Superman Annual #11: For the Man who Has Everything

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1985
Writer(s): Alan Moore
Artists(s): Dave Gibbons
Storyline: Batman and Robin met Wonder Woman at the Fortress of Solitude - it was Superman's birthday. Batman introduced the Amazon to Jason Todd, the new Robin. Inside, they found Superman barely alive - he had a weird plant growing on him. He was alive, but barely.
Kal-el was on Krypton married to an actress named Lyla. He spoke with his father, who was still bitter about being kicked off the science council for his belief that Krypton was going to explode.
A giant yellow creature clad in pink / purple appeared behind Batman, Robin, and Wonder Woman. He'd given the plant to Superman. He explained to them that it had opened a telepathic link to its new host, giving him "his heart's desire." Wonder Woman punched the creature, to little effect (besides hurting her own hand).
Kal visited his cousin, Kara, who was in the hospital in critical condition. She'd been attacked by rioters. Realizing the rioters were anti-Phantom Zone with a grudge against his family, Kal decided to have his wife take their child to her family.
While Wonder Woman fought Mongul, Batman and Robin tried to make sense of the creature attached to Superman (and to wake him up).
Kal and his son saw Jor-el speaking to a crowd. They grew hostile as he again preached the end of the world. Kal got a feeling and began to believe the situation was not real.
Batman was able to get the plant off Superman, but it then attached to him. He envisioned the ally and the mugger. His shots missed.
Superman went after Mongul. Robin, using Mongul's gloves, got the plant off Batman. As Superman fought the alien, Robin dropped the plant on him. Mongul believed he was destroying both of his foes.
Wonder Woman and Batman gave Superman his gifts - a replica of the Bottled City of Kandor, and a plant which had gotten smashed in the fight.
Mongul surveyed his territory and marveled at his own might.


  • Noted as taking place on February 29.
  • "Of course, the new Robin. I'm sorry, Jason ... you look so much like Dick that I forgot for a moment. Nice to meet you. Welcome to an interesting career. (Wonder Woman)
  • "I met Superman before, but I still don't really, uh, know him that well." (Jason Todd)
  • Wonder Woman and Batman encounter Mongul for the first time.
  • An obvious problem with the continuity of this: Wonder Woman exists. Since WW was destroyed in CoIE, she was re-introduced shortly thereafter. Now, in the post-Infinite Crisis world, she existed then (seemingly taking Trinity out of continuity) due to her being one of the founding members of the JLA (seeminly taking JLA: Year One out of continuity).

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