Nightwing ongoing 2005 (issues 99-113)

Nightwing 99

Cover Date: January 2005
Subtitle: Back to Life
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Zach Howard, Andy Owens
Storyline: Alfred tended Dick's gunshot wounded leg. The patient became angered when Alfred refused to answer any questions about the rest of the team (under orders by Bruce). He did tell him that Barbara had left Gotham City. Batman bailed Tarantula out of a jam an she asked him to train her. He silently left. Back at the cave, he told Dick about Stephanie. He draped his cape and cowl over his protege's shoulders and filled him in on the situation. When he finished, Dick was racing off on one of the bikes.

Nightwing 100

Cover Date: February 2005
Subtitle: The Ride's Over
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Mike Lilly, Andy Owens
Storyline: Nightwing approached Tarantula in hopes of her surrendering without a fight. She fought. After he got the best of her, she pulled a gun. She fired three times, grazing him once in the shoulder. Dick took her in and confessed to his part. In jail, thought back on his upbringing. When the police arrived for questioning, they referred to him as Detective Grayson. Captain Rohrbach had told them he was on an undercover assignment. He spoke with Amy and asked her what was happening. Dick was released, though he blew up and said he was not BPD. Alfred found Nightwing's costume laying in the floor of the cave next to Jason's.

Nightwing 101

Cover Date: early March 2005
Subtitle: Year One chapter one: Only Robins Have Wings
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: Robin, trying to juggle the Titans, college, and a personal life, was late to an assignment with Batman. He was able to get rid of Clayface and help his partner save an infant. They fought over his ability to respond to the signal in time; Clayface got himself loose. Robin chased him into the sewers and stopped him. Back at the cave, Alfred welcome Dick home. Batman sent him away - he needed to talk to his partner. Due to his inability to give 100% to his "war," Batman fired him and ordered him to leave the costume behind.

Nightwing 102

Cover Date: late March 2005
Subtitle: Year One chapter two: Friends in High Places
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: Dick went to the Daily Planet office in Metropolis to see Clark Kent. He was concerned to hear Batman had fired Robin. Kent disappeared when he heard trouble. Dick followed him without costume. Superman stopped a bombing attempt on the Presidential motorcade. Dick stopped a second bomber with Superman's help. Dick asked Superman for his thoughts. He told the boy about a Kryptonian superhero cast out of his family named Nightwing. After they talked, Dick went back to the circus. After taking down some thieves trying to make off with the gate, he asked for his job back. They asked him if he minded working with a partner and introduced him to their current trapeze act: Deadman. In the Cave, Alfred put the Robin costume on display. Batman was not impressed.

Nightwing 103

Cover Date: early April 2005
Subtitle: Year One chapter three: Deadman Talking
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: Dick talked to Donna Troy, telling her he was working things out. He was shown a poster of his father he'd never seen before. The Brand brothers had more or less taken the costume idea as their own, but Dick thought he could work with it. He got one made in two-tone blue. While he practiced his routine, the lion escaped. He helped keep it back while they tranquilized it. Alfred found a boy tied up in the cave. Batman introduced him as Jason Todd. He'd caught him the previous night trying to steal the tires from the Batmobile. Boston Brand got into a couple bodies in the circus and spoke with Dick. Dick decided to return to his "former line of work." Deadman spoke with Batman to give him an update. Jason surprised Bruce and Alfred by snatching and putting on Dick's old costume.

Nightwing 104

Cover Date: late April 2005
Subtitle: Year One chapter four: Night and the City
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: After seeing the Batsignal, Dick visited Commissioner Gordon in his new outfit. He introduced himself as Nightwing and convinced him they knew each other. Afterwards, he took down a pair of carjackers. When checking the driver, he noticed a tied-up person in the back seat. Batgirl came to the rescue when he was whisked away by the maniac driver. They got burgers and talked. She said he should introduce his new self around; they visited Joker in Arkham, Cobblepot's night club, and a few more hot spots. Batman built a tracking device into the new Robin costume so he could see where Jason was at all times.

Nightwing 105

Cover Date: early May 2005
Subtitle: Year One chapter five: Like Killing Two Birds...
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: Batman had Alfred get into a Two-Face disguise as a test for Jason. As they went out for part of his "gauntlet," "Dent" was spotted and ordered to be delivered to Killer Croc. Dick and Barbara set a "date" for surveillance that night. She didn't show. Thinking he'd been stood up (when he was actually set up), Nightwing encountered Robin. He followed his replacement, caught him, and tied him up. As he tried to call Babs, Jason got loose and sucker-punched him. Batman commed to tell Nightwing and Robin to find Alfred - the gauntlet was over.

Nightwing 106

Cover Date: late May 2005
Subtitle: Year One chapter six: First Flight
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: Dr. Thompkins worked on Bruce, who'd been shot when Alfred / Two-Face had been captured by Croc's men. Nightwing and Robin closed in on them; Batgirl located Bruce and spoke with Dr. Thompkins. Nightwing was momentarily stunned when he saw Alfred posing as Dent. They were able to get him free as Killer Croc blew up his own hide-out trying to stop them. They caught up with him after a brief chase and were helped out by Batgirl. Dr. Thompkins called - Bruce was back up and wanted to meet with the team. Nightwing recorded a message for him, gave it to Batgirl, and split. Later, Jason took Dick a costume Alfred put together for him.

Nightwing 107

Cover Date: June 2005
Subtitle: Criminal
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Dick, apparently working under-cover, performed a hit for his new boss - Tommy Tevis. Tevis brought an associate with them this time to show off his new guy, "Crutches." Crutches gave them his ground rules and they discussed taking him to Black Mask.

Nightwing 108

Cover Date: July 2005
Subtitle: Who's Got the Button?
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Dick was introduced to the new "Double A" guns (armor assassin), which could fire through kevlar. He was then introduced to Fertitta. He knew Grayson was heir to the Wayne fortune, but Dick convinced him he and Bruce had had a falling out. He was assigned to protect the man who picked up the protection racket money from local businesses. On their way back, they were mugged. Dick took them down and realized it was an inside job. He kept his mouth shut. In his Nightwing gear, he recovered the computer disk for his boss. When he got home, he found Sophia going through his stuff.

Nightwing 109

Cover Date: August 2005
Subtitle: Cold Turkey
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Sophie questioned Dick about a picture of Barbara she found. When she learned he had feelings for her, she threw a lamp and ran off. Dick and Tommy talked - he assured him that he was in with him 100%. Dick learned Black Mask wanted to meet him. He talked Tommy out of shooting Ray (a gang Dick took down was his). In costume, Nightwing attacked a car who was watching his new family. Back inside, Lynette (Tommy's wife) tried to convince Dick not to meet with Black Mask - she didn't want her husband moving up. After passing Black Mask's test (taking down 5 of his goons), he planned to send Dick to Bludhaven for some recon work.

Nightwing 110

Cover Date: September 2005
Subtitle: Incorporation
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Dick took some time off to return to Bludhaven. He saw Robin taking down a street gang and tried to get away before the Boy Wonder saw him. Tim did anyway. Dick found out for the first time that Bruce had tried to adopt a second of his partners. He told Robin he was out of the game and to forget he ever knew him. After brushing his former partner off, Nightwing learned that Deathstroke would be a part of the team he was to join. Angie Malazavos went to police to testify against the Fertitta family.

Nightwing 111

Cover Date: October 2005
Subtitle: Signed, Sophia
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Cliff Chiang, Ande Parks
Storyline: Sophia wrote a letter to Crutches. The cops had burst into her home the night before. She ran, but her family fought. Her mother was killed, and her father was taken into custody. She ended up in halfway house until they got her foster care. Dick visited the location where his apartment building was; a new one was in the works. Later, in costume, Nightwing broke in on Westbrook and demanded to see Deathstroke. Ray found him that night and told him what had happened with Tommy, Lynette, and Sophia. He begged Dick to find Sophia and get her out of state care. As he left, Deathstroke arrived.

Nightwing 112

Cover Date: November 2005
Subtitle: The Devil You Know
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Dick told Deathstroke he was not under cover, and that he was no longer working with (or for) Batman. Slade somewhat believed him after hearing Dick talk about what had gone on in his life. He introduced Nightwing to his daughter and told him to teach her everything he knew. He got into a new costume (maroon with red) and took Rose (aka Ravager) out to snatch Sophia from the halfway house. She mentioned baby-sitting for Roy's (Arsenal) daughter and mentioned one of her brothers (Jericho). They got into the facility with no problem. As Nightwing left with Sophia, Ravager attacked a guard, which got the other kids in on the situation. Nightwing tossed a smoke bomb in the room and grabbed Ravager. When on the ground, Dick got on to Rose for the unnecessary attack. He took the girls to Helena (Huntress), who refused to take them in. She told him to take care of them and to call Barbara. Rose told her father about Sophia.

Nightwing 113

Cover Date: December 2005
Subtitle: The Scorpion and the Frog
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Ande Parks
Storyline: Nightwing and Ravager spied a possible crime on a Bludhaven street. She disobeyed his orders and jumped the gun. They took down what appeared to be car thieves, but Nightwing found a computer chip in one's pocket. As Deathstroke lurked around, Nightwing explained to his daughter the reason the thugs were checking out a 15 year old car - it had a chip that could be overclocked for performance on other models. Deathstroke broke in on Captain Amy Rohrbach's home. Holding a gun to her husband's head, he demanded the location of Sophia Teves. Nightwing traced the modders to an underground car auction. The seller bailed in one of his cars. They gave chase on motorcycle and followed him to a police blockade. Nightwing crashed the car and saved the driver. They returned home to find Deathstroke holding Sophia.

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