Robin ongoing 2007 (issues 156-167)

Robin 156

Cover Date: January 2007
Subtitle: The High Dive
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: Zoanne, Tim's "friend" was pissed at him for not calling her when he got rescued. Later, Robin went to visit Dodge. He was still in a coma with the weird energy field surrounding him. After the visit (the parents didn't blame him, though Robin blamed himself), he headed up to the rooftops to think. He thought about Cassandra, Stephanie, and Conner, then saw a boy on another rooftop who appeared to be contemplating a jump. He got the kid to talk, and told him he wouldn't try to stop him. The boy was a freshman in college and had never fit in. His girlfriend had recently broken up with him. Robin explained that life sucked for everyone and that he wasn't alone. He eventually decided to give life another shot. When he got home, Tim called Dick.

Robin 157

Cover Date: February 2007
Subtitle: Things that go Bump in the Night
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Frazer Irving
Storyline: Robin saved a cat from a tree, but it didn't have a tag on its collar. He wandered around with it and stumbled upon some druggies who appeared to have been attacked by wild animals. After not finding the perpetrator, he took the cat home. Alfred was not impressed. Tim asked Zoanne out after apologizing for not calling her when he was rescued. Robin got on his motorcycle and headed out to find a shelter for the cat. While riding, he was knocked off his bike. When he got back to it, the cat was gone. He found it in a nearby alley, then was attacked by a dragon of some sort. After taking a beating, Klarion the Witchboy appeared ... looking for his cat.

Robin 158

Cover Date: March 2007
Subtitle: Strange Brew
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Frazer Irving
Storyline: Klarion introduced himself to Robin and tried to explain that it appeared someone had created a judgment beast and it was trying to kill his cat. They soon found the beast and its master, Uriah. After a quick fight, Uriah and the monster vanished. Teekl, Klarion's cat, was absorbed by the beast. Dodge disappeared from his hospital bed while his parents slept nearby. Robin helped Klarion find a plant for his spell - they had to get Uriah's cruciform before it was too late. A metahuman gang attacked a reporter for writing a story on them. Robin and Klarion found Uriah and the beast. Klarion merged with his cat; Robin knocked Uriah out and grabbed the cruciform. He placed it on Klarion and the beast was destroyed. Klarion thanked him and gave him the title "Protector of Friends." He then rounded up the animals and returned them home to their owners.

Robin 159

Cover Date: April 2007
Subtitle: First Date
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: Tim and Zoanne saw the Batsignal while on their date. They soon saw him outside the window. Tim dumped some food in his lap and excused himself. He went to the men's room and stuck his head out the window to tell Batman he was sitting this one out. The metahuman gang attacked the partner of the reporter they'd killed, even though she had police protection. A metahuman named Jitter robed a gun shop. Batman and Jitter fought and crashed into the restaurant. Tim threw a platter at the criminal and hit him in the neck (while everyone was trying to escape). Batman was victorious, and Tim took his date home. Batman promised Robin it was a coincidence, and asked him how his date went.

Robin 160

Cover Date: May 2007
Subtitle: Freedom of the Press
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: Robin asked the hospital for Dodge's belt and medical record. There had been no traces of him since he simply vanished. Officer Harper called Robin in to help her on a case - the murder of Don Clemens (the reporter killed by the meta gang). His partner (Alexandra Brackett) had escaped, though her police protectors were killed. They'd gotten a trace on one of her calls; Robin headed out to find her. Robin found the woman and stood between her and the Lords of the Avenues. He got her to safety and left her with Killa Nilla, his snitch, while he went back out. He analyzed some DNA samples he'd beaten out of the gang and traced drugs in their system back to Strader Pharmaceuticals (where Zoanne's parents worked). The FDA had banned the substance, but they seemed to still be making it. Nilla tracked down the Lords' dealer and gave the info to Robin. He went to check it out and witnessed a deal. The Lords found him.

Robin 161

Cover Date: June 2007
Subtitle: Little White Lies
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: The Lords of the Avenues attacked Robin. They ran away from the fight when they saw their dealer dead. Robin went to the man and found him to be in a coma. He also found a phone number on a scrap of paper. Zoanne told Tim she didn't think they should be dating, but he got her to have her father give him a tour of Strader. She wanted them to still be friends. While touring, he was able to get free long enough to get his hand-held into their network. He got the data to Alex so she could take care of it while he went back out - the pheno (the drug they Lords were on) not only upped the aggression centers of their brain, but also caused massive (fatal) cellular breakdown. Strader found out they'd been hacked. Dodge made contact with Cassandra Cain. Robin found a Lords hideout - most of them were already dead, they were simply oozing away. The place was attacked by mercenaries.

Robin 162

Cover Date: July 2007
Subtitle: Paid in Full
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie Williams II
Storyline: Robin and the sole survivor of the Lords of the Avenues attacked the gunmen. Alex escaped from Killa Nilla and caught up with Robin. He'd just taken down the last of the mercenaries - all the Lords were dead and they had no way of pinning anything on Strader. Robin went after Waite (a higher-up at Strader). He was shot in his office as they talked. Cassandra Cain, perched atop a nearby building, was the shooter. Alex called Robin - the dealer was out of his coma and he was naming names - including Strader Pharmaceuticals.

Robin #163

Cover Date: August 2007
Subtitle: Twelve Very Angry Men
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie E. Williams, II
Storyline: Tim picked up a father's day gift for Bruce - a watch with an inscription. On the way out, he bumped into Zoe, but they couldn't make a connection. He saw a woman get her purse snatched and got into costume.
Robin neared the snatcher, but he was blown up by a mortar blast. The Jury was in Gotham City. After a tangle, Robin emerged victorious and headed back to Wayne Manor. He was too late to cook for Bruce and the watch had been destroyed in the fight. Bruce had Alfred put it in a trophy case.

Robin #164

Cover Date: September 2007
Subtitle: Making the Band
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie E. Williams, II
Storyline: Dodge, the young teleporter, began putting a team together to take out Robin. He got Tapeworm, Skill, Micro & Macro, and Cheater. Killa Nilla, Robin's snitch, was caught by them, but they let him go so he could get the word to their mark.
The group hit a hospital and Robin went after them.

Robin #165

Cover Date: October 2007
Subtitle: The Other Hand
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie E. Williams, II
Storyline: With Gordon and Batman outside, Robin went in after Dodge's group. He took down Micro & Macro and Tapeworm rather easily. Brutus, one of Mr. Baptiste's men, gave him difficulty, but he got away and headed in for the rest. Cheater and Skill fought over which got to kill him, but Dodge insisted no one did. He teleported the rest away to regroup.
Skill claimed to know Robin's real name.

Robin #166

Cover Date: November 2007
Subtitle: The Big Leagues
Writer(s): Adam Beechen
Artists(s): Freddie E. Williams, II
Storyline: Tim worked out with the tennis team and saw his ex-girlfriend, Zoanne, leave with one of his new teammates.
Dodge's team went after Robin's civilian identity, but they got the wrong guy: Zatara. Skill unmasked and showed herself as Ravager. Robin was watching. The three took down the bad guys, with Dodge swapping sides sill hoping to become a hero. He ended up short-circuiting himself with the Cheater and faded away. All the others were rounded up.

Robin #167

Cover Date: December 2007
Subtitle: The Promise
Writer(s): Brandon Thomas
Artists(s): Freddie E. Williams, II
Storyline: Robin went out after a few Arkham escapees. He took down Riot Act pretty quickly then went after Lock-up. En route, he changed directions and stopped a hostage situation where a man had been killed.
Lock-up was waiting for Batman, but settled for Robin. After Tim took care of him, he visited his father's grave and met up with Batman.

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