The New Teen Titans ongoing 1985 (issues 50-59)

Issue #50

Cover Date: February 1985
Subtitle: We Are Gathered Here Today
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Mike DeCarlo, Dick Giordano
Storyline: The wedding neared - guests began to arrive as Gar masterfully arranged things. Everything went off without a hitch - Donna and Terry were married. After the ceremony, Dick and Bruce talked about Jason and adoption. Lilith and Diana both got strange feelings. Some of the original Titans discussed forming a Titans West. Dianna took Donna and Terry upstairs - Queen Hippolyta had been granted to leave the island (as long as her feet never touched the ground). Donna and Terry flew off in the Dayton private jet.

Issue #51

Cover Date: March 1985
Subtitle: The Jericho Imbroglio
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Rich Buckler, Bob Smith
Storyline: The press watched as the Titans took down some gunrunners. A female assassin named Cheshire was given the contract on Adeline Wilson; the Teen Titans were to be killed if they got in the way.
The Titans went their separate ways for some R&R. Nightwing thought about his meeting with government officials on Joe Wilson (Jericho). They thought him to be a traitor.
Cheshire took down Adeline with a poisoned scratch. Jericho arrived and got knocked around by the assassin. Changeling arrived shortly thereafter (upon hearing from Nightwing about the possibility of him being a spy) and attacked Jericho. Wilson was able to possess Logan and fly him into a wall. Jericho escaped. Gar returned to the tower and told the group what happened. They voted on how to deal with Joe.
Cheshire began to torture Adeline.

Issue #52

Cover Date: April 1985
Subtitle: Jericho's Stroy
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Rich Buckler, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: Adeline was delivered to a Middle-Eastern president named Marlo. Her son visited with a friend named Amber.
Lilith told the Titans she'd found Joe. He'd hopped a plane to the Middle East (he and Amber were looking for his mother). Cyborg got a call from STAR Labs - they'd found an alien craft with it's pilot frozen. At STAR, Cyborg handed over his mother's research on cryogenics. Something went wrong and the place exploded. Lilith and Cyborg were inside when it happened (everyone else had evacuated). Lilith awakened to find a golden winged creature (the frozen pilot) holding her.
Amber and Joe arrived in Qurac. They immediately began asking about President Marlo. Cheshire and her goons captured them. Adeline was forced to talk when she saw her son was captive. They were placed in a cell together, but escaped using Joseph's powers. They got to Marlo and the man he was making an arms deal with, but all escaped. Adeline was disappointed in her son for not killing Marlo when he had the chance, but instead, he grabbed the loosed grenade and threw it through a window (saving them and precious artwork).

Issue #53

Cover Date: May 1985
Subtitle: Devil on the Wing
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Rich Buckler, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: Donna and Terry returned from their honeymoon. Lilith told the others that she'd been attacked by Deathstroke (though Dick assured them he was still in prison). At STAR Labs, Lilith freed the winged alien and protected him from everyone else.
Starfire tried to stop her (the Titans believed the alien was controlling their friend), but she almost exploded with power (Lilith was beaming with energy and heat). The alien flew away with the Titans in pursuit.
Gar Logan and his girlfriend, Jillian, attended Slade Wilson's hearing. Former DA Adrian Chase was the judge.
Wonder Girl and Starfire caught up with the alien. Nightwing and Cyborg joined the chase, but he gave them the slip. The Titans gave up for the day and attended Slade Wilson's trial. The defense tried to make the case that no one could prove Wilson was Deathstroke.

Issue #54

Cover Date: June 1985
Subtitle: Blind Justice
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Rich Buckler, Mike DeCarlo, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Gar Logan flipped out and attacked Wilson at his trial. The rest of the Titans had to stop him from killing him. Wilson's lawyer wanted Logan held in contempt and the case against his client dismissed. Judge Chase dismissed Logan from the courtroom, but the trial continued.
The Titans met with Wintergreen to ask him about the "other" Terminator (the one who attacked Lilith). While they discussed it, the impostor attacked. Starfire blasted his boat (which was owned by Dayton) and it exploded.
Back at the trial, Lilith and Nightwing were questioned. Outside the courtroom, the winged alien watched as Lilith left the team.
Wilson was acquitted of kidnapping the Wall Street exec, but would stand trial for illegal firearms.
Changeling gave Dayton back his Mento helmet - he'd been using it to impersonate Deathstroke. He figured if he could get him acquitted, he could kill him in the open.

Issue #55

Cover Date: July 1985
Subtitle: Shades of Gray
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Ron Randall
Storyline: Wilson spent his first day in minimum security prison. Gar Logan struggled dealing with things. He left the Titans (though not officially quitting) and returned home. Dayton and Questor got on his case, then his girlfriend, Jillian, told him her father didn't want her seeing him anymore. He caught Bethany Snow interviewing Wilson from prison and bashed his TV. Dayton told him to leave. He knocked Dayton down and flew away, thinking about all the deaths he'd endured. He attacked Wilson that night in his cell. Slade was not harmed, but Changeling escaped when the mercenary tried to bring him into the open.
Wilson was released from prison and pondered giving it all up and moving back to Africa.
Gar visited Tara's grave and sent a letter to Wilson - he wanted them to meet one on one and get it all behind them. When Changeling arrived at the scene, he found Slade Wilson - not the Terminator. He could not kill the man out of costume. Wilson told him he'd attacked the Titans only because of his son and the outstanding contract. The two had lunch and discussed Tara and Joe. He and Adeline had been cleared by Interpol - she'd been on a top secret mission. He told Logan Joe was as straight as they come.
The two parted ways - Gar headed back to the Titans, Wilson headed to Africa.

Issue #56

Cover Date: August 1985
Subtitle: Fearsome Five Minus One
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Chuck Patton, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: Raven appeared when armed men attempted to snatch a delivery (an unstable man) to STAR Labs. The attackers made off with the radioactive man, but Raven healed many of the patient children.
Gar was at the airport to welcome Joe and his mother back home. He apologized for the way he'd acted. Vic talked to Sarah about getting his metal parts replaced with flesh-like plastics. The Fearsome Five (minus one - Dr. Light) attacked Tri-State Prison. Wonder Girl, Nightwing, and Starfire arrived to take them on. Nightwing was injured by Psimon, and Kory took him out of the fight. It was up to the girls to take on the villains, who were in the midst of breaking out a prospective fifth member. Donna and Kory were defeated. The Fearsome Five made off with their new member - Jinx.
Victor went under the knife.

Issue #57

Cover Date: September 1985
Subtitle: The End of Cyborg / New York Nightmare / Nove of the Above
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Chuck Patton, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Cyborg awakened and had the bandages removed. He looked like Victor Stone, pre-accident. He was introduced to his new therapist, Dr. Sarah Charles. She pushed him to his limits. After a few days with no word from him, Gar called Vic's grandparents. He'd not told the Titans what he was doing.
Kory and Dick did a training exercise. Wonder Girl had to stop the Tamaranian from going too far - the warrior inside her begged to get out.
The Fearsome Five attacked and captured Victor's doctor. He convinced them he was her assistant and they took him, too. Dr. Charles called the Titans. The FF ordered Klyburn and Vic to free another member for them - Tryon (aka Neutron). Vic set the apparatus to explode and they made their exit. On the way out, his polymer casings began to melt - his internal mechanisms were not working well with them.
Psimon gave the a one hour ultimatum to the city (and the Titans).

Issue #58

Cover Date: October 1985
Subtitle: Victor Victorious
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Chuck Patton, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Neutron was freed. He agreed to join the Fearsome Five. The F5 attacked New York. The Teen Titans attacked them. Psimon was blasted into the Hudson. He formed a mental shell around himself, but could not hold it. When he awakened, he was on the Monitor's satellite (see Crisis on Infinite Earths). With Psimon out of commission, the Five fought over who was in control. Unbeknownst to them, Jericho had taken over Jinx (the sorceress who they'd grabbed from Tri-State Prison). Jericho (as Jinx) attacked them. After Jinx, he bounced into Gizmo then Shimmer. Working together, the Titans took down the Fearsome Five - all six members.
The Titans visited Vic at STAR - he had to be placed back in his metal casings. The Titans welcomed Joe Wilson - Jericho - into the team as a full member.

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