Showcase Presents: Batman and the Outsiders volume 1

Batman and the Outsiders #1

Cover Date: August 1983
Subtitle: Wars Ended...Wars Begun
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Batman was already reaching his limits when he learned that Lucius Fox was missing in the Markovian Revolution. He called an emergency JLA meeting. When they refused to get involved, Batman quit the team.
In Markovia, the king died, leaving his throne to his son Gregor. His other son, Brion, stood at his side. Dr. Jace arrived, but it was too late. Gregor and Brion spoke of the powers she'd given Brion and their sister, Tara.
Posing as Fox's brother, Jefferson "Black Lightning" Pierce, went on recon. He found an army leader, but the man was stabbed in the back by a woman with a sword. While making a plan, Batman happened upon an unconscious woman who was glowing. When disturbed, she blasted him with an energy bolt. Metamorpho, hoping to become normal again, visited Dr. Jace. While there, revolutionaries attacked. Prince Brion was injured in the melee and buried alive.
"Halo," as Batman called the amnesiac girl, flew him near his friends. He was captured. When he awakened, he was in a prison with Lucius. The leader of the revolution introduced himself - Baron Bedlam

Batman and the Outsiders #2

Cover Date: September 1983
Subtitle: Markovia's Last Stand
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Baron Bedlam monologued about his father, the Nazis, and Markovia as Batman waited for Black Lightning to blast him. When their captor was gone, Batman questioned him - Black Lightning had retired the costume due to no longer having his powers.
Outside, Katana grabbed Halo. When they realized they were on the same side, they broke into Baron Bedlam's stronghold. Black Lightning finally worked up some magic and reanimated Metamorpho. He freed Lightning and Batman. They found Lucius Fox, who'd been rescued by Halo and Katana. The group went after Bedlam, who'd grabbed Dr. Jace and headed to the palace.
All out war for control of Markovia broke out. A revived Geo-Force attacked Baron Bedlam. The revolution ended when Bedlam was defeated and given over to the people of Markovia.
Batman invited the people who'd helped him - Halo, Metamorpho, Black Lightning, Katana, and Geo-Force to join his crusade. Metamorpho christened them "The Outsiders."

Batman and the Outsiders #3

Cover Date: October 1983
Subtitle: Bitter Orange
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Batman welcomed his "Outsiders" to the Batcave. He didn't give up his identity, but he did tell them Bruce Wayne financed him.
A warmonger calling himself Agent Orange plotted to destroy Gotham City.
Bruce took Halo to a psychiatrist to check out her amnesia. She later chose the name Gabrielle Doe as her alter-ego. That night, Batman took them to the penthouse Wayne used to use as his home. He invited Halo and Katana (Tatsu Yamashiro) to live there. He also showed them what would be their headquarters below. Alfred contacted him and he split.
Batman found some men moving chemicals. Halo and Katana, who'd disobeyed orders and followed him, helped interrogate a captive. Batman located Agent Orange - the leader of the gang, and brought the Outsiders along. Geo-Force, Halo, and Metamorpho stopped a bomb, while Batman captured Orange.

Batman and the Outsiders #4

Cover Date: November 1983
Subtitle: One-Man Meltdown
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: While a man (Ned Creegan) with burning powers broke out of prison, the Outsiders enjoyed some time out of their capes. Batman talked to the prison officials - Creegan had vowed to kill him (due to having been put in prison by Batman and Robin).
Batman and the Outsiders captured him and learned he needed radioactive materials to stay alive. Metamorpho provided him with his needs. Batman caught the warden trying to destroy evidence where he'd withheld treatments for Creegan. Batman agreed to help the man at his parole hearing.

Batman and the Outsiders #5

Cover Date: December 1983
Subtitle: Psimon Says...
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: [continued from The New Teen Titans 37]
Geo-Force and Terra put pieces of land mass back together into one, and saved the Titans and Outsiders. Once safe, Batman handed out orders (which alienated Robin). Dr. Light left the Fearsome Five after once again being put in his place by Psimon. The Titans and Outsiders mingled and found they had more in common than any of them realized. Black Lightning captured Dr. Light, and it appeared Halo attacked the groups momentarily. Raven was forced to shut her down. After they got Light to talk, Cyborg was able to get a device ready and treat everyone for Psimon's imminent attack. When he did, the Titans and Outsiders were the only people in Manhattan who were not "frozen." The citizens became Psimon's zombies against the heroes. Robin backed Batman down and gave orders. Halo stopped Psimon from escaping with her stasis beam, and Cyborg destroyed his gadgets. New York's citizens woke up. Batman and Robin patched things up between them.

Batman and the Outsiders #6

Cover Date: January 1984
Subtitle: Death Warmed Over
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: After Tatsu got Gabrielle off to her new school, she met with Bruce Wayne. He told her that Batman had instructed him to buy her a Japanese book store to run. She hesitated, but eventually warmed up to the idea.
Rex and Brion were visiting Dr. Jace at the hospital when they heard gunshots. They ducked into a closet to costume up. The attacker escaped with a kidney, which was to be used on a young girl.
Batman called the Outsiders together and told them about "Cryonic Man." They encountered him (after setting a trap) in a tunnel bridge. He blasted the group with liquid nitrogen and made off with Katana.

Batman and the Outsiders #7

Cover Date: February 1984
Subtitle: Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: The Cryonic Man, much like Mr. Freeze, had a loved one frozen in hopes of finding a cure for her. He planned to use Katana's organs as a replacement for those failing. Rescuers attempted to get Batman and the Outsiders free from their frozen state. Halo beat them to the punch by unfreezing both herself and her friends. Using Katana's magic sword (which had been left behind at the scene), Halo led the group to their captured comrade. Batman and Geo-Force went after Cryonic Man while the others rescued Katana. With the villain captured, the Outsiders questioned his frozen friends - they'd been frozen in 1947 fearing nuclear war. He'd been communicating to them that it was still 1955.

Batman and the Outsiders #8

Cover Date: March 1984
Subtitle: The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Batman and GCPD investigated a kidnapping - an infant from its home. A man was found with finger prints matching that of the kidnapper, but the man was elderly and couldn't have possibly knocked the mother out. Batman thought he saw the Phantom Stranger. On a hunch, Batman learned the old man and the kidnapped baby had identical finger prints. At a nursery school, several children instantly became elderly. Geo-Force helped a couple get to the hospital - the wife was in labor. When the baby was delivered, it turned into the sorcerer Tannarak. Phantom Stranger appeared. As they battled, Stranger realized Tannarak had been possessing babies for quite some time until he'd discovered a way to fully use their bodies. The Outsiders arrived and began to help out, but infants attacked them. When Stranger defeated Tannarak, all the elderly babies reverted back to their original form. The woman who'd just given birth miraculously gave birth to another.
A woman calling herself New Wave took a contract to kill Black Lightning.

Batman and the Outsiders #9

Cover Date: April 1984
Subtitle: (1) Enter: The Masters of Disaster; (2) Halow: Battle for the Band
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): (1) Jim Aparo; (2) Bill Willingham, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: (1) Thirty-year old Jefferson Pierce - Black Lightning - continued to question himself. New Wave and her gang, the Masters of Disaster, shook down an inner city crime boss looking for Black Lightning.
Bruce Wayne attended the groundbreaking of a new housing project he was funding; the Masters of Disaster struck. Batman called in the Outsiders and the two teams went at it. They demanded Black Lightning and he obliged.
(2)Gabrielle had joined the marching band at school after learning she had musical talent. At a competition, their band leader was kidnapped by the opposing team. Halo sprung into action. She nabbed the kidnappers. No one was hurt, and since they were all minors, her hands were tied. She took their clothes and left them naked at the scene.
Gaby's band won the competition.

Batman and the Outsiders #10

Cover Date: May 1984
Subtitle: The Execution of Black Lightning
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Steve Lightle, Sal Trapani
Storyline: Geo-Force questioned Batman's decision of letting the Masters of Disaster take Black Lightning. Black Lightning found out why he'd been captured - Trina Shelton's mother showed up where he was being held. He relived the moment where a mugger's stray shot killed the girl. The woman realized how wrong she was to pay to have him killed.
Matches Malone and his gang visited with Morgan Jones' gang (the ones the Masters of Disaster shook down looking for Lightning). Malone wanted Lightning and believed Jones could deliver him. They said they could arrange Malone to witness Lightning's execution, but only if he went alone. He took the offer. With Malone on site, the Outsiders struck the abandoned oil rig. During the fight, Mrs. Shelton sacrificed herself for Black Lightning. The Masters of Disaster retreated.

Batman and the Outsiders #11

Cover Date: June 1984
Subtitle: The Truth about Katana part I: A Sword of Ancient Death
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Tatsu and Brion fell victim to attempted muggers. A ninja watched the fight.
Back at home, Tatsu presented Gaby a pet kitten then polished her sword. The ninja attacked. Katana warned Halo off, but she persisted and was knocked out. Katana, too, was knocked out. The ninja took her talking sword (and left her his own). It seemed to know him.
Mr. Jefferson seemed to enjoy teaching more after his new lease on life. Gaby got asked out. When she returned home to tell Tatsu, she found a note. Tatsu had left (she returned to Japan). When she arrived, the Outsiders were there waiting for her. She explained to them the loss of her sword, and that it contained the spirit of her dead husband.
Maseo's brother exercised him from the sword and others from other swords. He was ordered to kill Katana.

Batman and the Outsiders #12

Cover Date: July 1984
Subtitle: The Truth about Katana part II: Love, Honor, and Destroy
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Dick Giordano
Storyline: Batman ordered Katana to stay put while he did recon - she was too emotionally involved. She disobeyed. Katana and Halo attacked the men who'd stolen her sword. Batman and the Outsiders fled the fight and went back to Katana's hotel room. She told them of her past: Maseo and his brother (one of the men who'd revived him) both fell in love with her, but the brother joined a cult when she chose Maseo. They were married and had two children, Yuki and Reiko. Takeo later attacked them and killed Maseo. Their children were also killed, but somehow, Maseo's soul entered the sword which killed him.
Batman and the Outsiders found the place they were looking for, and it was in the middle of a mob war. Maseo was forced to kill both her husband and his brother. The mobsters escaped.
On their way home, Batman fell unconscious from the poison of a blow dart.

Batman and the Outsiders #13

Cover Date: August 1984
Subtitle: In the Chill of the Night
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Dan Day, Pablo Marcos
Storyline: The Outsiders got Batman to a hospital, but without a sample of the poison, they couldn't help him. The doctors suggested keeping him moving - perhaps it would work the poison through his system. The Outsiders went looking for Bruce Wayne for help.
At Wayne Manor, the Outsiders learned the Batman was Bruce Wayne. Bruce, dreaming, relived the night of his parents' murder. In reality, the Outsiders were reenacting the crime to get Batman's blood flowing. They lost sight of him. While searching, Jones's men captured the Outsiders.
Batman caught a glimpse of Joe Chill about to kill his mother again (actually, one of the gangsters with a gun at the Outsiders) and attacked. The Outsiders took down the gang and got Batman back home. He thanked them and revealed his Bruce Wayne identity to them.

Batman and the Outsiders #14

Cover Date: October 1984
Subtitle: Two by Two
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Bill Willingham, Bill Anderson
Storyline: Gaby's date walked her home, but they were interrupted by a crash in a nearby alley. Halo later learned it was Geo-Force, her self-proclaimed chaperone. Later, she tried to set Tatsu up with one of her teachers.
Maxie Zeus escaped and made contact with the Monitor.
Gaby ruined Brion's date and split. He got into costume and chased her. When he caught her, they kissed.
Batman positioned his team at the Olympics fearing Zeus would find it too difficult not to strike. He did.

Batman and the Outsiders #15

Cover Date: November 1984
Subtitle: Going for the Gold
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Trevor Von Eeden
Storyline: The Olympic stadium was evacuated so the Outsiders could do battle with Maxie Zeus' group. Each participated against a member of the opposite group until Batman left to find Zeus' real reason for escaping. The clues led him back to the man's daughter. He wanted her to be happy.
Zeus was recaptured.

Batman and the Outsiders #16

Cover Date: December 1984
Subtitle: The Truth about Halo, part 1: ...Goodbye...
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Halo continued to have nightmares about her real identity (or lack thereof). Tatsu went to Bruce, thinking he'd done nothing to help. He gave Tatsu a geographic location and possible name for her (Midwest, Violet). He'd sent PI Jason Bard to scout out the areas. He found her to be Violet Harper, from Arlington, Missouri. Batman told the group and planned to take Violet home that weekend.
Katana stopped a man from robbing a clinic (of drugs). Her sword cut punctured his lung. The physician on staff began help the man.
Rex (Metamorpho) Mason went home to find his beloved Sapphire. Stagg (Sapphire's father) and his men attacked him with Orbs of Ra, killing him. Dr. Jace burst in and ordered Sapphire to help her get him help.
Bruce Wayne (and the Outsiders in civilian garb) got Violet to her parents. While they were getting accustomed to each other, Batman learned that Violet had been linked to a boy who'd died of a drug overdose about the same time he found her in Markovia.
Back at home, Dr. Jace asked the Outsiders to help with Rex.

Batman and the Outsiders #17

Cover Date: January 1985
Subtitle: Wars Ended...Wars Begun
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Batman and the Outsiders headed to Egypt, hoping they could help Rex at the location where he'd become Metamorpho. On the way, Sapphire told the group his origin: Rex worked for her father and they'd fallen in love. He was sent to Egypt to find the Orb of Ra, but was double-crossed by Stagg's men (he didn't want the man with his daughter). Left for dead, Rex happened upon an ancient meteor and found himself to be changed forever.
At the pyramid, they took down some guards and headed in. They found the meteor and placed Rex's body near it. It began to heat up as Metamorpho phased back to life. After a flash of light, Egyptian (ancient) guards entered the room. The Outsiders had been transported 3000 years into the past. Metamorpho turned on his friends. The Outsiders escaped the pyramid. They were captured and returned to Ramses VII. Batman realized they must help the pharaoh win his war - if he lost, the future would be forever changed.
In present time, Violet (Halo), was visited by a police officer about her ex-boyfriend. Her father dropped her off at school and told her the memory loss was convenient.

Batman and the Outsiders #18

Cover Date: February 1985
Subtitle: Who Wears the Crown of Ra
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Metamorpho pledged allegiance to the pharaoh's opposition. At a annual meeting, Ahk-ton's people attacked Ramses. Batman got Metamorpho back on their side and they won. Ramses's got the Outsiders back to their own time; Sapphire proposed to Rex.
Violet (Halo) had a difficult time adjusting to her school. No one seemed to like her, and the sister of her ex-boyfriend slapped her for "killing" him. A girl at Brion's school committed suicide after one of her professors attempted to take advantage of her in return for a scholarship.

Batman and the Outsiders #19

Cover Date: March 1985
Subtitle: Who's Afraid of the Big Red S
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Jim Aparo
Storyline: Halo visited Brion - they both confessed they didn't love each other. While she was there, he got a call from Denise - she needed help. Geo-Force got her to an ambulance (she'd ODed on sleeping pills). Halo went to Bruce after Geo-Force said he would kill the dean for pushing her. Bruce called Superman. The Man of Steel met Halo and went after Geo-Force. Superman took him down while Batman mounted evidence against the sexual predator.
Rex and Sapphire did some Christmas shopping; Katana and Black Lightning took down some muggers preying on charity Santas.


  • The collected edition of these issues is one of the huge black and white "Showcase Presents" volumes.
  • Batman quit the Justice League and formed his own team - the Outsiders.
  • Per issue 9, Jefferson "Black Lightning" Pearce is 33 years old.
  • The Monitor from Crisis on Infinite Earths is featured in issue 14.

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