Robin Annual 7

Cover Date: December 2007
Subtitle: [1] The Great Pumpkin [2] The Festival of the Hungry Ghosts
Writer(s): [1]Keith Champagne [2] Keith Champagne
Artists(s): [1] Derec Donovan [2] Jason Pearson
Storyline: [1] The night before Halloween, Robin got to a crime scene just as Harvey Bullock did. Bullock gave him a few minutes before checking it out himself. The murder victim had been gutted completely. Robin took pictures and headed back to the cave.
He took a shoe print and the victim's name as the first clues and began running computer checks. The next night, he found a second victim - the first's brother. Same shoe print. He called Bullock and headed to the next scene - the victims' sister was attacking her nephew. Robin saved the kid, but "Scary Mary" escaped.
[2] Damian was walking the streets of China when he was pulled into a shop by an old man. He was warned of the Festival of Hungry Ghosts and offered some tea. Damian slapped it out of the old man's hand and began to leave. He stopped and rethought things when the man mentioned his father wearing a mask.
Damian awakened in a graveyard and was attacked by ghosts (which he did not believe in) and several Robins. After defeating them and not showing fear, his watcher was pleased.