The New Teen Titans Archives Volume 3

The New Teen Titans 17

Cover Date: March 1982
Subtitle: The Possessing of Francis Kane
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: At college, Wally met one of his old friends - a girl who's mother had been trying to contact her dead husband and child. He walked her home, and they found her mother doing a seance. Francis was ordered to join her; Wally stuck around to watch. All of the sudden, household items began flying at the daughter. Kid Flash appeared and tried to block the stuff from hitting the women. They woke up, and the items began to fall in place. Wally reappeared. The woman said her daughter should have died with everyone else - she was evil.
Wally returned the next week with Raven. She witnessed an incident and realized the girl was a nexus to another dimension. The Titans got the girl to a specialist, and the hospital began coming apart as they ran tests on her. Once everything stopped, the girl's mother disowned her for being evil. The Titans took her back to the tower. They began running their own tests. During the next episode, a demon began to take form around Titans' Tower. Everything metal in nearby New York began flying toward them. Cyborg returned. He'd remembered hearing the doctor say something about the girl having an overabundance of magnetism in her brain, so he got fitted with a reversing mechanism. After he got through with her, she felt the ordeal was over.
In another dimension, Dr. Polaris realized his attempt at returning to reality had failed.

The New Teen Titans 18

Cover Date: April 1982
Subtitle: A Pretty Girl is Like a Maladi
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: A Russian man, who blamed deaths of his loved ones on Americans, planned revenge. He gave some paperwork to his assistant and sent her on a trip to New York.
King Faraday (FBI) gave a heads-up to Robin and Wonder Girl: their old friend, Starfire (a Russian superhero) was on his way to the States in secret. He also mentioned something about a plague carrier.
The Russian girl arrived in the US, and everything she touched seemed to gain a faint green glow. Changeling found Leonid Kovar (Starfire's alter-ego) when he arrived at the airport. He reported back to the Titans, and also that a man fell over dead when they touched. The Titans sent Raven to watch him further (the "old" Titans had met him, but he'd never seen Starfire, Raven, or Changeling).
The Titans soon learned that close to 100 people had come down with the same radiation sickness as the airport employee, none of whom had come in contact with Kovar. He found his target and got into his costume. When the Titans saw this, they approached him. He refused to give them any information, so Raven calmed him down. Back at the Tower, he broke it down to them. After one too many of Kid Flash's comments about his home country, the Russian belted him and fled.
They caught up with him later after he'd found the plague carrier. He was attacked by the Titans when he told her she must die to stop spreading the disease. After a battle, the Titans refused to let him kill her. They took her to a hospital, where she died a week later. Starfire told them they were to be married that day.
Her victims were cured by treatment.

The New Teen Titans 19

Cover Date: May 1982
Subtitle: The Light Fantastic
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: After hearing about the Riddler's recent success, Dr. Light escaped from prison. He soon found his next target - a traveling Indian artifacts collection.
Starfire continued to grieve over her dead lover; Raven sulked over having never felt love at all.
Carter Hall, after hearing a break in at the site of his exhibit, changed into Hawkman garb and went after Dr. Light. As Light blasted at Hawkman, statues were hit, bringing them to life. They seemed to chase him, so he led them to Titans' Tower. The beasts would either be defeated, or they'd kill the Titans. Either way, he won. The reanimated statues battled it out with the Titans, and Dr. Light headed back to the museum to pick up where he'd left off. Hawkman joined the battle.
Back at the museum, they learned that Light used only solar power for his rays. Starfire blasted the beasts with the sun's energy and destroyed them. Dr. Light was returned to prison.
Vic Stone's friend, Sarah Simms, visited Wonder Girl's finance', Terry Long.

The New Teen Titans 20

Cover Date: June 1982
Subtitle: (1) Dear Mom and Dad; (2) A Titanic Tale of Titans' Tomfoolery!
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: (1) Wally wrote a letter to his parents. He told them about some Titans happenings - Cyborg and Changeling chased a man calling himself the Disruptor into the sewers. He escaped back to his father, almost killing the two Titans.
Back at the Tower, the Titans threw a surprise birthday party for Cyborg (he turned 19). After the party, Kid Flash took a breather on the roof. He saw Wonder Girl flying back, then falling into the river. The Disruptor blasted Kid Flash with his own power as he attempted to save WG. Disruptor went back to tell his father, "Brains" Beldon, that he'd killed two more Titans. Kid Flash got Wonder Girl to safety and followed their car. He rushed in to attack them, but was captured. Beldon contacted the HIVE (he was trying to get on their elite team); Kid Flash contacted the Titans. They arrived - only Raven could stop the Disruptor. She took him to his own personal hell. Once in captivity, he refused to implicate his father, who disowned him.
Wally decided to hand-deliver the letter.
(2) A mad scientist on Earth-1 (where the DCU existed) found another Earth: Earth Prime. No superheroes existed there, only comic books about them. He teleported Marv Wolfman and George Perez to his lab. He tied them up and tried to get them to tell him what the Teen Titans would do next, but before they could talk, the Titans burst in. Igor Igorigorigorivich was defeated. Wolfman and Perez were sent back to their own earth.

Tales of the New Teen Titans 1

Cover Date: June 1982
Subtitle: Cyborg
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Brett Breeding
Storyline: The Titans took a vacation at the Grand Canyon. While eating, Victor told them about his early years. His parents were research scientists at a major university, and he often ended up as their guinea pig. He got into some trouble early when he rebelled, but his mother convinced his father to let him go to public schools. There, he was introduced to sports and girls - he excelled at both. He had another run-in with gang violence and got cut. After refusing to help vandalize the Statue of Liberty, his best friend, Ron, turned his back on him.
Victor continued to train for the Olympics until one day he visited his parents at their lab. There was an accident with one of the experiments - he and his mother were covered with an interdimensional goo. He was unconscious for a month. When he awakened, he realized his father had spent day and night grafting cybernetic parts to his destroyed limbs and body structure. His mother had not survived. Five months later, he was able to walk again. He expressed his hatred to his father and moved out.
Once again, his "friend" came to him for help. They were planning on blowing up the UN building. Vic agreed, but secretly was going to stop them. That night, he learned he was going to be set up as their scapegoat. He threw the bomb into the sky. It detonated and killed Ron.

Tales of the New Teen Titans 2

Cover Date: July 1982
Subtitle: Raven
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Pablo Marcos
Storyline: Raven had a nightmare while camping. Her shriek woke everyone up. Wally was quick to her side and demanded she let them know what was going on. She told them how her mother was taken from Earth to Azarath after being impregnated by Trigon. As soon as she was born, the place of peace and beauty became black with fear. One of the temple's elders attempted to toss the infant through the great door which led into nothingness, but a great light shone in and killed him.
Raven was taken from her mother and given to Azar - a woman who ruled them like her mother and her mother's mother. Raven could not know of emotion, or the Trigon in her could be unleashed. Years later, Azar died. When she began having nightmares of Trigon coming to get her, she learned that the people of Azarath had created her father. Trigon soon appeared outside their great door demanding his daughter. When she admitted she was his daughter, he realized he could corrupt her. He vanished, saying he would be back for her when she reached adulthood.

Tales of the New Teen Titans 3

Cover Date: August 1982
Subtitle: The Changeling
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Gene Day
Storyline: On their third night, Garfield Logan cooked for everyone and told them his story. His father was a scientist in Africa. As a boy, Gar contracted the disease Sakutia. It was something only animals survived. His father cured him, but at the expense of the boy turning green. His parents died in a boating accident later, and Gar began turning into small animals. At age eight, poachers pretty much destroyed the tribe he'd been adopted by, and took him to steal for them.
When Elasti-girl married Steve Dayton, they adopted Gar. The Doom Patrol was later killed and Gar joined Teen Titans West. Later, he got a part on a sci-fi TV show. During a shot, a giant robot burst in for him. They fought, but the robot finally gave up. The show was sued and canceled.
The robot, Arsenal, later returned and kidnapped Gar's girlfriend. Gar went after them, and was captured himself. He learned the Arsenal was actually the poacher who'd been his guardian before. He wanted his father's money. Dayton was away and no one could pay the ransom. The Arsenal took Jilian and left Gar to die. He escaped and took down the attacker.

Tales of the New Teen Titans 4

Cover Date: September 1982
Subtitle: Starfire
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Ernie Colon
Storyline: As the group gathered their things and prepared to head back to New York (Dick was going back to school), Kori told them about Tamaran. All her planet rejoiced at her birth - except for her sister, who'd been judged to sickly to eventually rule. Their father was king of the tropical, peaceful paradise. Due to her illness, Komand'r could not fly like the rest. The girl was devious and once killed Kori's pet.
Eventually, the Citadel attacked Tamaran. They were defeated and Tamaran rejoiced. When their father returned home, Komand'r was beating Koriand'r. After their brother was born, the time came for them to be sent to Okaara and trained as warriors. Upon graduation, there was a tournament. The sisters were put against each other. Komand'r got the upper hand, but Koriand'r caused her to fall into a cliff. Not wanting her sister to die that way, Koriand'r saved her. Back on solid ground, Komand'r looked for the killing blow, but was stopped by the Warlords. She was expelled. Instead of going home to Tamaran, Komand'r went to the Citadel and gave away her people's secrets. The Citadel attacked again. Tamaran gave up, but had to give Koriand'r to the Gordanians as a result.
Kori was reunited with her sister. She was Komand'r's slave for six years. The Psions attacked the Citadel. They were taken hostage and became scientific experiments. The Citadel soon attacked the Psions. The sisters escaped and found they had new powers - they could harness solar energy within them and blast it out. She eventually escaped slavery and ended up on Earth.

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  • The Tales of the Teen Titans miniseries takes place between issues 20-21, where the Titans go on a camping vactation.

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