Teen Titans ongoing 1968 (issues 13-18)

Issue #13

Cover Date: January - February 1969
Subtitle: The TT's Swinging Christmas Carol
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: The son of a junkyard worker found out that his father's boss was mixed up with a racket - he was importing "junk" parts only to have them assembled into complete vehicles. The man confronted his boss about the situation, and he was told that what people did with the junk they bought from him was none of their business. The boy called in the Teen Titans for help. They busted up the next attempt, but got no evidence.
While the Titans were on the scene, Mr. Scrounge (the junk yard owner) received a visitor - a former business partner who'd escaped from prison. The Titans stopped him from hurting Scrounge, but he escaped after explaining that he was in prison for taking the rap for Scrounge. The Titans decided to play a Christmas Carol prank on Scrounge.
The next night, the "ghost of Christmas past" visited Scrounge (actually Kid Flash vibrating through walls), followed by the "ghost of Christmas present," and the "ghost of Christmas future" (Wonder Girl). The plan backfired when WG was shot by one of his goons.
The Titans battled it out with "Mr. Big's" goons, and got help from Scrounge - he saw the error in his ways and turned a new leaf. After his business associates were taken down, he gave his employee a raise and got his son a new electric wheel chair.

Issue #14

Cover Date: March - April 1968
Subtitle: Requiem for a Titan
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: The Gargoyle had gone on TV saying he was an ex-con who'd been sent to the pen by the Titans - unjustly. They began working through the list of creeps they'd put away, and the group secretly knew it had to have been Robin who was in the wrong. When a famous rock star didn't show up for a gig, the Titans went in to make sure the audience didn't do anything crazy. The Gargoyle was there waiting for them.
The Gargoyle caused Kid Flash, Wonder Girl, and Aqualad to disappear - into limbo. He explained to Robin that he was the only one who'd not doubted one of his teammates. Robin attacked the villain, who conjured up the other Titans - who, at extra-size, attacked their leader. Robin caused a fire by breaking an electric cable. The Gargoyle escaped, and Robin escaped with his life. The Boy Wonder walked away as firefighters battled the blaze. He not only lost his teammates, but the Titans helicopter was also destroyed. He wandered back to their HQ pondering what he would do alone now. Once inside, he was faced with the Gargoyle and the other Titans, who appeared to still be under his control. He escaped and continued fighting crime alone. News reports went out saying the others died in the fire. After a while, Robin gave up. He met the Gargoyle at the cemetery where the other Titans had graves.
By acting as though he'd given up, he was able to keep his sanity in limbo. He attacked the other Titans until the Gargoyle showed himself. They fought, and Robin was able to defeat him by destroying his magic ring. The Titans found themselves above ground with no recollection of what happened after the theater fire.

Issue #15

Cover Date: May - June 1968
Subtitle: Captain Rumble Blasts the Scene
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Lee Elias, Nick Cardy
Storyline: The Titans were looking for a runaway and bumped into some hippies. The boy ran directly into them - he was running from cops. Some neighborhood thugs came in and started a fight with the hippies. The Titans and police broke them up. The runaway kid snuck off during the excitement.
Ken (the runaway) and his girlfriend, Karin, fled some thugs who were tracking them for not delivering a shipment for them. The Titans got into hippie garb so they could better fit in. Wonder Girl and Kid Flash stopped thugs from getting the runaways, but they both continued to elude everyone.
The Titans headed to a nearby park hippie gathering. The thugs attacked there, too. The Titans took them down, but the runaways continued to evade. Robin finally caught up with them and convinced them to talk to the cops. Once their bullying bosses were in custody, Ken was reunited with his parents.

Issue #16

Cover Date: July - August 1968
Subtitle: The Dimensional Caper
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: The Teen Titans headed in on a school where one of the kids claimed to have gone to another dimension. His principal told his father he was mentally disturbed.
The kid made a break for it, but Wonder Girl swooped in and caught him. He told the Titans he'd been spray painting his class year on a water tower when he'd crossed over into another dimension. He heard the natives talking of an invasion then found himself back on the water tower. Playing a hunch, Robin took the boy and the rest of the Titans back up the water tower. When he touched the glowing rivet the boy had described, all five were transported to the other dimension. After escaping some search and destroy troopers, the Titans found their way to the machine which allowed interdimensional transport - and the boy's principal. Kid Flash vibrated through the machine and it appeared that both dimensions were becoming one.
Chaos ensued as the two dimensions fazed in and out of each other. The boy who'd discovered the whole mess struggled with his principal and caused the man to shoot the teleportation machine with a ray gun. Everything that should have been on Earth's dimension seemed to be there except for the boy. The Titans headed back to the water tower. By the time they got there, it had collapsed.
Kid Flash was able to vibrate across the barrier and grab the boy. On his way back, he noticed the school there was breaking apart. Back in his right dimension, he warned everyone out of the school, but nothing ever happened to it other than a momentary weird glow.

Issue #17

Cover Date: September - October 1968
Subtitle: Holy Thimbles, It's the Mad Mod
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Irv Novick, Nick Cardy
Storyline: The Teen Titans were invited to England to attend a royal event. Robin ended up getting locked inside the palace. While the other three attended, Mad Mod struck and stole the Queen's sceptre. Kid Flash gave chase, but soon felt oddly tired. He hopped on a motorcycle, but crashed it in the fog. He finally caught up with them (by chance) at a pub. He snatched the sceptre, but Mad Mod struck him from behind and regained it. Kid Flash radioed Wonder Girl and Aqualad for help.
Aqualad caught up with Mad Mod and actually got his hands on the sceptre, but he, too, was captured. He used his powers to summon the Loch Ness Monster and was freed. Wonder Girl was next. She tracked Mad Mod and found the sceptre, but had it taken away to her lack of strength. Later, the three Titans regrouped and got into fresh costumes. They realized their others had to have been doped - they felt their full strengths returning.
The Titans (still minus Robin) caught up with Mad Mod. Aqualad leapt from the helicopter into the sea after seeing his gang drop a man. He saved the "man" (actually a dummy) - the sceptre was in side him.
Wonder Girl and Kid Flash went into their hideout. Mad Mod and his goons were captured and the sceptre was returned to the Queen.

Issue #18

Cover Date: November - December 1968
Subtitle: Eye of the Beholder
Writer(s): Len Wein, Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Bill Draut
Storyline: The Teen Titans were invited to guard some jewels in Stockholm. There, they were introduced to Starfire, a teenage hero from Russia. Starfire was not exactly pleased with having to deal with the Americans, but he told them of his powers and how he gained them (from a crashed spacecraft).
That night, they tangled with the jewel thief, Le Blanc, but he escaped. Robin had to step between Starfire and Kid Flash so their argument wouldn't escalate.
The Titans were shown an invitation from Le Blanc - he planned to take the jewels that night. Aqualad was the first to find and tangle with the thief. Le Blanc trapped him in an air duct and continued on toward his booty. Kid Flash picked up his trail, but he was trapped in a stasis beam. If he moved, he was promised to set off an explosion. Robin and Wonder Girl also attacked and also failed. Starfire freed them all then went after Le Blanc. He couldn't stop him, either. The Titans moved in quickly behind him. Robin took the thief down while the others recovered the jewels.
Starfire and the Titans parted ways on good terms.

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