Robin ongoing 1995 (issues 13-23)

Robin 13

Cover Date: January 1995
Subtitle: Wings over Gotham (Prodigal conclusion)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): John Cleary, Phil Jimenez, Ray Kryssing
Storyline: (continued from Detective 681)
Robin and the police pursued Steeljacket as Dick and Bruce had a heart-to-heart. Robin stayed with Steeljacket (in flight) long enough for the police to take him down. When he returned to the cave, Dick was in his Nightwing getup, and Bruce had a new Batman costume.

Robin 14

Cover Date: February 1995
Subtitle: Big City Bomber
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Ray Kryssing
Storyline: (continued from Detective 682)
Robin and Bock tried to get Bullock to safety as the KGBeast continued his attack. Batman was waiting at Lucious Fox's house when Romana showed up with her men. He quickly dispensed of them and went after KGBeast and the nuke. Robin battled the beast and finally bested him by fighting dirty. Batman arrived and secured the bomb. Bullock was comatose.

Robin 15

Cover Date: March 1995
Subtitle: Looking for Clues
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Tom Grummett, Ray Kryssing
Storyline: Batman and Robin went to Blackgate to check out the Cluemaster (Arthur Brown) when they received clues to crimes that had already been committed. Robin learned he had been planning the crimes due to the thieves having his daughter, Stephanie, captive. Robin tailed the thieves and found their hideout (and Stephanie). Batman stopped the crime planned for that night.

Robin 16

Cover Date: April 1995
Subtitle: All Fall Down
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Phil Jimenez, Stewart Johnson, Bob Smith, John Stanisci, Frank McLaughlin
Storyline: Robin got Stephanie Brown to safety and they (with her as Spoiler) met with Batman. Batman talked to Cluemaster and got a lead on the next heist. Robin and Spoiler went for it. Together, they took down the thieves. Stephanie Brown visited her father in Blackgate and gave him a severe beating while the guards turned their heads.

Robin 17

Cover Date: June 1995
Subtitle: The Silk Dragons part 2
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Steve Lieber, Enrique Villagran
Storyline: (continued from Detective 685)
Robin witnessed the first stages of they brewing mob war and contacted Bruce. He saw Huntress swoop down on the Lynx/King Snake fight and went to her aid. Dorrance fled; Batman gave chase. Silver Monkey attacked Batman and threatened him over the King Snake Bounty.
(continued in Detective 686)

Robin 18

Cover Date: July 1995
Subtitle: The Mouse that Ate Gotham
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Parobeck, Stan Woch
Storyline: A city engineer was fired because he documented major structural problems in Gotham City. Someone began sabotaging places described in the documentation and Robin went after the man. He believed his innocence, and together they sought out the real culprit. After taking down the saboteur - a secretary who'd had a crush on the engineer, he was rehired and promoted for saving the mayor's life.

Robin 19

Cover Date: August 1995
Subtitle: War Gods in the 'hood
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong, self styled boy general, was released from his youth detention center. He found a homeless man who thought he was Julius Caesar to front for him. Robin tracked them after they stole a lion. He fell into their trap and had to face the lion.

Robin 20

Cover Date: September 1995
Subtitle: The Empire Strikes Out
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: The General's siblings helped Robin out of his situation with the lion. Robin went to Sheriff Shotgun Smith. Ariana learned her family was moving away from Gotham City. Robin and the sheriff took down the general and his Caesar. When Tim returned home, Ariana was in his bed.

Robin 21

Cover Date: October 1995
Subtitle: Shadows
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: Ariana left the Drake home in a huff when the maid and Mr. Drake found her. Batman and Robin checked out a group of kids who'd been ripping places off dressed as ninjas. Batman handed the case off to Tim when one of his schoolmates ended up dead. Robin went after them and easily beat the first three, but the last started shooting. Robin escaped; Tim joined the ninja camp that appeared to be doing the work.

Robin 22

Cover Date: NOvember 1995
Subtitle: I Was a Teenage Ninja!!
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Mike Wieringo, Stan Woch
Storyline: Tim (under an alias) went berserk on the camp's "sensei" when he tried to show up a fat kid. He liked Tim's style and invited him into their gang. Robin took down the "ninjas" that night during Tim's initiation. He learned Ariana's family had sold their business.

Robin 23

Cover Date: December 1995
Subtitle: Buggin' (part of Underworld Unleashed)
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Aaron Lopresti, Stan Woch
Storyline: Killer Moth was visited by the demon Neron. Tim learned Wayne Enterprises had bought Ariana's family's store. They'd gotten such a good price they were moving to the suburbs; Ariana would be attending Tim's high school. Killer Moth entered some sort of cocoon; he emerged as a monster calling himself Charaxes. Robin went out alone against the "lightweight" Killer Moth. He was attacked by Charaxes.

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