Nightwing: Alfred's Return - The Britannia Coup

Format: one-shot
Binding: square bound
Date: July 1995
Writer(s): Alan Grant
Artists(s): Dick Giordano
Storyline: Nightwing attempted tracking Alfred down after he'd resigned his post (see Knightfall - Batman continuity). He caught up with him in London, where he'd hooked up with his former fiance. Her son was mixed up in a situation with men trying to take over the British government. Nightwing heard the plan while looking into it for his friend - they were going to set off an explosion in a tunnel, causing it to collapse, causing insurance hysteria, causing the collapse of the pound. On of those involved was a banker who'd been selling the pound cheap. Nightwing got word to Alfred, who went after the brains of the operation while the vigilante stopped the truck full of explosives. After the situation, Alfred decided to go back home to Wayne Manor.