Robin ongoing 1996 (issues 24-36)

Robin 24

Cover Date: January 1996
Subtitle: Insects and Violence
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Aaron Lopresti, Stan Woch
Storyline: Robin, still in Charaxes' goo, was able to get communications to Alfred, who was to send Batman to find him. Robin was able to get himself free from his bindings only to be attacked by a hungry Charaxes. A new, unknown "mask" entered and took Charaxes down as Robin blacked out from his attack. Batman arrived and woke him up; the other guy escaped with Charaxes. The next day at school, one of Tim's friends showed him the pistol his father got for him.

Robin 25

Cover Date: February 1996
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: Tim told his father about the gun situation, and Jack went to visit Karl's father. The visit appeared unsuccessful, but the next day at school, Karl showed Tim his father had taken his gun, but he'd swiped another. A confrontation later broke out, and Karl lost the shootout. Green Arrow (Connor Hawk) and Spoiler came in to help Robin with the gun problem.

Robin 26

Cover Date: early March 1996
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: Tim and Ariana went to Karl's funeral, where Tim saw Stephanie Brown. He later saw her as Spoiler at his school. She and Robin went after Karl's killer that night and were ambushed by the rest of his gang. Batman showed up and bailed them out.

Robin 27

Cover Date: late March 1996
Subtitle: Natural Born Healer (Contagion three)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: (continued from Detective 695)
Robin and Catwoman teamed up to find the survivor as they plague spread in Gotham City. Batman asked Azrael to follow and watch out for Robin. He and Catwoman found the survivor only to come in second to a man calling himself Tracker. He hit them from behind; Azrael appeared.
(continued in Catwoman 31)

Robin 28

Cover Date: April 1996
Subtitle: Bitter Dregs (Contagion eleven)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: (continued from Azrael 16)
Tim was cured. Nightwing and Batman went out to clean up some of the mess in their city. Robin went to the aid of the GCPD when he heard they were in a shootout with a local gang while trying to deliver the antidote. Still shaken from his ordeal, Robin took a break on a rooftop. Catwoman found him and gave him a hand taking down the gang-bangers. Tim returned home.

Robin 29

Cover Date: May 1996
Subtitle: Hit and Myth
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Frank Fosco, Stan Woch
Storyline: Ariana bleached her hair because she saw Tim eye-balling a blonde (Stephanie Brown). She instantly became more popular at school, putting Tim in a bad mood. He went out as Robin to get his mind off it. He was captured by Maxie Zeus' gang who demanded to meet "the Oracle."

Robin 30

Cover Date: June 1996
Subtitle: Iliads and Oddities
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Frank Fosco, Stan Woch, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Robin called Oracle, who attempted to pinpoint his location. Ariana went out with friends, and one of the boys tried to take advantage of her. She was able to get away from him before anything happened. The police arrived and took down Zeus' gang. Tim picked up Ariana the next morning - she'd dyed her hair back to normal.

Robin 31

Cover Date: July 1996
Subtitle: Up to Speed
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: Robin and Wildcat (Ted Grant) teamed up to go after the Speedboyz - a group of car thieves who'd gotten off on a technicality. They got them and gave them over to the police. Batman learned from Gordon that the Clench was back and more powerful.

Robin 32

Cover Date: August 1996
Subtitle: Born With Teeth (Legacy part three)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Ray McCarthy
Storyline: (continued from Catwoman 36)
Dick and Tim split up in Paris to cover more ground. Robin met up with Henri DuCard and told him what was going on before meeting back up with Nightwing. They found the spot - Nightwing went into the sewers below the Louvre, while Robin went into the tourist attraction. Nightwing took out the plague spreaders below, while Robin and DuCard took care of the Demon's agents inside. Dick and Tim headed back to Gotham City.
(continued in Shadow of the Bat 54)

Robin 33

Cover Date: September 1996
Subtitle: Riptide (Legacy part seven)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Rob Leigh
Storyline: (continued from Detective 701)
Robin, Nightwing, and Huntress made it aboard Ra's al Ghul's yacht as Batman continued to search for Bane. Robin found the computers with the plague information and uplinked it to Oracle. Nightwing and Huntress put up a fight against the Demon's agents, but he and Talia captured them. Robin was attacked, leading to an explosion. He got Huntress and Nightwing off the ship before it exploded; Oracle got the entire program in time. Montoya and Bullock discovered dozens of mobsters that washed ashore from Bludhaven.
(continued in Detective 702)

Robin 34

Cover Date: October 1996
Subtitle: Situations and Comedies
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jennifer Graves, John Dell
Storyline: Tim and some of his attended a school function - a play in a park. When Tim saw an altercation, he snuck off to stop it. Ms. Helena Bertinelli, one of the teachers, saw him breaking up the fight and told him she was keeping an eye on him. Later, as Robin, he chased off some potential robbers. He was unsure if Huntress figured out his secret.

Robin 35

Cover Date: November 1996
Subtitle: Iced! (part of The Final Night)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Bob Smith
Storyline: Robin, out on his own in a snow storm, reluctantly picked up a partner - Spoiler. They Toyman escaped from prison. Robin and Spoiler took down some looters and saved a woman and child who'd been buried in the snow. Robin attempted to teach Spoiler that all life was important, even if they'd tried to kill her.

Robin 36

Cover Date: December 1996
Subtitle: War Toy Story
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Staz Johnson, Bob Smith
Storyline: Ulysses "The General" Armstrong was released from the juvenile detention center. Robin checked in on him - he almost immediately joined forces with Toyman. They went in together to score some rare toys. Tim and Ariana were having problems.

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