Robin Annual #4: Year One

Format: special issue
Binding: square bound
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Jason Armstrong, Robert Campanella
Storyline: Dick Grayson, member of the circus act the Flying Graysons, watched his parents fall to their deaths due to a broken trapeze wire during their act. He was placed in a Gotham City orphanage shortly thereafter. He soon escaped and met up with the Batman. Batman convinced the boy that he needed his help with his parents' case and that he wouldn't be in the orphanage soon. Reluctantly, Dick returned. He was later taken in by Bruce Wayne. One night while Bruce was "out," Dick snuck back to the circus where he saw "Pop" Haly shot and killed. He tried to help, but a kid against three men with guns didn't stand a chance. Batman showed up and fixed that. When Dick regained consciousness, he saw Batman without his mask. Bruce promised Dick that his future would be based on his own decisions and began training him in martial arts. Alfred continued Dick's normal tutoring and added on forensics, criminology, and law. Six months later, Robin was born. The Dynamic Duo tracked down Boss Zucco (who was the one who called the hit on Pop Haly) and he ratted out a man from the circus named Rutledge as the wire saboteur. Robin (with Batman's permission) went after his former friend. In the chase, Rutledge fell into the tiger cage and was killed. Dick decided to stay with Bruce.

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