Robin ongoing 2009 (issues 180-183)

Robin #180

Cover Date: January 2009
Subtitle: Search for a Hero Part 4: Gray Knights
Writer(s): Fabian Nicieza
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: Robin fought Red Robin until he had to save some bystanders. He got Spoiler, who he realized was injured, and split in the Batmobile. Alfred looked at her wound (she said Scarab shot her) while he input data into his prediction program.
Later, Robin found Red Robin with Scarab. He took the imposter down and revealed him to be Armstrong - the General. He followed another lead into an abandoned warehouse. Once he got in, he realized it was boobie trapped with C4. The building exploded.

Robin #181

Cover Date: February 2009
Subtitle: Search for a Hero part 5: Pushing Buttons, Pulling Strings
Writer(s): Fabian Nicieza
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: Anarky blew up the Iceberg Lounge. Nightwing visited Tim in the cave. Alfred was tending his burns. Gordon was forced to free Cavallo and Wise.
Armstrong spoke with the Lonnie Machin - Anarky - who was hooked up to an iron lung. Now as Anarky, Armstrong continued his quest to make Robin better so that he could be a better villain for him.
Robin, now wearing the Red Robin hood over his own costume, went after Anarky.

Robin #182

Cover Date: March 2009
Subtitle: Search for a Hero Part 6: Lost & Found
Writer(s): Fabian Nicieza
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: While Robin and Anarky fought, Spoiler got the gangs to work together to get everyone to safety. Officer Harper, on Robin's request, brought Armstrong's parents to see if they could help. Anarky, looked down and knew he'd lost. Instead of the city falling apart, it was pulling together. Not knowing his brother and sister were in the car, set off one final bomb, killing them.
Robin told Spoiler he still loved her, but to never let him catch her in the costume again. Tim and Alfred bought several failing coffee shops and turned them into community centers where the gang-bangers worked their own "turf."
Tim visited "John Doe" (Jason Todd) in jail and gave him a JLA teleport code - he was giving the former Robin another chance. Officer Harper was promoted to Detective Specialist.

Robin #183

Cover Date: April 2009
Subtitle: Robin Dies at Dawn (also includes Origins and Omens short)
Writer(s): Fabian Nicieza
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: Harper gave Robin a note that had been left with the police. He deciphered it as being from Shiva, who was calling him out.
Back in the cave, Tim showed Jason the message Bruce had left for him. After Todd left, Tim changed the access codes. He called Zoanne and broke up with her. He called Ives just to talk. He called Stephanie to apologize, but she didn't answer. After checking on Harper (who was out on the town with Bard), he went to meet Shiva. After a quick attack, she fell. He'd poisoned her food earlier in the day with a temporary paralyzing agent. Nightwing was there to take her to the police.
Origins and Omens: Robin visited Haiti where the Obeath Man released from prison. After a brief hallucination about his parents, Robin took the monster down.

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