Superman: Kryptonite

Superman Confidential #1

Cover Date: January 2007
Subtitle: Krytonite book one
Writer(s): Darwyn Cooke
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Superman thwarted a Royal Flush Gang scheme.
Lois Lane, Clark Kent, and Jimmy Olsen were assigned to the story of a new casino opening in Metropolis.

Superman Confidential #2

Cover Date: February 2007
Subtitle: Krytonite book two
Writer(s): Darwyn Cooke
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Superman acted on a volcano eruption overseas. He was unable to save everyone, and for the first time, he feared for his own life. Afterwards, he headed to Smallville to talk about it with his parents.
Lois realized she'd been stood up and made a date with Tony Gallo, hoping to get a scoop on his casino.

Superman Confidential #3

Cover Date: March 2007
Subtitle: Krytonite book three
Writer(s): Darwyn Cooke
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Superman spoke with Lois about their missed date. She kissed him.
Later, Lex Luthor spoke with a member of the Royal Flush Gang about what he noticed first-hand from battling Superman.
Luthor donated an X-Ray machine to a new childrens' hospital; Gallo donated the first six months profit from his new casino. During the ceremony, Superman headed out to stop a robbery of some armored cars. Both Gallo and Luthor were involved.

Superman Confidential #4

Cover Date: April 2007
Subtitle: Krytonite book four
Writer(s): Darwyn Cooke
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Superman was temporarily bested in battle below the streets of Metropolis. He finally gained the upper hand and won the fight. Jimmy Olsen found him and helped him out. He took Superman to Clark's apartment and was greeted by his partner.
Gallo got word that the Daily Planet was out to expose him.
Lex Luthor spoke with Lois Lane about Superman's battle and showed her footage.

Superman Confidential #5

Cover Date: June 2007
Subtitle: Krytonite book five
Writer(s): Darwyn Cooke
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Jimmy left Clark (robot) and Superman to head back to the office. Lois had dinner with Gallo. He told her fantastic things Luthor and his team listened in as Lois learned that Gallo had been possessed by a being from another world that had been trapped in a piece of Superman's homeworld. He'd been there when the planet exploded to document the event. Lois called Jimmy in; Superman arrived shortly thereafter.

Superman Confidential #11

Cover Date: March 2008
Subtitle: Krytonite book six
Writer(s): Darwyn Cooke
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Superman allowed the being to possess him and show him his homeworld and his parents. Luthor burst in while Superman's body was vacant and tested the meteor (and took a few pieces). Gallo woke up and shot himself dead.
After returning to consciousness, Superman suited himself in lead armor and hurled the container into the sun. Bridgewater (the historian) was set free and helped Superman home.
Clark spent some time with Lois.


  • "It's been about two months now since I started what Ma calls my "good work." Most of the time I get to help people in need. A few weeks ago I was able to save a few hundred passengers in a crashing jet." (Superman, internal, issue 1).
  • Jimmy has a cell phone according to Lois.
  • Superman experienced Kryptonite for the first time and learned of his homeworld and how he got to Earth.

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