ongoing monthly titles

Batman and the Outsiders (later Adventures of the Outsiders)
1983-1987, 46 issues

1985-1988, 28 issues

1993-1995, 25 issues

2003-2007, 50 issues

Batman and the Outsiders (later The Outsiders)


Outsiders: Five of a Kind (5 one-shots, 2007)

original graphic novels, one-shots, and specials

Batman and the Outsiders annual 1
Batman and the Outsiders annual 2
Outsiders (2003) annual 1
Teen Titans / Outsiders: Secret Files & Origins 2003

trade paperbacks and collected editions

Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders vol 1 [B&O 1-19; tB&tB 200; New Teen Titans 16]
Outsiders: Looking for Trouble [Outsiders 1-7; Teen Titans / Outsiders SFO]
Outsiders: Sum of all Evil [Outsiders 8-15]
Outsiders: Wanted [Outsiders 16-23]
Teen Titans / Outsiders: Insiders [Teen Titans 24-26; Outsiders 24-25, 28]
Outsiders: Crisis Intervention [Outsiders 29-33]
Outsiders: The Good Fight [Outsiders 34-41]
Outsiders: Pay as you Go [Outsiders 42-46, annual 1]
Outsiders / Checkmate: CheckOut [Checkmate 13-15; Outsiders 47-49]
Outsiders: Five of a Kind [Outsiders 50, Five of a Kind 1-5]
Teen Titans / Outsiders: The Death and Return of Donna Troy [Graduation Day 1-3; The Return of Donna Troy 1-4]
Batman and the Outsiders: The Chrysalis [Batman and the Outsiders 1-5]
Batman and the Outsiders: The Snare [Batman and the Outsiders 6-10]

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