Nighwting: Eighty-Page Giant: Hella

Format: special issue
Binding: square bound
Date: December 2000
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Manuel Gutierrez, John Stanisci, Sean Parsons, Mike Collins, Steve Bird, Wayne Faucher
Storyline: Nightwing attempted to save a man in a runaway wheelchair from oncoming traffic. He was too late. He chased a woman who he thought was the killer through Bludhaven. She got away. Officer Grayson learned that the victim was the former police commissioner. The girl killed again - this time "Lunchmeat" Deever's son. Victim number three was another former cop. Each body had a number burned into them, and Dick was able to match those numbers to police badges. Each badge number belonged to an officer named Riordan. Dick talked to Hogan, his former boss and former policeman. The Riordans were a family of cops who were all killed in a bombing, except for the youngest - Kate. Officers Redhorn and Soames were assigned the case. Rumor was that Kate got experimental surgery done in Santa Prisca; Venom was used. Three more cops died, including the chief. Dick and Barbara searched out Redhorns hiding place and Nightwing rushed there. He was able to save Redhorn, but Kate Riordan appeared to die in a boat explosion.