Nightwing: Mobbed Up

Nightwing 107

Cover Date: June 2005
Subtitle: Criminal
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Dick, apparently working under-cover, performed a hit for his new boss - Tommy Tevis. Tevis brought an associate with them this time to show off his new guy, "Crutches." Crutches gave them his ground rules and they discussed taking him to Black Mask.

Nightwing 108

Cover Date: July 2005
Subtitle: Who's Got the Button?
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Dick was introduced to the new "Double A" guns (armor assassin), which could fire through kevlar. He was then introduced to Fertitta. He knew Grayson was heir to the Wayne fortune, but Dick convinced him he and Bruce had had a falling out. He was assigned to protect the man who picked up the protection racket money from local businesses. On their way back, they were mugged. Dick took them down and realized it was an inside job. He kept his mouth shut. In his Nightwing gear, he recovered the computer disk for his boss. When he got home, he found Sophia going through his stuff.

Nightwing 109

Cover Date: August 2005
Subtitle: Cold Turkey
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Sophie questioned Dick about a picture of Barbara she found. When she learned he had feelings for her, she threw a lamp and ran off. Dick and Tommy talked - he assured him that he was in with him 100%. Dick learned Black Mask wanted to meet him. He talked Tommy out of shooting Ray (a gang Dick took down was his). In costume, Nightwing attacked a car who was watching his new family. Back inside, Lynette (Tommy's wife) tried to convince Dick not to meet with Black Mask - she didn't want her husband moving up. After passing Black Mask's test (taking down 5 of his goons), he planned to send Dick to Bludhaven for some recon work.

Nightwing 110

Cover Date: September 2005
Subtitle: Incorporation
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Dick took some time off to return to Bludhaven. He saw Robin taking down a street gang and tried to get away before the Boy Wonder saw him. Tim did anyway. Dick found out for the first time that Bruce had tried to adopt a second of his partners. He told Robin he was out of the game and to forget he ever knew him. After brushing his former partner off, Nightwing learned that Deathstroke would be a part of the team he was to join. Angie Malazavos went to police to testify against the Fertitta family.

Nightwing 111

Cover Date: October 2005
Subtitle: Signed, Sophia
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Cliff Chiang, Ande Parks
Storyline: Sophia wrote a letter to Crutches. The cops had burst into her home the night before. She ran, but her family fought. Her mother was killed, and her father was taken into custody. She ended up in halfway house until they got her foster care. Dick visited the location where his apartment building was; a new one was in the works. Later, in costume, Nightwing broke in on Westbrook and demanded to see Deathstroke. Ray found him that night and told him what had happened with Tommy, Lynette, and Sophia. He begged Dick to find Sophia and get her out of state care. As he left, Deathstroke arrived.

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