Robin: Violent Tendencies

Robin #170

Cover Date: March 2008
Subtitle: The Fix
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Chris Batista, Jamal Igle, Cam Smith, Rick Ketcham, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: Batman and Robin picked up a bookie who had been robbed by a "cape." The woman was wearing purple, which made Robin think of Spoiler.
Ives, Tim's old friend, began attending Tim's school.
Robin got the next pickup location from the bookie and staked it out. He came face to face with Violet and the two fought. She got away, leaving Robin with a black eye.
Penguin bailed the bookie out and planned to use him as bait.

Robin #171

Cover Date: April 2008
Subtitle: The Odds Against
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Chris Batista, Cam Smith, Rick Ketcham
Storyline: Batman and Robin took down the Condiment King with little difficulty then talked about Violet as she struck again. The next day, Tim had another problem focusing with Zoanne - he fell asleep on a roller coaster. She ditched him again.
Robin went on patrol and found a ghetto church getting a make over. Thinking it may be the money Violet was stealing, "Alvin Draper" went in to investigate. It was a place for people trying to get over addictions. Tim bumped into Ives before heading into a Gambling-Anonymous meeting.
Officer Harper introduced Robin to Lt. Detective Cavallo and Detective Wise.

Robin #172

Cover Date: May 2008
Subtitle: The Takedown
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): David Baldeon, Steve Bird
Storyline: Robin, using his new detective friends as backup, went into Maxie's Casino - an underground joint he heard about in the gambling anonymous. With some quick surveillance, he found out "Maxie" was Maxie Zeus. Violet struck and shots were fired. He helped her get out without getting killed while the cops busted the place and arrested Zeus.
Spoiler watched Robin.

Robin #173

Cover Date: June 2008
Subtitle: Girl Trouble
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Chris Batista, Cam Smith, Rick Ketcham
Storyline: Penguin got a tip that there were two girls in purple. He wanted them both.
Tim visited Ives, who was recovering from chemotherapy.
Robin was told by the detectives that there was a rash of very good counterfeit hundreds. He analyzed one and knew that Violet would be after them. He tracked them to the Korean Mafia and found Violet already there. They fought, but Spoiler intervened. Robin freaked out and the mob arrived.

Robin #174

Cover Date: July 2008
Subtitle: The Three
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Chris Batista, Cam Smith, Rick Ketcham
Storyline: After taking down the Korean mobsters, Spoiler split saying she would meet Robin again under her own terms. Robin got Violet into his car, but she bolted.
The detectives who'd been working with Robin baited their informant into their car and shot him.
Batman and Robin tracked Spoiler - Stephanie Brown. They took her back to the cave and talked. Leslie Thompkins had faked her death to get her away from the "cape" life.

Robin / Spoiler special #1

Cover Date: 2008
Subtitle: [1] Puddles [2] Katavi
Writer(s): [1] Chuck Dixon [2] Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): [1] Rafael Albuquerque [2] Victor Ibanez
Storyline: [1] Stephanie met Tim at school and invited him to a "creep" - a party housed in a location where they'd be trespassing. He ditched Zoanne and went with her. Police arrived and the partygoers split. Tim's car was shot at and they went to another girl's house. She'd taken a teddy bear from the wearhouse. The toy belonged to a kidnapped girl.
Robin and Spoiler caught the kidnapper outside the house and called the police. They went in and saved the little girl.
[2] Stephanie worked with Leslie Thompkins in Africa handing out vaccines to locals. One night after helping one of the children find a lost dog, the village was attacked by "demon hunters." Stephanie put on a costume and made herself out to be a demon and drove the savages off. Leslie was hit with crossfire. Stephanie got her to a hospital and told her she was heading back to Gotham.