Superman / Batman: Public Enemies

Superman / Batman Secret Files & Origins 2003

Cover Date: 2003
Subtitle: When Clark Met Bruce
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale, Mark Chiarello
Storyline: Young Clark Kent pondered inviting a boy in a broken down car to play baseball with his friends. The boy was Bruce Wayne.

Superman / Batman 1

Cover Date: October 2003
Subtitle: World's Finest
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
Storyline: Superman encountered Metallo, who was attacking S.T.A.R. Labs. After exposing his enemy to Kryptonite, Metallo fled. Superman went to Batman, who was tracking Metallo - John Corben. He robbed a grave and shot Superman with a Kryptonite shard. As Batman attended Superman, Metallo covered the grave they were in. President Lex Luthor was briefed on a large (the size of Brazil) asteroid on a collision course with Earth. It was a chunk of Krypton's remains.

Superman / Batman 2

Cover Date: November 2003
Subtitle: Early Warning
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
Storyline: Batman set off a small charge below them; they fell into the sewer below. From there, he got Superman to the cave. Alfred removed the Kryptonite embedded in Superman's chest. Batman learned that John Corben could be the man who'd killed his parents. He and Superman were attacked by what appeared to be an aged Superman. Batman confirmed the time-traveler's identity; present Superman hit future Superman with the Kryptonite that he'd been shot with earlier. Future Superman disappeared. Missiles were fired at the asteroid, but did not affect it. Captain Atom asked President Luthor for permission to talk to Superman before his speech. Luthor declined and told the world about the asteroid. He blamed it on Superman and offered a $1billion reward for his capture.

Superman / Batman 3

Cover Date: December 2003
Subtitle: Running Wild
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
Storyline: As Lois Lane interviewed Lex Luthor, Superman and Batman planned on crashing the event. Silver Banshee, Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Icicle, Killer Frost, Mongul, and Solomon Grundy attacked them. While taking down their attackers, the heroes realized they were being controlled. Nightshade and Lady Shiva also attacked. Gorilla Grodd was controlling them. Luthor abandoned the interview on an issue of national security. Captain Atom, Green Lantern, Starfire, Black Lightning, Major Force, Power Girl, and Kitana came in to take Superman in.

Superman / Batman 4

Cover Date: January 2004
Subtitle: Battle On
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
Storyline: Superman and Batman won their fight. Superman grabbed Power Girl and made for Tokyo, where Batman and Kitana (via Boom Tube) were waiting for them. The rest of the gang showed up and the fight continued. The JSA sent Hawkman and Captain Marvel (Shazam) in for Batman and Superman. Power Girl and Kitana went to find a boy genius as Superman and Batman were defeated.

Superman / Batman 5

Cover Date: February 2004
Subtitle: State of Siege
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
Storyline: Krypto, Superboy, Supergirl, Steel, Nightwing, Robin, Huntress, and Batgirl infiltrated the White House after it was announced that Superman was in custody. Luthor gassed the BatSquad and captured Superman's family. After defeating Major Force, Captain Atom was thrust into the future, where he encountered the aged Superman that had been in the BatCave earlier. Batman and Superman (in disguise of Hawkman and Captain Marvel) rescued their friends from Luthor and headed back to Tokyo.

Superman / Batman 6

Cover Date: March 2004
Subtitle: Final Countdown
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines
Storyline: Hiro Okamura, aka Toyman (the young Japanese genius) showed Superman and Batman his creation - a rocket designed to destroy the asteroid. Captain Atom returned from the future to pilot the ship. After launch, Luthor (in body armor forged in Apokolips) attacked Superman. Superman defeated Luthor, who fell to Batman. Batman informed him that Talia Head, his LexCorp CEO, had sold all his holdings to Bruce Wayne. Captain Atom sacrificed himself in the destruction of the asteroid; Earth was showered with Kryptonite. With Luthor gone (vanished), Batman told Superman to go into hiding while his people took care of the Kryptonite.

alternate printings

hardcover edition


  • Issue 1 originally had a 50/50 cover split - one featuring Superman, the other Batman. The second print featured both.