Nightwing: Brothers in Blood

Nightwing 118

Cover Date: May 2006
Subtitle: Gang's all Here
Writer(s): Bruce Jones
Artists(s): Joe Dodd, Bit
Nightwing, now working out of New York City, went after a kidnapper. As he gave chase, he thought about the old days of handing off bad guys to Commissioner Gordon's men. He grabbed the kidnapper and slit the man's throat while the victim (a little girl) watched. Dick Grayson (with long hair - Nightwing had short) woke up with a woman he'd met the night before. They exchanged pleasantries and first names. She called herself Cheyenne. She made him breakfast, and he left as another man entered the apartment. He roughed her up for having the "plumbing" fixed while in her bath robe. She blasted him with some sort of energy from her hand. Dick wandered through town looking for a new apartment and was taken aback by the headlines - HERO OR MURDERER? NIGHTWING SEEN IN NYC. As he read through it, Clancy - an old friend from Bludhaven recognized him. They talked, she was now a psychiatrist. She knew the girl he was with as Cheyenne Freemont - a fashion designer. He found a studio loft before going out after the impostor. While out, he (as Nightwing - now sporting a utility belt and a band around his right thigh) took down a patient trying to get at Clancy. He told her it wasn't him who'd been killing people. After making sure she was safe (and getting an invite to a session), Nightwing got at a brother duo who was roughing up a man. He was taken aback that they were metahuman and tossed from the rooftop. The other Nightwing caught him.

Nightwing 119

Cover Date: June 2006
Subtitle: Pleased to Meet You -- Hope you Guess My Name
Writer(s): Bruce Jones
Artists(s): Joe Dodd, Bit
Storyline: The metahuman Pierce brothers watched as two Nightwings confronted each other. After firing a few shots, they let them go. Dick and Jason fought it out on a rooftop. Jason continually called him "partner," and told him he knew about the Blockbuster situation. He also knew about Cheyenne. He cut Dick's hand and ran off. The next morning as Dick doctored his hand, he heard a radio report about the Nightwing sighting - the vigilante had become tops on the NYPD most wanted list. There was even footage of him gunning down a gang banger. He went out to find Cheyenne and ended up mistakenly becoming one of her models. After the shoot, he found her in her office looking at footage of Nightwing (Jason) and sketching his costume. They got cozy in one of her secret rooms. Later that night, Dick stopped Jason from killing a guy and was spotted by Cheyenne had to turn down the advances of Barry Pierce as she was introduced to Jason Todd.

Nightwing 120

Cover Date: July 2006
Subtitle: Yours, Mind, and Ours
Writer(s): Bruce Jones
Artists(s): Paco Diaz, Bit, Nathan Massengill
Storyline: A shipment of game consoles and computers was hijacked. Nightwing (Jason) took one of the men at gunpoint. He blew his head off and threw a knife into the throat of another. Nightwing (Dick) appeared and began battling it out with the impostor. The Pierce brothers watched security camera footage with one of the survivors. Dick (in costume) visited with Clancy as the Pierce brothers spoke with their "expert." Dick told Clancy about Jason and that he was supposed to be dead - twice. Both believed Jason idolized Dick to an unhealthy extent. Jakob, the Pierce hire, believed the "real" Nightwing had a relationship with the other, and that he was purposely holding back. He was hired to catch the fake in order to trap the real one. The morning papers ran a cover story on the twin vigilantes. Cheyenne changed gears on her afternoon show - superheroes would be the theme. Dick was asked to model her Nightwing costume. He reluctantly agreed, but flipped out when he was cheered on by Jason Todd during the show. He leapt off the runway at Cheyenne's date. The audience loved it, thinking it was part of the show. Jason threatened Dick's friends were he to take him in. After Dick quit, Cheyenne went looking for him. Using her powers, she broke into his apartment and found Nightwing leaving through his window. While she watched, Jason called and left a message on his machine describing a crime scene. Jakob stood above Todd while the real Nightwing went after the robbers. Cheyenne intervened and almost got one of the men killed. She left telling him he could trust her. Dick watched as Jakob (a mind reader) morphed into a monster and attacked Jason.

Nightwing 121

Cover Date: August 2006
Subtitle: Sorry I Brought that Up
Writer(s): Bruce Jones
Artists(s): Paco Diaz, Bit, Nathan Massengill
Storyline: Jakob delivered Jason to the Pierce brothers. Encased in goo from Jakob's monster, they added him to their trophy gallery. He had 24 hours before he ran out of oxygen and the goo hardened. Jakob told them the real Nightwing would come for him soon. Dick and Cheyenne had breakfast. He asked her to stay with him and not go into work. He wanted to help her, but she didn't "want to be one of you guys." He pushed her a bit and she attacked. He stopped her, but she left. Jason's face was plastered across milk cartons, the newspapers, and a nearby building as missing. Nightwing met with Clancy. The Pierce Brothers continued to bait Nightwing with his impostor. Dick called Cheyenne to let her know Jason was the captive of one of her "associates." She met him outside their window in a costume derived from his. Jakob ate Ms. Nightwing; she used her powers inside him and he exploded all over the place.

Nightwing 122

Cover Date: September 2006
Subtitle: Odd Couples
Writer(s): Bruce Jones
Artists(s): Paco Diaz, Bit
Storyline: The Nightwings attacked the Pierces both physically and emotionally, using penis size jokes to get under their skin. Barry eventually got so enraged that he swung at Cheyenne, missed, and ruptured Jason's casing. Nightwing formulated a plan: let them beat on him until they got tired. After one was down, the other was attacked by ... Jason, who'd taken on Jakob's powers and turned into a cockroach monster. He ate them and spit them back up. Nightwing and Ms. Nightwing ran, as one of the Pierce brothers began to expand. He convinced a cop to evacuate the immediate area while he and Cheyenne disappeared into a manhole. The second Pierce eventually exploded (one brother could contract his molecules, the other could expand them). The next day, Cheyenne came in with a telegram for Dick from Jason: the cockroach transformation was only temporary and he was back to normal. He'd left "town to find his own way."

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