Nightwing Annual 2

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: June 2007
Writer(s): Marc Andreyko
Artists(s): Joe Bennett, Jack Jadson
Storyline: Nightwing woke up from the induced coma he'd been in for three weeks after being injured in Final Crisis. Barbara gave him a milk shake and they thought back on their first date. They ended up being saved by Batman from Crazy Quilt.
As time progressed, Barbara began getting Dick back in shape and helping him regain his motor skills. She continued to avoid conversation about their engagement.
Barbara admitted she'd faked being asleep when Robin poured his heart out to her. When she felt the time was right, she went to him, but Starfire opened his door and she left crying. Dick was on Tamaran with the Titans when Barbara had been shot. Six months later, when he found out about her, he brought flowers and consoled her. They ended up sleeping together. In the morning, he told her he was marrying Starfire.
After several weeks, Batman spoke with Nightwing. He, as Bruce, asked him go on a family retreat with him and Tim. Barbara pushed him toward it, knowing he needed time. Dick left with Bruce and Tim, but left the ring with Barbara promising to return to her.


  • The first few pages mirror the events of Final Crisis and the days leading into it: Dick proposing to Barbara, Nightwing saving Batman from Alexander Luthor's energy blast, and Dr. Mid-Nite operating on him.
  • This takes place shortly after the flashback events of "321 Days": "God, two sixteen-year-olds tooling around in a Rolls." (Dick to Barbara); "Besides, what red-blooded male wouldn't want to lose his virginity to an exotic alien princess with such huge ... eyes?" "Who said I was a virgin?" (Barbara and Dick, conversation).