The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

The New Teen Titans 39

Cover Date: February 1984
Subtitle: Crossroads
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez
Storyline: The Teen Titans went after Brother Blood's cult in Alaska. With the help of Terra, their newest member, they were able to uncover evidence that several senators were under Blood's influence. After the ordeal was finished, Tara Markov (Terra) reported to her boss - Deathstroke, the Terminator.
Some time passed and the Titans regrouped. Wally West announced he was quitting the team - he wanted to become a full-time college student. In another shocking move, Dick Grayson retired as Robin. He planned to continue on with the Titans, but realized he was no longer the "back half of Batman and...".

The New Teen Titans 40

Cover Date: March 1984
Subtitle: Lifeblood
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Teen Titans went on TV to oppose an arms shipment to the country of Zandia. Brother Blood, unknown to the rest of the world, was in control of the dictator of the small country. Dick, in disguise as a reporter, visited three politicians who'd been voted out of office after being thought to back the Zandian dictator. He and the politicians, along with a real reporter, traveled to Zandia.
The Titans received a distress call from Dick and went to help. When they arrived, they were immediately captured. Dick had been discovered and brainwashed.

The New Teen Titans 41

Cover Date: April 1984
Subtitle: Baptism of Blood
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans were able to break from captivity, but Blood just as quickly regained control of them. Together, they fought through robots, etc. until the Zambian dictator attacked his temple. Raven was able to teleport them home (with Dick) before the structure toppled. Brother Blood was thought dead.

The New Teen Titans 42

Cover Date: May 1984
Subtitle: The Eyes of Tara Markov
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): George Perez, Dick Giordano
Storyline: The Titans took some time off and lived as their other identities for a while. Donna invited everyone over and made wedding plans. Tara kissed Gar and continued to spy on the team for Deathstroke. At a team-building exercise, Terra lost control and almost killed Changeling. Deathstroke condemned her for it, telling her they were not yet ready to attack.

The New Teen Titans 43

Cover Date: June 1984
Subtitle: Betrayal
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Deathstroke attacked Dick Grayson at his home. Dick was a bit freaked out that the assassin knew who he was, but he was able to escape into a nearby park. One by one, Dick went to the homes of the other Titans. They'd all been taken. At the tower, he was approached by a woman named Adeline and her son, Joseph. They, too, knew who he was and told him that Terra had taken Raven down - she worked for Deathstroke. The woman admitted she'd been Slade Wilson's wife.
Deathstroke neared the H.I.V.E. headquarters, prepared to deliver the goods on his contract.

The New Teen Titans 44

Cover Date: July 1984
Subtitle: There Shall Come a Titan
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Adeline told Dick the story of Slade Wilson. He was a hotshot military kid, better than any other student. She took him under her wing and trained him to be a super-soldier. After being shipped overseas (and after his new wife had given birth to their first child), he took an experimental drug and was incapacitated for quite a while. After regaining himself, he was unstable - a superman one day, catatonic the next. Discharged from service, Slade took up hunting. Later, his wife found out he was an assassin. When their second child, Joseph, was kidnapped, he told her everything. In the struggle to get their son back, his throat was slit. He lived, but as a mute. Their other son was later killed as the "Ravager."
Dick had finally come up with a new costume and name - Nightwing was born. Joseph Wilson also had an outfit and name - Jericho. He had the mutant ability (due to having been conceived after Slade was altered) - he could take over other people. He demonstrated on Nightwing. Together, they went after his father.

The New Teen Titans Annual 3

Cover Date: 1984
Subtitle: Finale
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Nightwing and Jericho entered the HIVE headquarters. Adeline held Slade's friend and associate, Wintergreen, hostage. He told her how their bond was created. Dick and Joe infiltrated the HIVE and learned where the Titans were being held. They were to be killed the following day. The duo started a brawl and quickly took down a HIVE team. As they made way, Terra attacked them.
HIVE showed Deathstroke the contract was fulfilled - Robin had been taken along with another unknown boy. Slade realized it was his son and tried to bargain for him. Jericho got into his father's body and freed the Titans. A melee ensued - the Titans fought Terra, Slade, and the HIVE agents. Terra fought Deathstroke and the Titans. Deathstroke fought everyone. Terra became insane - her own earthly constructs buried her. The Titans herded out the survivors and found her dead body.
Tara Markov was buried a hero, a Titan - she died in battle against Deathstroke the Terminator.

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  • Robin in TNTT39: " long as I wear this same costume that I've worn since I was eight, I keep playing a role I'd long ago outgrown." It appears he wore a similar outfit while a part of the Flying Graysons.
  • Changeling to Terra in TotTT 44: "We've been friends for almost a year - we've been teammates."
  • This story is obviously pre-Crisis due to the inclusion of Donna Troy.

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