The New Teen Titans ongoing 1983 (issues 27-37, annual 2)

Issue #27

Cover Date: January 1983
Subtitle: Runaways part 2
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Raven sensed that the boy was still alive. Wonder Girl noticed he'd been shot. Raven tried to heal him, but passed out while doing so. She fought back her father and regained her senses. The boy, Paul Taylor, came to. He said he was the brother of the kid who was hit by a car a few days earlier. They went to the run away center where the boy had been staying. There, the Titans ran into Roy Harper. The boy refused to give up the address of his dead brother's supplier, but Raven got it from him.
The Titans went back to the tower, and Roy got into his Speedy costume. They took off in the T-Jet. Raven burst on to the scene where the drug suppliers were giving packages to kids for delivery. The Titans took on the goons while Starfire and Wonder Girl destroyed the boat the shipment came on. Two of the children were killed; all the mobsters were either caught or killed after the cops arrived.

Issue #28

Cover Date: February 1983
Subtitle: Terra in the Night
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Changeling once again met up with the earth-shifter calling herself Terra. She robbed a bank and escaped him. She also let slip that she was being forced to commit crimes so that her parents were not killed. He later caught her and brought her to the Tower. Tara (her real name) said her father was the king of a country and had been kidnapped. The Titans (Kid Flash, Changeling, Raven, and Cyborg) found the people who'd been controlling Terra and found out her parents were dead.
Donna's date with Terry was canceled due to him having business to deal with involving his ex-wife. Kory and Dick enjoyed each other before his mind began to wander.
The Brotherhood of Evil entered the church of Brother Blood.

Issue #29

Cover Date: March 1983
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Brother Blood was informed of the Brotherhood of Evil attacking the church in Zandia. He knew about it, and he knew they were raveling to the US also. The Brotherhood's plane crashed into the ocean. The pilot was found to be a robot out to destroy them. Warp was able to get them to safety. Once in the US, they were attacked by Brother Blood's "Missionaries." They killed them all. Dick continued to push himself physically. Donna tried to talk to him, but he blew her off. She tried to explain his situation to Kory. Roy tried to get her mind off Dick and on himself.
Raven told Wally she could never love him. She suggested he leave the Titans and return to school.
Frances Kane's magnetic powers came back. She met Wally near the Tower. Inside, the Brotherhood attacked. Phobia caused Raven to attacked Kid Flash. Speedy took down Plasmus. Raven was able to regain control of herself, but Wally wanted nothing of her.

Issue #30

Cover Date: April 1983
Subtitle: Nightmare
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Wally tried to make sense of things while the Brotherhood began to regain consciousness. They took down Speedy, Kid Flash, and Frances before setting out to find Raven.
Terra decided she wanted to become a Teen Titan.
Robin and Starfire worked with DA Adrian Chase on the Brother Blood case. Bethany Snow, the reporter who'd been working for Blood, had a change of heart and gave them evidence against him. While speaking with them, an attempt was made on her life. The would-be assassin failed and escaped. The DA took her home and promised to get her into the witness protection program. Once home, she reported back to Brother Blood.
Cyborg found out his friend Sarah Simms was engaged.
The Brotherhood of Evil found Raven in a church. She fled, and they followed her. The Titans found them battling it out at a New Year's Eve party. Kid Flash tried to get Raven away, but he ran through one of Warp's traps. Phobia turned the crowd against the Titans as the Brotherhood escaped.
Terry Long proposed to Donna.

Issue #31

Cover Date: May 1983
Subtitle: Inferno
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans fought among themselves over what to do. Back at the Tower, Donna told them Terry had proposed. They gave their congratulations and headed to Zandia to help Raven (against Kid Flash's wishes).
The Brotherhood tortured Raven, but she knew nothing of Brother Blood's power. The Titans landed as Raven began to open up to the Brain and his Brotherhood. They found the Brotherhood inside the mountain below Brother Blood's church. Though victorious, Raven saw them defeated and unleashed Trigon. Wonder Girl was able to save Raven from herself.

Issue #32

Cover Date: June 1983
Subtitle: Thunder and Lightning
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: A duo of brothers using storm powers brought down an apartment building in St. Louis.
As the Titans flew home, Raven, Kid Flash, and Robin all contemplated leaving the team. Back at the Tower, Robin walked away. Kid Flash said good-bye to Fran, who was going back to Blue Valley. Speedy also said his good-byes - he was going back to the drug war.
Later, Speedy informed the Titans of the Thunder and Lightning attack in St. Louis. He was unable to help - he was on assignment. The Titans defeated Thunder and Lightning, who told them their back stories: they were born in Vietnam as Siamese twins. Once separated, they found they could wield thunder and lightning. They were in the US looking for their father. Once they heard where he might be, they headed off to Maine. The Titans again defeated them and placed them in the care of S.T.A.R. Labs. They told them their father was dead, but it was not confirmed.

Issue #33

Cover Date: July 1983
Subtitle: Who Killed Trident
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Aqualad called in the Titans when he found Trident dead. They said good-bye to Aqualad and headed back to the tower. Cyborg and Changeling had fought him earlier after hearing an explosion. He escaped with $125,000 in loot. Starfire went out looking for Dick. At Wayne Manor, she found Alfred with a young boy named Jason Todd. Alfred told her Dick had moved out when he found out Bruce had taken in another ward.
Donna and Raven had fought Trident at a museum. He simply disappeared on them. The Titans soon got word from the police on Trident - the person in the costume was a known HIVE associate.
Starfire returned to the tower with news of Robin, who, unknown to them, was working with the DA to bust some mobsters. Kid Flash told the group how he and Terra had found Trident, but he'd also eluded them. Starfire realized they'd all fought different people. Using the dead Trident's weapon, they tracked down the other two and captured them.

Issue #34

Cover Date: August 1983
Subtitle: Endings...and Beginnings
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: As Deathstroke the Terminator plotted, the Titans threw a surprise 16th birthday party for Tara. She still didn't feel like she was a part of the team.
Robin and DA Adrian Chase took down Scarapelli on a weapons charge.
Donna began wearing Terry's ring. They planned to marry after she'd discovered who her real parents were. Tara began to demand to know secrets about the Titans.
Cyborg continued to blow off Sarah's calls - her "fiance" was actually her ex-fiance holding her against her will. Deathstroke showed up on the Titans' viewscreen. He was holding a stockbroker hostage. Tara suckerpunched Changeling and went after him, hoping the collar would make her a respected member of the team. The rest of the team arrived and attacked Deathstroke. He held Kid Flash with his sword to the speedster's neck. Terra saved him, but Deathstroke escaped. Surprised to exceed everyone's expectations, Tara wandered off to meet her boss - Deathstroke.
Robin parted ways with Adrian Chase. As he hopped on his motorcycle, Chase's apartment exploded.

Annual #2

Cover Date: 1983
Subtitle: The Murder Machine
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: District Attorney Adrian Chase was rushed to the hospital and listed in critical condition. His wife and two children were dead. Chase was moved outside the country to recover.
Scarapelli was put on trial for the crime. Robin was called in as a witness. Later, even after a court order kept Robin away from Scarapelli, he told the man he'd be watching him and would take him down. Starfire held him back.
Back at the Tower, the rest of the team told Robin they'd help him with the Scarapelli case - legally. They broke into smaller groups and smashed up some of his holdings. Afterwards, Donna told Dick she didn't want anything to do with his methods. She contemplated leaving the team once she was married.
Raven attempted to return to Azarath, but they refused her.
Contract killers reported back to their boss, Monitor, aboard a spherical satellite in Earth's orbit. Some of his contractors - Scorcher, Slasher, Spear, Tanker, Cheshire, and Bazooka attacked the Titans. A mysterious figure attacked some of the attackers. Kid Flash and Changeling were injured. Raven appeared when Wally called out to her.
The mob, strong-arming Scarapelli for some files, awaited him. The Titans were also nearby. Scarapelli double crossed them, assassins popped up everywhere. The Titans stopped the fighting and headed back to look for Robin.
Robin found Adrian Chase, who was now wearing a costume. Scarapelli shot them both, but was killed by the new vigilante.

Issue #35

Cover Date: October 1983
Subtitle: Seige
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Keith Pollard, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Raven continued to fear her powers; Cyborg continued to fear contacting Sarah Simms. Sarah's ex-fiance' snatched a police officer's gun and took her hostage. He shot a store clerk and a cop. With his attention on other things, Sarah called the Titans; Cyborg was there in less than a minute. He was also shot by the ex-Army marksman. Raven and Changeling arrived - she was able to alleviate her teammate of most of his pain. Changeling got in, but couldn't stop the mad man. Raven entered and attempted to save the clerk who'd been shot.
Mark eventually broke down and freed everyone.

Issue #36

Cover Date: November 1983
Subtitle: Feedback
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Keith Pollard, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans were on hand for experiments done on Thunder and Lightning at STAR Labs. Something went wrong, and the machinery exploded. The misguided duo went into a rampage. When the fighting stopped, Raven looked inside them for a cure. Kid Flash broke down - telling them he didn't care what happened to her. Their father - being kept by the HIVE - took over Raven's soul self. She eventually regained control.
En route to finding their father, Thunder and Lightning told the Titans what they'd learned from / about him during their ordeal with Raven's soul self: their father was an alien. The T-Jet arrived at HIVE headquarters and the Titans attacked. The HIVE let loose Thunder and Lightning's father. He defeated the Titans and forced his sons to kill him. When they did, he reverted to human form.
The Titans got enough blood from him to cure Thunder and Lightning of their sickness. The brothers returned to their homeland to be with their mother.

Issue #37

Cover Date: December 1983
Subtitle: Light's Out, Everyone
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Gizmo broke Psimon, Dr. Light, Shimmer, and Mammoth out of Tri-State Prison. Psimon convinced the Fearsome Five to search out Dr. Jace, who'd worked with Shimmer and Mammoth on their powers.
During a meeting at Titans' Tower, Terra's bracelet began to alarm. She split to also find Dr. Jace. Where her signal was strongest, Terra found (and attacked) the Outsiders. The Titans arrived and the fighting stopped. Tara was reunited with her brother, Brion (Geo-Force).
At Wayne Manor, Dick told Bruce he thought it was a good time for them to end their crime-fighting partnership. Bruce and Dick were called in to action by their teams.
At Titans' Tower, the Teen Titans and Outsiders discussed Dr. Jace's kidnapping at the hands of the Fearsome Five. They'd turned men into mud at Bio-Tron Unlimited. The good guys found their hideout and were attacked by fully-formed mud men. Psimon detonated mines below the facility and destroyed it.
[continued in Batman and the Outsiders 5]

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