Superman: For All Seasons

Date: 1999
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Collects: Superman: For All Seasons 1-4
Storyline: Book One: Spring The Kents discussed their son - the one they found in the rocket years before - after dinner one night during his senior year of high school. Clark's powers were developing quickly. While getting a haircut, he realized he could see through the wall into the next store. The barber's scissors broke. A tornado struck Smallville; Clark regretted not doing more to help. He spoke with the pastor about it. After graduation, he showed Lana Lang, his childhood friend, he could fly. She realized that if he were going to use his powers to help people, he'd have to leave Smallville. Clark settled in Metropolis, where he got a job as a reporter for the Daily Planet and began flying around the city in the costume his mom made for him.
Book Two: Summer Lois Lane, Clark's colleague at the Daily Planet, tried to come to grips about this new hero who could fly. Superman (as she dubbed him) stopped a nuclear missile from hitting the city, then single-handedly delivered the submarine which fired it to the armed forces. He threatened Lex Luthor - both the missile and the ship were manufactured by one of his companies. Feeling lonely, Clark returned to Smallville. He spent the day with an old friend, Pete Ross, after learning that Lana had moved away soon after he did. He returned to Metropolis when a chemical plant exploded. Though Luthor's flying armored "Guardians of the City" were on site, he stole the show by saving a woman and putting out the fire. Later, Luthor approached the woman he'd saved.
Book Three: Fall Luthor plotted revenge against Superman after he'd spent a night in jail. The Daily Planet was gassed. Superman found out that it was a viral toxin that had been released on the city. He went to Luthor for help. The billionaire insinuated that Superman was the cause. Luthor gave him "Toxin" - the woman he'd saved from the fire. She wore a costume and held the antidote. Flying through the sky with Superman, she sprayed the clouds. Their rain cleaned away the poison. Toxin died from exposure in Superman's arms. Clark returned to Smallville.
Book Four: Winter Lana was in Smallville. She and Clark caught up on each other. During dinner with his parents, they learned that a flood was coming. Superman appeared in Smallville and took care of the breaking dam. Much to the chagrin of Lois Lane, Clark returned to Metropolis with the front-page story.


  • This series takes place over the course of several years, starting during Clark's final year of high school (aprx 17-18 years old).
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