Teen Titans ongoing 1967 (issues 7-12)

Issue #7

Cover Date: January - February 1967
Subtitle: The Mad Mod, Merchant of Menace
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: The Titans were teamed up with Holley Hip, a musician, on a tour of Europe in hopes of luring out some smugglers. After they touched down in London, Kid Flash found that Mad Mod, Hip's tailor, was using the singer's clothing to smuggle his wares. Kid Flash was captured by Mod's goons. Robin and the team went to investigate after one of his transmissions was interrupted. Aqualad followed one of their trucks to the nearby docks. He realized what was going on when they went to throw a "manikin" into the water. Aqualad saved Kid Flash, but Mad Mod got away after chasing him on a mechanical fish. Robin and Wonder Girl stowed away in one of Holley's trunks. They were noticed after Robin got some photographic evidence of the operation.
Mad Mod gassed the two Titans and threw them off the plane. Luckily, they came to in time for Wonder Girl to take flight. Mod parachuted out, but the Titans gave him the slip. Robin's camera and film were destroyed.
Their next stop was Paris. The Titans got Holley wise to Mod's scheme and he refused to take his clothing in for repairs. Mod and his crew attacked the singer at his next concert. The Titans were there to take him down and hand him over to authorities.

Issue #8

Cover Date: March - April 1967
Subtitle: A Killer Called Honey Bun
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Irv Novick, Jack Abel
Storyline: The Teen Titans headed to a city where the citizens were protesting the exchange student program. One of them was blamed for stealing a robot from the plant where most of the townspeople worked. Kid Flash followed him and found him with the robot. The robot attacked the Titans' helicopter, but Kid Flash snatched its controls away from the exchange student. Someone drove up and took at shot at the boy. The Titans split up to find the young spy. They found him nearby - he'd been captured by the protesters. The Titans had to take matters into their own hands when they refused to hand him over. The boy told them he'd stolen the robot to get it away from the real spy - the man they'd handed it over to. Robin checked out his story and it seemed to fit.
The Titans watched from their helicopter as the robot was loaded into a plane. Kid Flash caused the plane to crash before it could take off, but the robot rampaged through the town afterwards. Robin was able to stop it by modifying a pistol into a sand shooter and clogging its joints.
The exchange student was cleared and the real spy was arrested.

Issue #9

Cover Date: May - June 1967
Subtitle: The Big Beach Rumble
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Irv Novick, Nick Cardy
Storyline: A town called Baxter Beach requested the Teen Titans come visit them for spring break. The previous year, college kids had all but wrecked their town and they wanted to avoid it at all costs. The team got to the beach before two rival groups of colleges and convinced them not to fight (Robin and Kid Flash played catch with one of the students).
The kids noticed the beach was eroding away into the sea and decided to build a jetty.
That night, during their shindig, Captain Tiger's submarine neared Baxter Beach. The sub ran aground on the jetty; Captain Tiger emerged from it and threatened the town. Aqualad and some eels attacked the sub and knocked one of their guns out of commission. Captain Tiger fired a torpedo at a bank and scored a direct hit. Wonder Girl stopped his next shot, but she was captured along with Aqualad. Robin and Kid Flash joined the action. Soon, the entire team had been captured.
The college kids crashed a train into the sub, freeing the Titans. With a little help, Captain Tiger's group was defeated.

Issue #10

Cover Date: July - August 1967
Subtitle: Scramble at Wildcat
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Irv Novick, Nick Cardy
Storyline: Robin arrived at the Titans' lair on his new motorcycle. He got the gang together and told them he (and three friends) had been invited to judge a competition out west. When they arrived, they met the ghost town's only resident - his grandson was one of the bikers who would be arriving later.
The groups arrived (including one which wasn't invited) and the race began. Robin joined in on his bike and the other Titans followed to make sure no one caused any trouble.
The leader of the uninvited Bike Buzzards group took the lead in the race and began cheating to knock off those following him. Robin kept up until he was caught in an avalanche caused by a gunshot. Wonder Girl went looking for him and they threw her down a mine shaft. Soon, Kid Flash and Aqualad were taken down, too.
The Titans freed themselves and regrouped while the Buzzards were out robbing nearby towns. The Titans took down the Buzzards and the old man finally struck oil.

Issue #11

Cover Date: September - October 1967
Subtitle: Monster Bait
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Irv Novick, Nick Cardy
Storyline: Speedy joined the Titans as they went out for a summer job. They were going to help out a kid who was a scientist's assistant. Once they arrived on the island, they got into swimsuits and hit the water. A fisherman warned them about a strange seamonster. Garth went under and looked around. He found a phone line under the man's boat as the monster attacked the Titans' raft. They all had to bail when it was destroyed by the monster's fire breath.
When they got back to land, Dick checked out the raft and found it to be chemical burns. They got into their costumes and headed to the scientist's lab. They found their boy genius (who'd asked them for help) stealing some plans and went in to talk to him. The boy was being blackmailed for the plans he'd taken - some men had information on his father. Robin took a page from the plans (for what could be used as nerve gas) and told the boy to hand over the rest. The boy did as he was instructed - he placed the plans in a floating device and threw them into the lake. They immediately began moving toward the fisherman. Speedy and Aqualad gave chase; the monster attacked the others, who were behind in a boat.
Speedy shot the float onto the bank and fired a grenade arrow into the monster. When it exploded, the mechanical beast "died" and several scuba divers emerged from it. Kid Flash took them down when they went for the plans. Speedy stopped the boat which was getting away with the plans; Wonder Girl grabbed them and returned them to the scientist.

Issue #12

Cover Date: November - December 1966
Subtitle: Large Trouble in Space-ville
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Irv Novick, Nick Cardy
Storyline: Wonder Girl was listening to her favorite DJ (who was broadcasting from space) when she noticed a pattern. She told Robin about it and the team headed to South Dakota - Mt. Rushmore was in trouble. They arrived in time to see some man with a ray gun lifting the monument into the sky.
Wonder Girl was able to use her lasso to put Mt. Rushmore back in place. Robin tuned back into the radio station and picked up another code. They hopped in the helicopter and headed to Egypt. The Sphinx was being stolen. They caught up with the same man and his ray gun. After a slight delay, the Titans captured "the Deliverer" and handed him over to authorities. They then headed to the nearest rocket base and blasted off hoping to recover the sphinx from space.
After reaching orbit, they found the DJ's ship - and an alien ship. Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Aqualad were captured by it while fighting the alien. Robin defeated the alien, saved his friends, and returned to Earth with the sphinx and DJ.

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