dark
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez
Storyline: The Titans ran a training exercise with Joey as the villain. They had him captured, but Raven appeared and he possessed her. She disappeared and Joey appeared in her place. Stunned, he got up and began signing like mad - he felt the evil inside Raven and asked why no one had helped her. The Titans went inside and discussed it. Jericho talked to Raven. Raven announced to the team that she was leaving. They wanted to help, but she vanished.
On Tamaran, it's people celebrated the defeat of the Citadel. They sent a ship for Korniand'r, who could now return in peace.
Cyborg showed Changeling some footage of Raven - she'd been physically changing since they'd known her. Joe became more worried about Raven and felt he could help. He went into her room and again possessed her. Inside her, he saw Trigon, who was trying to get his daughter to rule at his side. A storm struck and woke the Titans up. Smoke was coming from Raven's room. Inside, they found Joey, who signed for them what he'd seen.

Issue #2

Cover Date: October 1984
Subtitle: Bow Before Trigon the Terrible
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez
Storyline: Wonder Girl told the Titans that darkness had covered the entire Earth. Lilith returned to the Titans to aide them in finding Raven. Dick handed her Raven's rings, which were given to her by Azar. They'd never seen her without them. As soon as Lilith touched them, the room exploded. The Titans were able to get out safely, but realized they must get back in if they were to ever reach Raven. Dick and Donna went to find Wally. Despite Fran's objection, Wally returned with them.
Back at the tower, Lilith held a seance. The group was teleported to Azarath, now in ruins. As they watched and attempted to save everyone, Azarath was destroyed. Wally's leg muscles gave him fits, but he fought through it. He and Lilith were in the temple when it was destroyed.
Back on Earth, the sky opened up above Titans' Tower. Dragons flew through, then Raven and Trigon. Her skin was now red and she had four eyes, like her father.

Issue #3

Cover Date: November 1984
Subtitle: Souls as White as Heaven, as Black as Hell
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez
Storyline: Trigon spoke from atop Titans' Tower: anything in defiance of him would be treason and punished by death. The Titans, with Arella (Raven's mother), returned to Earth to face Trigon. He had already began reforming it in his own image. Raven, now completely under Trigon's influence, attacked her friends. Jericho tried to possess her, but failed.
Nightwing found himself in a lab. There, he found Batman dead. Jason (as Robin) was begging forgiveness - he'd not been good enough to save his mentor. Another Nightwing appeared, telling Dick that he had to go back to being Robin at 12 years old in order to save the Batman. Dick punched out the shadowy Nightwing. The rest of the Titans, too, faced dark dopplegangars killing their loved ones.

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