Superman annual 7: Strange Visitor

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Roger Stern
Artists(s): Chris Gossett, James Pascoe, Stan Woch
Storyline: Superman took down some drug runners and quickly changed clothes so not to be late for his new job. No sooner than he got there, he heard a cry for help. Superman flew out to see a penthouse fire. Once he arrived, he posed to save a woman, but was stopped by a mysterious figure who showed him there was no fire and the lady was a huge alien. Superman was able to use his heat vision and get rid of the creature.
Superman woke up in the care of Dr. Occult. He became very suspicious of the "doctor" when he was called "Kent." Dr. Occult convinced him he worked with the supernatural and began to come clean with him. During the 1940s, he lost his partner (and lover) to a wizard who turned himself into a demon. Thahn, the wizard turned demon, seemed to be back in action. The being Superman defeated was one of his pawns. Superman agreed to help Dr. Occult stop Thahn.
Superman fell through a passage way and was met by Rose - Dr. Occult's dead lover. She took him to the warehouse where they'd fought Thahn years before. Inside, they found homeless people transformed into Thahn's pawns. Superman was taken; Rose turned into Occult. He was able to get Superman out of his mystic bonds, and together they defeated Thahn.
Before he could get answers from Dr. Occult, the mysterious man vanished and rejoined his people.


  • Clark Kent has been working at the Daily Planet for just over four months (Lois Lane: "...four months, one week, and three days"); Superman is still new on the scene.
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