Adventures of Superman annual 1: Truth and Justice

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Karl Kesel
Artists(s): Ron Wagner, Josef Rubinstein
Storyline: Superman stopped a shootout and a potential bombing. The S.W.A.T. was not thrilled. Lois Lane arrived a bit late and completely missed seeing him. Several other appearances later, and she'd still not been in time to witness him in action. With crime rates drastically dropping, the police began to either fear the possibility of Superman taking over, or what may take the place of the "normal" crime that was becoming nonexistent.
At a gangland meeting, Mannheim Moxie introduced Kalibak. Moxie's Intergang group held up a hotel, the guests included Star City cop Maggie Sawyer, and reporter hopeful Clark Kent, who'd just scored a job interview with the Daily Planet. Police were quick to the scene, and Kalibak attacked a team on the roof. Using the melee as a distraction, Kent changed clothes and Superman appeared. Mannheim stuck something to Superman which caused him to catch fire. Superman fled so not to spread the flames. A cop on the roof - Dan Turpin - stuck a grenade in Kalibak's mouth. After the police put out Superman's fires, a boom tube opened and claimed Mannheim and Kalibak.
Going on two days with no obvious crimes in Metropolis, Superman found Lois Lane's care submerged. He rescued her and delivered her home. He agreed to an interview. Lane rushed the story to the office, only to learn that Clark Kent, the new hire, had scooped her. Superman met with some cops, including Turpin, hoping to create a good relationship.


  • Superman begins to make appearances in Metropolis.
  • Clark Kent gets a job at the Daily Planet.
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