Nightwing: Showcase '93

Showcase '93 #11

Cover Date: November 1993
Subtitle: Nightwing: Raptors
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Bob McLeod
Storyline: Robin sought Nightwing for help finding Bracuda. He was free - his conviction was overturned on grounds of entrapment. He convinced the former Boy Wonder to help him since he was estranged from the new Batman. When they arrived at their location, EMT and police were on site - Bracuda had shot up the other party in a drug deal. It turned out that Bracuda had teamed up with Chulo, a man Nightwing was tracking. They found him, but he escaped when police arrived. As the police followed the vigilantes, Nightwing and Robin caught up with their targets. They escaped after a fight by knocking them off their boat.
also includes stories featuring Peacemaker and Wonder Woman

Showcase '93 #12

Cover Date: December 1993
Subtitle: Nightwing: Partners
Writer(s): Doug Moench
Artists(s): Bob McLeod
Storyline: Police arrived as Nightwing and Robin got to shore and questioned them. The new partners followed the signal of the homing device Robin stuck on their boat. Chulo and Bracuda killed their business associates and blew up the boat at a warehouse. There, they caught the cops who'd been following them and prepared to kill them. Nightwing and Robin burst in and took the drug runners down. The police got to safety and took them in.
also includes stories featuring Green Lantern and The Creeper