Superman: Speeding Bullets

Format: ogn
Binding: prestige
Date: 1993
Writer(s): JM DeMatteis
Artists(s): Eduardo Barreto
Storyline: The Kryptonian rocket landed in Gotham City and was found by Thomas and Martha Wayne. They named the baby Bruce and raised him as their own. The couple was gunned down by a mugger - their son was traumatized and accidentally killed the mugger by blasting him with eye beams.
Years later, Alfred showed Bruce where he came from - they'd kept the rocket in a cave below their home. Bruce donned a costume after realizing his powers and became the Batman.
Bruce took over his family's business and bought a newspaper. He imported several of the key members of the Daily Planet, which had been purchased by Lex Luthor in Metropolis. Luthor made a move to move into Gotham City, but was stopped by Batman - Luthor had gone crazy after falling into some chemicals.
Lois Lane convinced her lover to stop being Batman. Superman was born.


  • A very decent elseworlds.