Vigilante / Nightwing

Vigilante 20

Cover Date: August 1985
Subtitle: A Dream that just won't Die
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, Paul Kupperberg
Artists(s): Tod Smith, Rick Magyar
Storyline: Some suburban kids came out of a concert and were attacked by some thugs. Vigilante appeared and slaughtered them.
Adrian Chase awakened from his nightmare - he'd given up the costume. Chased turned on the TV to find out his dream had really happened. He broke down as they called for his surrender.
The next day, his girlfriend found him crying in his chambers (it was his first day as judge). Though he wouldn't open up to her, she told him not to give in. After the work day was over, they went out. Marcia awakened alone. Adrian was on the balcony after having one of his dreams (the Vigilante had shot a cop).
Later, Nightwing of the Teen Titans attempted to capture Vigilante after he seemingly gunned down a man for no reason. Vigilante bested him; Nightwing ended up falling from a bridge. Wet but not deterred, Nightwing appeared in Chase's home.

Vigilante 21

Cover Date: September 1985
Subtitle: Shadow of a Madman
Writer(s): Paul Kupperberg
Artists(s): Tod Smith, Rick Magyar
Storyline: Chase tried to reason with Nightwing, telling him he didn't remember doing the deeds he'd been accused of, but he refused to give up. Their fight carried on into the street.
Marcia got dressed and headed to Adrian's place after he didn't answer her phone call.
A guy broke into a condo. When the owner pulled a gun on him, they struggled for it. It went off and hit the owner. The burglar tried to escape and shot two cops.
Chase stole a motorcycle and escaped Nightwing. He headed to Marcia's for shelter, but Nightwing was there waiting for him.
Vigilante struck the cop killer, shooting him and causing him to fall from a rooftop. Police moved in on him.
As the Chase / Nightwing fight continued, they heard the police report. Chase was relieved to learn he was not the killer. Nightwing gave the man some time to find the killer using his name.
Adrian went home to find Marcia.


  • Nightwing is recognized as a member of the Teen Titans by a witness to the outdoors fight with Adrian Chase.

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