Robin: To Kill a Bird

Robin 134

Cover Date: March 2005
Subtitle: Always Starting Over
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Damion Scott, Sandra Hope
Storyline: Tim visited Dana. She had lapses and momentarily forgot Stephanie and Jack were dead. After, he went to the cave and gave an update to Bruce. Bruce told him that since Dana had never officially adopted him, it would be up to the courts. Bruce asked Tim if he could adopt him. He told Bruce he'd have to think about it. Tim started school in Bludhaven the next day. There was much interest in him, being one of the kids that survived "Alamo High" in the gang war. He rejected all the attention and went about his business. At the reading of his father's will, Tim learned he had an uncle. It was his father's wishes that he raise Tim. Back in Bludhaven, Robin took down a street gang. Before he called it a night, he was taken down by a flurry of arrows.

Robin 135

Cover Date: April 2005
Subtitle: Arrows of the Sun
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Damion Scott, Sandra Hope
Storyline: Robin survived the arrow attack - his armor saved him. He avoided more of the assassin's shots before getting to her. She called herself the 'Rising Sun Archer.' She escaped, leaving him with an arrow stuck through his left forearm. He was able to stick a bug on her and began a trace. As he followed her, he was attacked by the "Dark Rider." Alfred visited Tim's stepmother; Penguin met with some of his associates.

Robin 136

Cover Date: May 2005
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Pop Mhan, Sandra Hope
Storyline: Penguin met with one of his hired assassins, she'd failed to kill Robin. An energy-emitting man on a flying ghost horse attacked the Boy Wonder. Robin was able to get the horse apparition away so that he could fight the man one-on-one. As morning hit, the Dark Rider (he said he took the name after killing the original) faded into a normal man. Bruce and Alfred talked about Tim in the cave. Alfred visited him a few days later to announce they'd found his uncle Edward. He soon arrived in Gotham City.

Robin 137

Cover Date: June 2005
Subtitle: A Gift from a Friend
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Guiseppe Camuncolo, Sandra Hope
Storyline: Robin defeated the Dark Rider again and left him for the police. Tim's uncle (and now legal guardian) signed him out of school, saying he would be home-schooled from now on. That night, Robin tracked the location of the Rising Sun Archer in order to stake her out. When he arrived at her apartment, she was bound and gagged. A note was left on her to Robin. He got the goods from her: Penguin had a contract out on him and Batgirl. Johnny Warlock got the lowdown on Robin - Black Mask had killed her, but a new guy was in the costume. Aquista asked him to bring his daughter back from the dead. Using her father's life, Warlock's parasite brought her back.

Robin 138

Cover Date: July 2005
Subtitle: The Freelance Doctrine
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Damion Scott, Sandra Hope
Storyline: Robin captured Penguin in attempt to make him talk. Penguin told him the open contract got assassins on his jobs better because he didn't have to keep them on payroll unless they scored. Robin vanished when his men arrived to rescue him. Robin's "benefactor" - the man who'd giftwrapped the Rising Sun Archer for him - made his presence known. Darla Acquista boarded a plane and made it back to the US. Bruce Wayne visited Eddie Drake. "Drake" was spooked to learn that Wayne knew everything about him (he was an out-of-work actor playing the part of the long lost uncle). Batman confronted Tim in the cave.

Robin 139

Cover Date: August 2005
Subtitle: Meaner than a Junkyard Dog
Writer(s): Bill Willingham
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: Batman congratulated Tim on his efforts to fool the world into thinking he had an uncle. He agreed to outfit Tim's hideout with anything he needed. Robin told Batman about The Veteran, who he'd met recently; Batman blew him off as a folk tale and showed him evidence. In Bludhaven, the police found a note with a dead body saying the killings would stop when Batgirl and Robin were delivered. Robin met with a cop and got instructions on where to meet the so-called "Junkyard dog." He met a dog, who had a note to follow him. He met Junkyard Dog, who appeared to be a beast-man. With help from his new friends, Robin took him and his pack of wild dogs down. The Veteran confided in Robin that he wanted to recruit the boy. Batman warned Alfred about getting too close to Tim's stepmother.