Teen Titans ongoing 1966 (issues 1-6)

Issue #1

Cover Date: January - February 1966
Subtitle: The Beast-god of Xochantan
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: The Teen Titans were invited to Washington, DC. There, they were told of some strange happenings in a South American location called Xochatan. They joined the Peace Corps so they could help out. When parachuting in, they spotted a giant robot conquistador and attacked it.
Robin hit it with a few smoke grenades and it seemingly vanished into a mountain. Later, the Peace Corps bulldozer attacked them. Aqualad and Wonder Girl got it out of the river (it was being used to create a dam for the upcoming flood season); Robin realized the break lever was hot - just like the mountain before. Kid Flash vibrated himself into the mountain, where he found the robot. It broke loose, and they trapped it. Believing the threat was over, the Teen Titans and Peace Corps continued building the dam. Kid Flash was attacked by a beast that was part human, part jaguar.
Kid Flash and Wonder Girl trapped the beast in a maze just before another beast attacked - this one with the body of an eagle. Wonder Girl was able to attach the beast to a boulder with her lasso, then Robin was attacked by a serpent beast. Aqualad followed them into the river and freed his friend. As the waters reached the top of an ancient pyramid, the true villain showed himself - a wealthy land owner who was thought to be dead. He'd holed up in the pyramid for a long time and was trying to scare the Peace Corps away from submerging his home.

Issue #2

Cover Date: March - April 1966
Subtitle: The Million-year-old Teenager
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: The Teen Titans received a distress call from a girl named Penny in the town of Smedleyville. Her new friend was thought to be in league with a giant who'd been plaguing their town.
The Titans arrived in time to see the giant attacking a school bus. Garn, the strange new boy, was fighting it. The giant threw a magic ax; Wonder Girl went after it. It eluded her and caused the Titan's helicopter to crash. The Titans survived and regrouped in a nearby cave. Garn told them the story of the giant who'd destroyed his village. Battling, the two were buried in an avalanche for a million years. Only recently had they escaped their icy tomb.
Robin received a transmission and they headed to a construction site where the giant was destroying equipment with his magic ax. Garn battled the giant while the Titans were attacked by his ax. When they were free, the ancient battlers had made it into the river below. Aqualad found them below the surface - the giant damaged the dam. He was able to save Garn. Kid Flash was able to divert the river away from the city. The Titans explained to the town that the giant was dead and Garn had helped rid them of the menace.

Issue #3

Cover Date: May - June 1966
Subtitle: The Revolt at Harrison High
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: Batman and Robin went after some bank robbers in a hot rod. The Batmobile was no match for the converting car. They went back to the cave to investigate; Robin and the rest of the Teen Titans were called to Washington. The National Committee on Drop-Outs asked the Titans to check out a town called Harrison, where the drop-out rate was huge. Once there, they found that the drop outs were getting good jobs at a hot-rod building facility just outside town.
The team split up and followed cars coming out of the factory. The one Kid Flash tailed was a drone. He stopped it from hitting a school bus. Wonder Girl and Aqualad were injured by the ones they followed. Robin went in to snoop. He was captured by the owner and placed on a run-away motorcycle. He was able to wreck it safely and was rescued by Wonder Girl, who'd shaken off the electric shock she'd received from the car she trailed. The team regrouped.
Disguised as regular kids, the Titans got jobs at the hotrod garage. Robin was able to uncover the info needed, and all the kids turned on their crooked boss who'd been outfitting criminal organizations with the cars they were making.

Issue #4

Cover Date: July - August 1966
Subtitle: The Secret Olympic Heroes
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: Speedy met with the Teen Titans to let them know the criminal organization known as Diablo was out to sabotage the Olympics. One of the US's biggest track stars was missing. They were able to find the boy, but he did not want to compete - he didn't want to fail his father who'd lost his own chance to be in the Olympics years before due to a car accident. The Titans convinced him to join them at the Olympics in disguise.
Shortly after getting there, they foiled two Diablo attacks - one at an autograph signing, another at the Olympic village where agents tried to lure competitors into a fight. Davey, the kid who'd vanished in order to stay out of the limelight, secretly trained and bumped into his father.
Aqualad found some more Diablo agents in the training pool and was captured. The rest of the team were captured trying to stop Diablo attempts. They were placed in the rings of the Olympic logo as Speedy prepared to practice lighting them. Davey was able to stop him before he barbecued his friends. Wonder Girl got the team loosed from their bindings and they took down the attacking Diablo agents Davey ran the next day and placed for a bronze medal. His father was proud.

Issue #5

Cover Date: September - October 1966
Subtitle: The Perilous Capers of the Terrible Teen
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: A professor from a reform camp for juveniles called the Teen Titans in. He suspected one of his former pupils, Eddie Whit, was the mysterious Ant - a costumed villain terrorizing a nearby town. The Titans ran into the Ant after meeting with the professor. He was able to deter both Robin and Wonder Girl before leaping from a building onto a train.
The Titans found the boy and learned he was indeed the Ant. They followed him and found out he appeared to be doing it because he was being blackmailed by his boss. The next caper for the Ant was at a local charity picnic. He snatched the loot and made off in one of the vans he'd arrived in. His younger brother was driving and Kid Flash caught up with them. He found out the Ant was trying to cover for his brother, who he thought was in a gang. The brother split with the gang when he saw Eddie. Kid Flash returned the money to the picnic.
With Eddie's help, the Teen Titans set a trap for the men who had been controlling him.

Issue #6

Cover Date: November - December 1966
Subtitle: The Fifth Titan
Writer(s): Bob Haney
Artists(s): Nick Cardy
Storyline: After trying a few more times to get the Doom Patrol to let him join, Gar "Beast Boy" Logan called the Teen Titans, hoping they'd let him in. After showing them what he could do, they gave him the same excuse - he couldn't join without his guardian's permission. Gar flew off in disgust - he knew his guardian would never agree.
Two weeks later, Beast Boy was the hit of the circus scene. However, he was soon duped by a hypnotist who caused the audiences to give him their valuables. The Teen Titans were called in when the tranced audience began looting the city. After breaking the spell, the Titans disguised themselves as a traveling acrobat group and tried out for the circus. They saw the hypnotist in action and snuck off, but were trapped in a cage.
The cage was dropped into a water tank, but Kid Flash vibrated himself and Aqualad out of it. Aqualad freed Robin and Wonder Girl. Beast Boy, also under the hypnotist's spell, was ordered to attack the Titans. After a short fight, the spell was broken and Beast Boy captured the circus' owner.

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