Robin ongoing 2004 (issues 120-131)

Robin 120

Cover Date: January 2004
Subtitle: A Boy and his Mask
Writer(s): Jon Lewis
Artists(s): Pete Woods, Andrew Pepoy
Storyline: Tim hypothesized on the possibilities of Nightwing and Oracle being the person who would bring doom to their future. He was visited by another future Alfred, this one in physical form. After he realized it was a hoax, Batman appeared and told him he'd passed the test. He told him it had all been an elaborate training module. Robin took it harshly - he threw his costume at Batman and quit. After talking with Stephanie, he realized he'd been afraid. Robin met with Batman that night and they patrolled together.

Robin 121

Cover Date: February 2004
Subtitle: Johnny Got his Gun
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Rick Mays, Aaron Sowd
Storyline: After a S.T.A.R. Labs transport was hijacked, Batman and Robin split up, each taking one of the get-away vehicles. Together, they recovered 8 of the 9 stolen items. Batman had Oracle start on the last. Batman sent Tim home so he could get a good night's sleep before his first day of 11th grade the next day. The remaining at-large thief returned home to find his girlfriend tied up. One of his boss's enforcers, Johnny Warren, was there. Robin got a line on him and went to investigate. He found the man dead and let his guard slip. Warren captured him.

Robin 122

Cover Date: March 2004
Subtitle: Bad to the Bone
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Rick Mays, Aaron Sowd
Storyline: Robin got out of Johnny Warren's grasp and roughed him up. In the fight, Johnny accidentally shot his own left hand off. He shot the hostage and escaped with the S.T.A.R. Labs loot while Robin tended the injured girl. Robin, feeling he could have done more if he could have gotten there faster, asked Batman for his own transportation. He returned home and told his father he'd been roughed up trying out for the football team. Johnny Warren, after being patched up by his mother, opened the loot and was attacked by it. Batman gave Robin a motorcycle.

Robin 123

Cover Date: April 2004
Subtitle: Nemesis
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Fransisco Rodrigues de la Fuente, Aaron Sowd
Storyline: Johnny Warren, being driven by the parasitic entity he'd let loose, surfaced and killed two police officers. He then attacked his old gang's hideout and informed them he was the new boss. Robin found Warren's mother, dead and decayed. Spoiler found the two cops in the same condition. Robin and Spoiler went after Warren. He attacked them and burned out. One punch from Robin tore him into pieces. He resurfaced weeks later in Istanbul under the name Johnny Warlock.

Robin 124

Cover Date: May 2004
Subtitle: Good Parenting
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Fransisco Rodrigues de la Fuente, Aaron Sowd
Storyline: At an open house at Tim's school, Jack Drake found out he'd not tried out for the football team. Wondering what else his son was hiding from him, he searched his room. Batman continued to work hard with Robin, who was still apprehensive about having 'killed' Johnny Warren. Batman told him he could use that excuse one more time - when he quit. Tim again spoke with Stephanie about quitting the life. She beat him up about it and reminded him of all the good he'd done. Jack Drake found Robin's outfit and journal. He went to Wayne Manor and threatened Bruce at gunpoint.

Robin 125

Cover Date: June 2004
Subtitle: In the Shadow of Two Fathers
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Francisco Rodriguez de la Fuente, Aaron Sowd
Storyline: Bruce disarmed Jack Drake. Drake accused him of using mind control over his son. He threatened to tell everyone - the media, the police, the world - Wayne's secret. Robin returned to the cave to find Bruce and his father. Jack ordered Tim to get out of his costume and to go home with him. Nightwing arrived as Tim and his father talked; Bruce got into costume. Alfred suggested killing the Drakes so that the secrets wouldn't be exposed. The humor broke the ice a bit. Jack agreed not to expose anyone, and Tim agreed to no longer be Robin. In Istanbul, Johnny Warlock hired a hitwoman to take Robin down. She planned to unearth his secret identity. He called his former boss in Gotham an ordered him to create chaos in order to bring Robin out of hiding (he'd not been seen lately).

Robin 126

Cover Date: July 2004
Subtitle: A Life More Ordinary
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Damion Scott
Storyline: Tim and Stephanie talked. He was adjusting; she intended to continue on as Spoiler. Warlock's assassin reported back to him - Robin had not been sighted in six weeks, though Batman, Nightwing, and Batgirl had; Robin's true identity had been narrowed down to 12 candidates. While Spoiler checked in on her boyfriend, she found him lip-locked with another girl. Pissed, she created her own Robin outfit and broke into the cave. Batman gave her the job - he told Alfred that Tim quit and no longer played a part in his plans. Stephanie could be suitable under his protection, but not alone (as with her Spoiler identity). He gave her a real outfit and made her get a haircut. Her training began. They went out on patrol as Tim made a date with the girl who'd kissed him (Stephanie had not been returning his calls). The first Robin candidate and his family were killed.

Robin 127

Cover Date: August 2004
Subtitle: Girl Wonder
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Damion Scott, Robert Campanella
Storyline: Stephanie, as Robin, went out with Batman on her 46th night in her new costume. They took down "Bloodbath, Inc." and got the name of their boss. Tim continued to get the cold shoulder from his girlfriend. The seventh possible Robin and his family were killed by Warlock's assassin. The next night, Batman and Robin took down a woman calling herself Tiger Moth. Tim began to hear rumors of a new sidekick. He called the cave - Stephanie answered. Batman put some things together and uncovered the plot to kill the last Robin. Though Stephanie stood him up, Batgirl gave Tim a visit. Scarab went after her eighth victim, but was interrupted by Batman and Robin.

Robin 128

Cover Date: September 2004
Subtitle: Fired
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Damion Scott
Storyline: Day 48 as Robin saw Scarab attack her and Batman. She got them separated and was miffed that Robin was a girl. Scarab removed her mask anyway, took pictures, and left. They regrouped back in the cave - Robin had placed a tracker on Scarab. Scarab contacted her employer believing she'd already killed her target, which had led to the new Robin. Batman got to her; Robin disobeyed orders and went in to help. Scarab captured Robin and left in the batplane. Alfred recovered it and Stephanie the next day while Bruce recovered from his temporary blinding due to the battle. Three weeks later, Batman called Stephanie in and fired her for disobeying a direct order. He also told her he didn't expect to ever see Spoiler again, either. Tim and Batgirl talked. She admitted she was assigned to guard him because of the Scarab situation.

Robin 129

Cover Date: October 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 1, Part 5: Alamo High
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Giuseppe Camuncoli, Lorenzo Ruggiero
Storyline: [continued from Gotham Knights 56]
While walking to school, Tim witnessed a mob team try to kidnap his classmate, Darla Aquista - the daughter of one of the few remaining mob bosses. He was able to take down some of the gunmen and save Darla, though the gun battle took care of a few of the combatants. Scarface's gang joined in the hunt. One of Tim's friends caught a bullet in the leg. Tim captured Scarface after wrecking their car. Other gangs began hitting family members of those in charge of their rivals. Darla was shot; Tim gave her CPR.
[continued in Batgirl 55]

Robin 130

Cover Date: November 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 2, Part 5: The Only Light in Gotham
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Jon Proctor, Robert Campanella, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: [continued from Gotham Knights 57]
Black Mask, thought to be dead, attacked Spoiler and defeated and began to torture her. She finally broke and told him Orpheus was the central piece of Batman's plan; Black Mask had already killed Orpheus. Tim told his dad he was back in costume. He asked that he and Dana volunteer at Dr. Thompkins' clinic.
[continued in Batgirl 56]

Robin 131

Cover Date: December 2004
Subtitle: War Games Act 3, Part 5: Too Many Ghosts
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Thomas Derenick, Robert Campanella
Storyline: [continued from Nightwing 98]
Robin took down two of the Ravens and contacted Oracle. She gave him his next targets and he soon marked Trickster off his list. Mr. Fun was his next take down. Spoiler found Black Mask and attacked him. Raging, she got the best of him and took his gun. She was unable to use it on him; he got the gun back and shot her in the back. Tim visited his father.
[continued in Gotham Knights 58]

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