The New Teen Titans Archives Volume 1

DC Comics Presents 26

Cover Date: October 1980
Subtitle: Where Nightmares Begin
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Robin prepared to go into a terrorist situation at STAR Labs when he felt dizzy. He looked up to find Wonder Girl holding him by the arm in front of Titans' Tower. He didn't recognize anything. He was greeted by Titans he knew (Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Beast Boy - now calling himself Changeling) and introduced to ones he was not familiar with (Starfire, Raven, Cyborg). Raven had a mission for the team: a scientist had accidentally opened a door to another dimension. They went after the beast which had gotten through; it captured Raven's soul-self.
Robin found himself going up against the terrorists again, then once more transported to the Titans situation.
The creature seemed to disappear after Cyborg shot a "zillion decibels of white noise" into it. Raven's soul-self was able to return to her body. Robin realized the thing would want to go back where it came from, and they chased it to the STAR lab where the interdimensional rift was opened. Starfire was able to push it through. Cyborg confronted his father - the man who'd built his suit.
Robin appeared back in his real time with the terrorists removed. Raved watched him.

The New Teen Titans 1

Cover Date: November 1980
Subtitle: The New Teen Titans
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Princess Koriand'r escaped a Gordanian slave ship and made the jump to hyperspace.
Dick Grayson woke up to the girl who'd been haunting his dreams - Raven. She told him a new Teen Titans must be created and asked that he contact Kid Flash. Wally West refused to join him - he was a full time college student and had quit the hero business. Raven asked Robin to find Wonder Girl. He and Beast Boy (now wishing to be called Changeling) found her at a burned-down apartment building. As they talked, Kid Flash arrived - ready to join. They headed off and arrived at their next destination. Raven was at a track where once-athlete Victor Stone (now half-human, half cybernetic) joined the team as Cyborg. Raven told them their final member was about to arrive on Earth and would need a rescue. They fended off a small alien invasion (the Gordanian slavers), but Raven could not find the final member. The rest followed her to a nearby apartment were more of the Gordanians were attacking. They'd found and captured Koriand'r - their prey. The Teen Titans were able to get onto the Gordanian ship. Working very well together, they saved Koriand'r and destroyed the ship.

The New Teen Titans 2

Cover Date: December 1980
Subtitle: Today...the Terminator
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Frank Chiaramonte
Storyline: The HIVE brought in Deathstroke, the Terminator for a contract on the Teen Titans. He refused since they refused to pay him up front. The HIVE planned to create their own "terminator" from the readings they got.
The Titans set up a new apartment for the girl who's they destroyed saving Starfire (Koriand'r). After, they took down some robots which were stealing pharmaceuticals. Deathstroke watched.
Grant Wilson, ex-boyfriend of the girl who'd had her apartment smashed by the Gordanians, began going through scientific experiments conducted by HIVE.
The team relaxed at Garfield Logan's pool, while Cyborg took the remaining robot to his father's lab. A man calling himself the Ravager (Grant Wilson) attacked Cyborg. Deathstroke grabbed him and vanished after he'd disabled the Titan. The Ravager escaped Deathstroke and went back after the Titans. He died in battle - the HIVE knew he would. Raven let Deathstroke take his dead son away. He took over the contract.

The New Teen Titans 3

Cover Date: January 1981
Subtitle: The Fearsome Five
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Frank Chiaramonte
Storyline: Dr. Light completed the lineup for his new "Fearsome Five" with Mammoth and Shimmer (Gizmo and Psimon were already on his team).
Starfire told the rest of the Titans that she'd not seen her family in six earth years - she'd been forced into slavery to end a war against the Citadel. Raven appeared to call the team into action; Kid Flash decked Robin for questioning the mysterious girl. The Titans attacked the Fearsome Five, who appeared to be waiting for them. After trapping their attackers, the Five - for unknown reasons - left.
Safely at the new headquarters each Titan had been invited to, Raven told the group about her vision of Trigon the Terrible. Somehow, both the Fearsome Five and the JLA were tied to Trigon (an interdimensional being). .
Psimon, who'd been transformed into what he was by Trigon, took over leadership of the group and contacted the Titans. They went after the Fearsome Five head-on. Raven tried to stop them and stayed behind with Kid Flash. Raven told him they were getting pounded, and Kid Flash rushed in. He quickly went down, too. The Fearsome Five had defeated the new Teen Titans.

The New Teen Titans 4

Cover Date: February 1981
Subtitle: Against all Friends
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The JLA - Zatanna, Green Lantern, Batman, Hawkman, the Atom, and Wonder Woman - left their satellite when Zatanna had a premonition. En route to earth, they encountered three mystics performing a ceremony. A fight ensued; Raven tried to stop them so the ceremony could continue.
Raven teleported to the Temple of Azarath, where she tried to get her mother's help in the battle against Trigon. Arella refused and sent her home. Raven found herself back at the tower; her team had no memories of the Fearsome Five. They watched the Titans through a device planted in Cyborg by Gizmo. With Psimon in control, the rest of the group planned his demise after they defeated the Justice League.
Hawkman told the rest of his group they were about to have company. Wonder Girl, Robin, and Kid Flash arrived and attacked. Robin let the rest of his team enter. Batman realized they were somehow being mind-controlled. Both the Titans and JLA were teleported to the magicians going up against Trigon. The JLA told the Titans that Raven had come to them; Zatanna told them she was using her magic to make Kid Flash love her.
The two groups walked away.

The New Teen Titans 5

Cover Date: March 1981
Subtitle: Trigon Lives
Writer(s): Marv Woflman
Artists(s): Curt Swan, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: No longer with help from the new Teen Titans, Raven spoke to Trigon. She promised him she would stop him, even if it meant her own death. Due to having his mind tampered with, Kid Flash threatened to quit the team. She sent her soul self to the team in hopes of getting their attention - she was being attacked by one of Trigon's monsters. Kid Flash and Cyborg refused to go with the rest of the group. Cyborg was able to use reverse-psychology and convince Kid Flash to join the rest of the team in battle. Cyborg followed him. After the Titans defeated his Goronn, Trigon arrived on Earth. The team learned the demon was Raven's father.
Psimon arrived; Trigon dissipated his atoms. He then destroyed Goronn. The Titans found themselves back at their tower. They regrouped and went after the rampaging Trigon. Raven went to Azarath and was followed by her father. She summoned the Titans. Once they were all at the temple, Raven propositioned her father. She told him she would rule at his side if he would leave Earth's dimension and never return. He accepted and the two vanished.

The New Teen Titans 6

Cover Date: April 1981
Subtitle: Last Kill
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Pablo Marcos
Storyline: Trigon and Raven landed on his home planet. When a small child in the audience thought he was a monster, Trigon killed her. They made way for his castle. Once inside, one of his people told him of an uprising on a nearby planet. Trigon used his cosmic cannon to destroy the world. He then told his daughter Earth would be next.
Raven's mother told the Teen Titans about her past - she'd been abandoned as an infant and grew up unfulfilled. She turned to the occult and was taken by Trigon as his bride. After becoming pregnant, he tossed her aside and killed the rest of her cult. She attempted suicide and was taken in by her new people.
The Titans convinced the people of Azarath to help them get to Trigon's world. Arella, Raven's mother, went with them knowing she could never again return home. They found Trigon, and working together, defeated him. Arella sacrificed herself to be a block so he could never return to their dimension.

The New Teen Titans 7

Cover Date: May 1981
Subtitle: Assault on Titans' Tower
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: The Titans returned from Azarath and headed to the Tower. Kid Flash, still confused over the whole situation, told them he needed to go get his head straight.
Psimon was able to get himself together enough to appear as an apparition to the rest of the Fearsome Five (actually four). He convinced them he was being controlled by Trigon and had not acted according to his own will. Back home, they found their tower had been intruded upon. Raven went in to investigate and was taken down by Dr. Light. While the rest of his team took on the Titans, Dr. Light got Psimon back into reality. They discovered the tower's architect - Silas Stone, Cyborg's estranged father.
The Titans came out on top; Victor spoke with his dad. He explained what had happened to him and his mother. An experiment had gone wrong. His mother was killed; Victor and his father were injured. His father was able to get the cybernetic parts and give his son life, but he'd been stricken ill and was dying. Cyborg forgave him and began to mend their relationship. Three months later, Silas Stone died.

The New Teen Titans 8

Cover Date: June 1981
Subtitle: A Day in the Lives
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): George Perez, Romeo Tanghal
Storyline: Kori met Donna at the photography studio for lunch. She was introduced to Donna's date, Terry Long. She quickly learned that Starfire was a natural model. Robin left the tower for a work out at the circus, then he planned on going back to Gotham City. Raven's soul self took down some terrorists while she checked out a nearby university.
Gar got a call - a second Dayton Industries employee had been killed. He left Vic's house and returned home. After getting the cold shoulder from his old girlfriend, Vic took a walk in the park. He happened upon a baseball game being played by children who all had prosthetic parts. Their teacher, Sarah Simms, invited him to join them.
Another Dayton man was killed, this one by a puppet.

collected (hardcover) edition


  • Robin in DC Presents 26: "A new Titans? None of this makes sense. The Titans disbanded months ago!"
  • Robin in DC Presents 26: "...I wonder if my recent problems with Bruce might have something to do with it! Ever since I dropped out of college, there's been a storm brewing between us!" He still thinks of me as his kid partner and not some one old enough to go out on his own."
  • Wonder Girl in TNTT1: "I guess the owners abandoned it after the fire. Still, this is where she found me. Alone, frightened, a crying babe too scared to move while the flames danced all around me. And too young to understand why those two people near me wouldn't move as the fire drew closer. I didn't hear the window shatter, and I don't remember Wonder Woman scooping me into her arms and carrying me away. But I do remember that the landlady said the room I was found in wasn't even rented. I was a nobody, until I was brought to Paradise Island and raised by Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. I was trained as an Amazon, given their power, and soon I became Wonder Girl."

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