Secret Origins #13 starring Nightwing (and Johnny Thunder)

Format: standard comic
Binding: standard comic
Date: April 1987
Writer(s): Dan Mishkin
Artists(s): Erik Larsen, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: Nightwing, on his 20th birthday, told Jericho about his past. He recalled the circus and the first time he performed without a net (at age 5). He became a regular in the act and did two shows per night for the next five years as a member of the Flying Graysons. When he was ten, his mother and father died in a fall. Later that night, he learned it wasn't an accident. Batman came to him and stopped him from going to the police. He told Dick about Boss Zucco and that he would have been killed shortly after going to the police. Dick became the ward of Bruce Wayne, and less than a year later, he became Batman's partner, Robin. Together, the Dynamic Duo took down Zucco. Robin met other young sidekicks Wonder Girl, AquaLad, Speedy, and Kid Flash. They formed a group and called themselves the Teen Titans. Robin loved his role of leader in the group, but they all eventually went their own ways. Batman and Robin were no longer as much a team as they used to be; they both went out more solo than together. Dick went off to college, but soon dropped out. A mysterious girl named Raven came to him needing him to re-form the Titans. Batman got a new Robin and Dick got a new name - Nightwing. Along the way, he fell in love with Starfire, one of his Titans teammates. She'd married another man for political reasons, causing Dick to again wonder about his place in life.