Nightwing annual 1: Pulp Heroes: Forever Hold Your Peace

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1997
Writer(s): Devin K. Grayson
Artists(s): Greg Land, Bob McLeod
Storyline: Dick and Emily Washburn got married. He was investigating her because her last three husbands all died within a year of being married to her - the last two while on their honeymoons. While "married," Dick began to develop feelings for Emily and her son (from her first marriage). His investigation led him to Emily's best friend, Annelise. Their fathers had worked together, and Annelise's was in prison due to Elise's setting him up. Annelise was trying to avenge her father by killing Emily's husbands (Emily's father was dead). During the honeymoon, Annelise showed up and tried to kill Dick. He survived and pinned the two murders (the first husband was really an accident, but it gave Annelise the idea) on her. Emily ended the relationship with Dick even though he offered to continue it.